Pictures of children are beautiful

Maslenitsa is a holiday of spring omen, when honest people have fun, dance around stuffed carnival, eat pancakes, dumplings and lead an idle lifestyle in order to drive out the winter and pass on their native land to the power of warm spring. Children love the holiday, because it is very funny and you can feast on pancakes all week long. We have prepared for you pictures “Maslenitsa” for children – a large collection of images that convey the atmosphere of this traditional holiday. All pictures are available in full size by clicking.

When do we celebrate Shrovetide?

The date of this holiday varies depending on when Easter is celebrated. In 2018, the carnival from 12 to 18 February.

Collection of children’s pictures “Maslenitsa”.

Picture with the inscription “Holiday MASLENITSA for children”

People sledding, singing, having fun and playing the accordion at Shrovetide. Someone is holding pancakes, someone is dancing, who is just preparing to join in the fun

Beautiful children’s drawing with the inscription “Hello, Carnival!”

Maslenitsa is a holiday for the arrival of the sun, so pancakes are baked on it, symbolizing this star.

Everyone eats pancakes – a cat, a dog, a boy, and a girl. And the bear plays the balalaika

Drawing with folk entertainment at Shrovetide. Sledge, climb the pole to the top, stuffed carnival and much more

Kids are sitting at the table and getting ready to taste grandma’s pancakes

The picture is perfect for the title of the children’s wall newspaper at Shrovetide, or even for a sign!

Even more popular folk festivities in February at Shrovetide. Now there is a skating rink, a fair, music and a more urbanized city.

The same image, but in a version with less flashy colors. Choose a picture to your liking!

Animated picture of a girl in a traditional kokoshnik, offering us to eat a pancake. With carnival!

Pictures of children are beautiful

Another congratulation with carnival. Grandma baked pancakes and can not get enough of it! Bee approves

The buffoon plays on the balalaika, grandfather on spoons, granddaughter baked pancakes, and the sun is already warming. Here she is, a real Russian carnival!

Pictures of children are beautiful

We meet Maslenitsa, we invite spring, we drive out the winter, we absorb pancakes!

Shrovetide fun on this baby picture

The girl baked pancakes and carries them to the fair

The same girl with pancakes became the heroine of a child’s picture with a poem

Children sit at the Shrovetide table and get ready for dinner

Children’s drawing of the burning of stuffed carnival

Pictures of children are beautiful

Photo of a cute boy and girl dressed in old Russian style. The boy is holding pancakes with black and red caviar

A picture with the inscription “Have fun, honest people, Maslenitsa is coming to us!

Beautiful girl offers pancakes with red caviar

Another children’s drawing on the theme of carnival. Children play on a snowy field, and mother mumbles at a table with pancakes and a samovar

Picture with traditional elements of Shrovetide, as well as ditties

Children’s drawing of carnival with the emblem “Wide carnival”

Two cute girls sit at the street table with pancakes, jam and samovar

Maslenitsa is in full swing, people are having fun and dancing to the accordion and trumpets

Congratulations and we are with Carnival! Let your table be breaking from the guests, the house from the guests, and the fun time will not stop!

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