Poems about pregnancy

The tummy will soon grow, But you don’t have to blame the cakes. Don’t worry about the extra weight, After all, you will soon become a mother.

Let pregnancy helpIt feels happy. Let toxicity not be disturbed. Be healthy and beautiful.

This is a miracle of miracles, We are glad we will say straight, We have been waiting for this for a long time, And now you will become a mother!

Let pregnancy be easy, Without problems and without interference, Wait a little longer, There will be children’s laughter in the house.

You’re a woman with a baby inside, Pregnancy is called, After all, it’s a miracle, whatever you say, As women give birth to their children!

And you know – the body will cover the pain, Unbearable and wildly insane, The woman has such a role in life, And we tolerate her prudently!

But everything will pass and happiness will shine Thy face with a holy smile, And son or daughter will determine your path, And forever remain with you!

A miracle happened. Congratulations! Life is new in you lives. I wish: let no complications Your pregnancy flows.

You be calm, patient —Let in an interesting position —You will still be beautiful And happy — out of doubt!

This event for life is new, After all, you will soon become a happy mother. We wish you a good mood. We look forward to the miracle of appearance!

Get positive emotions, Give your baby warmth and caress, Let pregnancy be successfully resolved, Let the dream of all life come true!

The little angel with a wonderful smile Suddenly settled in your stomach, You save his world shaky, It is terrible, probably, to him in the dark.

You talk, smooth it gently, Sing the songs and walk slowly, Let this deadline pass by peacefully, And you will give birth to a cool baby!

Soon you will give birth, my dear, soon you will give birth. A great maternal debt you will soon give. Do not worry, dear, why are you sad? Let your sorrow go away like water from clouds!

Thousands of miracles will soon burst into your life! Your little one will save you from spiritual wounds. Demography takes off as if to the skies! In games, by the way, this is called respawn.

We wish you good health, Tom, who is now in the stomach, A mom and dad live love, Appreciate and delight children.

After all, soon the tiny legs, Already on the streets will go, Ask a brother, sister, And bring happiness to your house.

Poems about pregnancy

May every moment be wonderful, Together with your new life, It will be beautiful, kind and bright, Love and happiness is only full.

The finest news. Recently you found out that you will soon become a mother, You so dreamed of that, You only wish You health and patience, A child is happiness, Great luck!

What a joy, because in you, Little Baby is growing up. Let this nice little happiness, you only bring smiles!

I want to be a great mom, So that both toys and strollers. Let your little one be happy, Live forever, as if in a tale.

Be beautiful and happy, Keep the little one from misfortune. There is nothing in the world, More valuable than my mother’s love!

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