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Matrona Moskovskaya is a blissful old lady who lived in the twentieth century. Her real name is Matrona Dimirievna Nikonova. May 2 is considered the day of honoring her memory. On this very day, the holy one peacefully passed away to the Lord.

And after death, she helps all sufferers: helps in finding work, protects from evil people, preserves families, returns faded love, helps women become pregnant, and the prayer to the Matrona of Moscow about the health of loved ones truly works wonders.

The old woman urged people that the body is a kind of house given by God, and it needs to be repaired periodically, with prayer, without giving up medical prescriptions.

Prayer Blessed Matron on the health of relatives

Miracle of birth and life

Matronushka was born in 1881 in a poor family. From birth, the girl was blind, she did not even have eye sockets (they were skin-tight). The mother wanted to leave the newborn in a shelter, but after sleeping, which she considered to be a prophetic one, in which a huge white-winged bird with closed eye sockets sat on her breast, was fascinated by a god-fearing mother who left her sinful intention.

Since childhood, the girl was devout, spent a lot of time in the temple. There was a bulge on her chest – an armless body cross. As a teenager, Matrona received the gift of healing and began to heal the people who applied to her with prayers to the Almighty. As a thank you, people left food and gifts. Thus, the girl became the main breadwinner in the family, significantly improving her poor condition.

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Once, the relatives of a man whose legs were paralyzed turned to Matron. Without thinking twice, Matrona ordered him to crawl to her tomorrow. Unhappy crawled overcame a path of 4 kilometers, but returned back home on his own feet.

Prelate John of Kronstadt publicly in front of the parishioners called the Matron his shift. Thus, he predicted her a special ministry to the Almighty in times of persecution of the Church.

With the advent of the revolution, her brothers became communists. Neither them, nor Matron, who did not stop treating people and helping them in prayer, did not suit such a neighborhood in one house. The woman had to leave her father’s house, she wandered through the basements and other people’s apartments of the capital, hiding from the police and threatening her arrest, helped her two loyal assistants.

The holy old girl, whose legs had been taken away by that time, accepted the sick, healed, healed mental and physical pain, strengthened her faith, helped churchize and worked wonders until her death on May 2, 1952. She predicted her death in 3 days, but she was very afraid to die, because she had the great Fear of God. March 8, 2004, St. Matrona was erected in the face of the saints of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Her relics rest in the territory of the Pokrovsky Monastery. Every day a huge number of pilgrims flock to the cancer with its relics, people ask for its representations in everyday needs.

How to call the help of the blessed old women

Other prayers to saint matron:

Prayer to get pregnant

The holy blessed Matrona of Moscow was a deeply religious Orthodox man. Her stay on earth was to constantly study the Holy Scriptures, compassion and help people.

And upon death, each one who asks for this feels her intercession and intercession before the Lord, to whom the old lady has great boldness.

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