Red ass baby

It is believed that modern women are much easier to care for a child than before. With the advent of disposable diapers and a multitude of cosmetics, mom releases a lot of time. But still, about half of the parents are faced with such a problem as the child’s red priest. Often mothers notice this when the baby is already experiencing itching and pain. It is difficult to choose a remedy that will relieve a child from suffering, because the reaction of the skin is different for each individual. Therefore, it is easiest to prevent this problem.

Causes of redness in the child’s priest

This reaction can be caused by several reasons.

1. Most often, such a condition is caused by diaper rash and occurs due to improper care of the baby.

2. One of the common causes of this is an allergic reaction to cosmetics and detergents, diapers and clothing.

3. Sometimes redness on the priest in the baby occurs due to internal reasons: the use of antibiotics, indigestion or teething.

Skin features of babies

Many mothers can not understand that the skin of a newborn is much more sensitive to touch and contact with different substances than in adults. Frequent dermatitis, diaper rash and redness of the child’s priests are associated with these features.

1. First of all, it is the underdevelopment of sweat glands. Because of this, overheating can lead to inflammation and redness.

3. Many substances from cosmetics and detergents easily penetrate into the subcutaneous layer, causing inflammation. This is due to the fact that the lipids on the skin of the child quickly dissolve them.

Red ass baby

What factors contribute to redness

Every mother wants her baby not to suffer. But often, by their wrong actions, parents harm him. Most importantly, do not overheat the child. Constant wearing of diapers, tight swaddling of the baby and wrapping in warm blankets leads to diaper rash and irritation. A child’s red bottom can also be caused by wearing tight clothes, using unsuitable washing powders and soap.

Red ass baby

But, oddly enough, the child’s red priest may be if the mother very carefully monitors his hygiene, constantly washing the baby with soap and other detergents and lubricating with cream. A large number of cosmetics damage the skin, causing redness and inflammation. Especially they can provoke fat cream together with wearing disposable diapers.

How to care for baby booty

A few simple tips:

1. It is recommended to reduce the use of diapers to a minimum, especially in children older than 7 months. At this time, most babies are transferred to artificial or mixed foods. It is known that breast milk has such a composition that the baby is rarely emptied and its feces almost do not irritate their skin. Ammonia in the urine often causes redness too. And even the most superabsorbing diapers can hold a certain amount of moisture. Everything else is on the skin of the baby, causing its irritation. It is recommended to change diapers every 2-3 hours or after each toilet.

2. Baby should be washed with warm water without soap and detergent and gently dry all the folds with a soft diaper. It is advisable to do this every time he urinates. You should not bathe a child with soap any more than once a week. Try to choose hypoallergenic baby detergents.

3. The use of cosmetics should be minimized. Be sure to pay attention to their composition. The best drying means is air, so keep your baby naked longer.

4. Avoid products and substances that may cause an allergic reaction on the skin of the baby.

Causes of Allergies

If the baby is breastfed, then the mother should carefully monitor their diet. Any unfamiliar product may cause allergies to the baby. Many medicines and cosmetics are contraindicated in nursing mothers. The child himself also can not use drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

Often the cause of allergies in the baby can be dyes used for clothes and toys, some types of diapers, wet wipes and baby detergents. Red ass in a child may be after the use of inappropriate food. After all, because of this, the composition of feces and urine changes, which causes irritation.

Red baby ass: what to do

If redness is caused by diaper rash and the skin becomes wet, then drying agents should be used. Baths with the addition of decoctions of oak bark or a pale solution of potassium permanganate, a long stay in the air without diapers and clothes and the use of baby cream with zinc oxide copes well with this problem. Do not lubricate the skin with the cream immediately after the bath, let the child lie on the air for at least 15 minutes. It is not recommended to use talcum powder or powder, especially under a diaper, they only increase the irritation of the skin.

Drug treatment of redness

Examination by a doctor will help you determine why a child has a red bottom. This may be an allergic reaction or dermatitis. In this case, the doctor may prescribe medicinal preparations, for example, "Bepanten", "Tannin" or "Methyluracil" ointment. For disinfection and drying of the skin, ultraviolet irradiation and other physical procedures are sometimes prescribed.

But in any case, the redness of the priests in the baby is easier to prevent than to treat. In order not to bring the child suffering, carefully choose all the things that come into contact with his skin.

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