Scarlett Johansson chest

Scarlett Johansson before surgery (photo)

The future star was born in 1984 in New York. She owes her unusual appearance to the Jewish roots of Mom and Danish dad.

Already in her teens, Scarlett knew that she would become an actress: her mother constantly took the girl to a casting for TV shows, films and commercials.

Johansson received her first serious role at the age of 10 in the film “Nord”, where she played with Bruce Willis and Elijah Wood. After these shootings came fame: Scarlett received invitations to mediocre and ingenious films. The really popular Scarlett woke up after the release of the “Lost in Translation”.

After the award for the best female role from BAFTA, Scarlett Johansson was awaited in his films by the most eminent directors.

She shone in the paintings of Woody Allen, Christopher Nolan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Plastic surgery Scarlett Johansson

Nature is not cheated Scarlett beauty. Cute features, blond hair and a nice figure did their job – they noticed the girl.

But this actress was not enough. If in her youth, Johansson was completely satisfied with her appearance, she later raised the bar. At the beginning of her career, she opposed any plastic surgery and was going to turn to surgeons only in old age, when skillful makeup, sports, diet and massage will no longer hide the flaws.

Later, she revised her point of view and decided on several operations. According to the tabloids, Scarlett Johansson, the plastic for which was a taboo, decided to increase her breast size.

Magnificent forms looked favorably on the covers of glossy magazines and explicit scenes of films, and this did not bother the actress. But only as long as she did not hear the talk that the role comes to her only because of the acquired bust.

Journalists believe that Scarlett Johansson after plastics decided to get rid of implants and return the natural forms. Scarlett Johansson herself did not respond to these rumors, disturbing the public, and only said: “I am proud of my bosom. I call them "my girls"”.

Scarlett Johansson before rhinoplasty and after

The girl’s nose was never distinguished by refinement, but did not spoil the general appearance, so Scarlett did not complex in her youth.

Scarlett Johansson chest

But later the Hollywood beauty decided to slightly correct her nose, making it more elegant.

The plastic surgeon turned out to be a real professional and performed the work so subtly that there is still controversy, and did Scarlett Johansson do the rhinoplasty?

Scarlett Johansson chest

When the American edition of Us Weekly wrote about the nose plastic Scarlett Johansson, the actress sued him. She claimed that this false information cast a shadow on her reputation.

It rarely happens when media people after plastics practically do not change. Scarlett Johansson looks almost the same before plastics and after the intended intervention – this is the most correct appearance change, which is not too striking, but changes the image of a person for the better, imperceptible to others. That is why the photo of Scarlett Johansson does not leave the pages of fashion magazines.

The material is based on a comparative analysis of photographs and does not contain a statement of the fact of plastic surgery.

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