Sergey Zhukov children

The popular performer Sergey Zhukov, who in the recent past has blown up the dance floors of discos with his energetic and soulful songs, is far from being a boy, but a happy father with many children. The singer does not hide his personal life and happily shares it with his fans. Many of them sneak in the question of how many children Sergei Zhukov’s from the group "Hands up"?

Little biography

Sergey Zhukov on a horoscope Taurus, was born in 1976 in the Ulyanovsk region, in the city of Dimitrovgrad. Since childhood, a little boy loved music, participated in various groups, loved to sing. Serezha’s parents had nothing to do with music and were simple workers. He graduated from the Samara Academy of Culture and Art. In 1993, the famous group was created "Hands up". And after his move to Moscow, she became very popular. The songs have become real hits and live to this day. In 2006, the group ceased to exist. Sergey Zhukov began to engage in solo activities. Fans were very hard going through the collapse of the group. And their wishes were heard. In 2012, the group releases a new album, which instantly becomes popular. Fans of the soloist are not only interested in his new hits, but also in the singer’s personal life, as well as in how many children Sergei Zhukov has. Group "Hands up" the brainchild of the singer, which made him very popular.

Sergey Zhukov children

First failed attempt

The singer was married twice. With his first wife, Elena Dobyndo, daughter of the vice-president "AvtoVAZ", he met in the year 2000, long before his wild popularity. Six months later, the soloist of the group "Hands up" Alexander’s daughter was born, and at the age of 24 Zhukov became a father. But, unfortunately, very soon this marriage broke up. The cause of divorce, many consider jealousy. Sergei at the peak of fame had a lot of fans, and not every woman can stand it. Elena and her daughter moved to America, where she successfully married for the second time. The singer has maintained friendly relations with his ex-wife and constantly communicates with his daughter, in every possible way helps her. Is Alexandra the only child of the singer? How many children does Sergey Zhukov have?

Happy family life

Successfully recouping his depressive state after a divorce from his first wife, the singer fell in love again. This time the soloist of the group became his darling "VIA Cream" Regina Burd. The girl was brought up in a very strict family, and Sergei had to put a lot of effort into winning the heart of the girl. Long-term friendly relations in 7 months turned into a whirlwind romance. Zhukov very nicely courted, spoiled the girl with flowers and gifts. Riding along the Moscow River, he made a proposal to Regina, which she could not refuse.

Sergey Zhukov children

In the winter of 2007, the couple legalized their relationship. A gorgeous wedding took place in the mansion of Count Orlov. It was a whole costume show with gypsies, bears, a troika of white horses. Young and all guests were dressed up in accordance with the fashion of the 18th century. A year later, Regina gave her husband a firstborn – the son of Angel. Fans of the soloist are very interested in how many children Sergey Zhukov has at the moment. The singer’s wife preferred a happy family life to a career on the scene. Regina, herself a popular singer in the past, is absolutely not jealous of her husband, realizing that the presence of fans is the cost of the profession, and loyal to this.

Sergey Zhukov – a supporter of partner childbirth

The singer has always thought of a big strong family where harmony reigns, laughter and fun. And, of course, I wonder if his dream came true. How many children have Sergey Zhukov from the group "Hands up"?

Sergei was present at the birth of all his children and believes that at such a crucial moment for a woman, a man must be near. Such moments bring the spouses closer together, and the feeling when you see your child for the first time cannot be expressed in words. Sergey advises all men to support his beloved, to make it clear that she is not alone, that you are a family, one whole. According to him, now he feels each of his children from a distance; a subtle connection is established between them at an invisible energy level.

How many children have Sergey Zhukov and Regina Burd?

In a happy marriage with the lead singer of the group "VIA Cream" Three children were born: Angel, Nick and Miron. Parents try to devote as much time as possible to the children, but this is not always the case, as each of them develops personally and successfully. Children are actively involved in sports from an early age, in-depth study of English. Sergey is the owner of a metropolitan restaurant, and Regina went into business, opened her pastry shop. With all his workload, the family must spend together all the holidays, New Year, Christmas, birthdays. Working on such days is taboo, because it is extremely important for each family member. When Regina was pregnant, and the spouses did not yet know the sex of the unborn child, they also picked up a name for the girl: Bozhena or Yaroslav. So now there is something to strive for, but for now the spouses decided to take a little time out.

How many children have Sergey Zhukov

The singer feels like a happy father with many children, but it is also a big responsibility. Sergey tries to devote more time to his children, because they grow and need attention not only of the mother, but also of the father. To date, Zhukov practically does not go on tour, although he continues to study music, tries himself as a producer, does his own business. Sergey happens to be with his family on tour in America, where he spends time with his eldest daughter, Alexandra, with whom he is on excellent terms. They often fly to visit, visit each other, the singer fully pays for the girl’s training. Sergey appreciates the opinion of each of his children and believes that they should not be forced to engage in a business that is not to their liking. Surely everyone is interested to know how many children Sergey Zhukov has (the photo is placed in the photo below). As we see, there are four of them.

The singer proved that it is possible to successfully combine a career, and at the same time be a happy father and husband: he has four children, a loving wife, and a great job. The soloist constantly communicates with his fans through social networks, shares his photos, places news, thanks to which one can learn in more detail not only about the singer’s personal life, but also about how many children Sergei Zhukov has.

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