Sleep on your back during pregnancy

The gestation period is a real test for women. For nine months, you have to reconsider your usual way of life and give up many habits. For example, women in a position are forced to sleep in uncomfortable positions, and this is due not only to the growing tummy, but also the increasing load on the spine, and with it the large blood vessels.

What is dangerous sleep on your back during pregnancy? How to make the period of dreams for future moms as comfortable as possible? Let’s figure it out together.

Full and healthy sleep – the key to a successful state of health during pregnancy!

For a woman, pregnancy is a responsible and at the same time amazing period in life. She is preparing for future motherhood, experiencing a range of a variety of emotions, with dignity going through all the physiological changes occurring in her body.

Sleep on your back during pregnancy

During this period, relatives and friends, and especially the second half, are obliged to create a favorable atmosphere for the future mother, provide her with support and attention, and are more attentive to her “whims”. After all, from the very first days of pregnancy, the female body is experiencing global changes and is preparing for an increasing load increase. During this period, almost all pregnant women become more tearful, sentimental, prone to sudden mood swings and unpredictable decisions.

Scientists have proved that women from the first days of conception begin to perceive the world around us differently. They have a concern for the unborn child and fears about his health, as well as their own capabilities. Do not forget about superstitions and popular beliefs, which often haunt future moms and negatively affect their psycho-emotional state. Increased anxiety, excitement for the crumbs under the heart and the upcoming childbirth – all these experiences are not the best way reflected on the woman’s well-being. That is why a strong and healthy sleep is so important for them. During dreams, they have the opportunity to relax, rest and replenish their energy reserves.

Sleep on your back during pregnancy

Doctors advise with particular attention to the organization of sleep of pregnant women. First, the woman’s bed in position should be comfortable and comfortable. The best solution in this situation would be to buy an orthopedic mattress. Also, experts recommend putting a pillow under your head, so that the cervical spine and spine are exactly.

According to doctors, up to 3-4 months, future moms can sleep in any position convenient for them. But after this period, when the baby begins to grow actively, and with it the tummy, you will have to revise your habits. Of course, women in the 2 and especially 3 trimester positions have difficulty in choosing the posture for dreams. After all, they need to focus not only on their comfort, but also on the comfort of the crumbs.

Sleep on your back during pregnancy

Why classic sleeping posture "on the back" – is banned?

This prohibition is in no way connected with the superstitions and beliefs of the older generation. No, the taboo is due to physiological reasons, namely:

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