Smoking pregnancy

Smoking before and during pregnancy

Smoking and pregnancy are not compatible concepts. However, not all women understand the risk to the unborn child as their own smoking, and passive. And the harm of this bad habit can affect not only the child, but also interfere with the very process of conception. Let us take a closer look at how a child’s health before a mother’s pregnancy, as well as when carrying a child, and how to forget about cigarettes quickly and painlessly affects the child’s health.

Smoking before conception

Who would have thought, but smoking is one of the causes of infertility. What is this statement based on? The fact is that scientists have found that a smoker’s eggs die more often. This is due to the negative effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that enter the body along with tobacco smoke. The probability of conception is approximately halved (depending on how often smoking is before pregnancy).

In women with this harmful habit, menstrual irregularities are much more frequent, ovulation occurs less frequently and menopause occurs more quickly.

By the way, smoking before pregnancy is dangerous not only for the expectant mother, but also for the father. In male smokers, sperm quality deteriorates (it contains less viable sperm), they are more likely to suffer from impotence (this is especially true for men who not only smoke, but also suffer from hypertension).

Smoking in the first trimester of pregnancy

If a woman does not plan a child and does not particularly monitor her monthly cycle, then she may not immediately notice that she is already in the position. Thus, habitual smoking before pregnancy continues after it begins. What does it threaten with? As is known, the very first weeks of the development of the embryo are the most dangerous in terms of the development of various intrauterine pathologies, as well as the probability of miscarriage and fading of pregnancy. Even an abrupt change of climate or stress can trigger a spontaneous abortion, not to mention smoking, especially if it is frequent (more than 5 cigarettes per day). The harm of smoking largely depends on the number of cigarettes smoked, as well as on the period of gestation and other adverse factors that are taking place. Thus, smoking can provoke malformations in children whose mothers (smokers) are over 35 years old, since at this age, and without smoking, the risk of having a disabled child is elevated. For this age, smoking and pregnancy are a very dangerous combination, since carrying a child is a considerable burden on the cardiovascular system, and smoking only makes this load even more, it exacerbates chronic diseases and leads to new ones.

While smoking cigarettes, as well as for some time thereafter, the vessels remain in a constricted state. Thus, during this period of time, the child may receive insufficient oxygen and nutrients, which can lead to his death, if we are talking about early terms. In late chronic hypoxia causes congenital diseases. By the way, it is scientifically proven that smoking mothers are more likely to have children with such malformations as cleft palate, cleft lip, etc. They say that this is due to the lack of oxygen during fetal life. Let these defects now be treated surgically, but you can do without surgery, if you just do not smoke.

Smoking in late pregnancy

If you smoke more than 5-10 cigarettes per day during pregnancy, this can provoke pathologies that are dangerous not only for the child, but also for his mother, such as placental abruption. With placental abruption, severe bleeding begins, which can only be stopped by surgery. At long terms, doctors resort to emergency cesarean section, but the child can be saved in rare cases, and those who survive often remain disabled, so the fetus undergoes hypoxia during placental abruption. Imagine that you are clamped to your mouth and nose, how much will you stretch without oxygen?

Pregnancy and smoking with it in combination provokes exacerbation of hypertension, if it occurs. But even if not, then smoking can become the first bird to become the reason for the development of late toxicosis (gestosis) – also a very serious complication that threatens the life of a woman, if not followed by timely treatment.

If you smoke during pregnancy, you can not inform the child before the deadline set by the doctor. Very often, smoking mothers, regardless of whether they give birth for the first time or not, have premature births. About the complexity of caring for a premature baby, we think it’s not worth telling. And deeply premature babies very rarely grow to be full in terms of health. In addition, women who smoke have dystrophic changes in the placenta due to the negative effects of harmful substances contained in cigarettes. Thus, a poorly functioning placenta cannot provide nutrients and oxygen in normal quantities of the child, and therefore the child, even if born in time, has a weight and height less than the average.

Smoking pregnancy

In severe cases, stillborn babies can be born even in late pregnancy. Again, smoking plays an important role here, which in combination with other adverse factors, for example, the ingestion of alcoholic beverages, infections and other diseases, can lead to intrauterine fetal death. Studies show that the risk of giving birth to a dead child is higher even for those women who smoke 4 cigarettes a day, and the light or strong cigarettes do not really matter.

After birth

Although the topic of our article is pregnancy and smoking, it’s still worth describing what happens to children who have harmful substances from their cigarettes smoked by their mothers. Such children have a high risk of having various lung diseases – asthma, bronchitis, and a tendency to pneumonia. This risk becomes even greater if, after birth, the child becomes a passive smoker.

Surely, you have heard of the phenomenon of sudden infant death. At the age of 1 year in some babies, the heart for some unknown reason stops beating. The exact causes of this terrible phenomenon are not exactly known to doctors, but studies conducted have shown that this happens more often in families with a smoking mother.

But even if the effects of smoking are not immediately noticeable, you should not tell your friends that this habit does not affect the health of children. Perhaps you are just lucky, and maybe the consequences will appear later when the child goes to kindergarten and school. Inattention, conflict, aggressive behavior, poor memory – this is not a complete list of possible problems.

Do I need to throw

What will happen if you smoke during pregnancy is understandable. But they say that throwing does not have a positive effect on the child’s body. There is a double-edged sword. If the mother smokes a lot – more packs per day, the child also becomes addicted to nicotine and in this case it is not worth quitting, it is better to gradually, systematically reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. If their number is initially much smaller, it is better to refuse. You will not regret! Even if you smoke for a long time, remember that nicotine addiction disappears within a few days, and the psychological will help to overcome just the realization that the child is good now, and when they smoked, it was bad. If you read the women’s forums, you can make sure that getting rid of this bad habit is most easily being in an interesting position. Awareness of responsibility + toxicosis can give up cigarettes quickly and without stress. But it is better to forget about smoking before pregnancy, it will be easier for you, and the child will not suffer.

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