Social anxiety kid

Development of classes for the removal of anxiety before the competition.


Anxiety Relief Training for Educators

The goal: the removal of emotional stress before a professional competition.

Each participant on his sheet draws a diagram symbolizing the shield (see the diagram). Then he begins to fill each cell.

  1. Write a name, draw a symbol that displayed your inner world now.
  2. My past
  3. My present
  4. My future
  1. Exercise “Let’s fight back. “

Objective: alignment of the emotional background and group cohesion.

Conduct: all participants are in the circle. Lead calls fears and danger. If someone from the participants is afraid of what was announced by the presenter, then he should stand in a circle. If the other participants remaining in the circle join hands for 5 seconds (as if protecting those who entered the circle) and loudly, together they will say: “Let’s fight back. ”, It is considered that the exercise was performed correctly and those remaining in the circle are protected. The main criteria for this exercise are speed, volume, and friendly protection. The lead phrases begin with the following expression: “We were attacked. “The response of the participants begins with the phrase:” Let us fight back. “

  1. Uncertainty;
  2. Anxiety;
  3. Fear;
  4. Internal stress;
  5. Despair;
  6. Anxiety;
  7. Fear of not meeting the expectations of others.
  1. Relaxation “Flower in the hands”

Social anxiety kid

All participants are invited to sit comfortably, close their eyes and imagine that they are in a green meadow. (relaxation music sounds with sounds of nature).

Moderator: “Imagine a green meadow, a gentle sun, birds sing, a creek rumbles. A small, cute, naive and very happy child appears, he does not know sadness, insecurity, bad mood. Did you know yourself in childhood? The kid pulls his hands to you, he is so trusting and benevolent, and you answer him the same. I want to rejoice and smile, forget all the difficulties of life, feel confident and happy. You take the baby in your arms, and it turns into a flower in your palms, it is a beautiful flower of childhood, and you carry it with you through life. Someone he is very deep in the soul, and someone often sees him in a dream, someone has a modest, inconspicuous flower, and someone has a bright, stormy, memorable. They are all good, the flowers of our childhood. And if it will be difficult for you, you will not be able to find an answer to some question, remember the child who gave you the flower of childhood in her palms, and I hope that this will help you to feel like a little naive, happy child, and he will tell you exactly how to feel happy. Open your eyes. It’s time to go back. ”

The moderator asks about the feelings experienced by the participants.

  1. Creative task “Beautiful garden”

Exercise Description: Participants are sitting in a circle. The facilitator suggests recalling which flower of childhood in their palms they presented in the previous exercise. What was he like? What leaves, stalk, and maybe thorns? High or low? Bright or not? And now, after everyone has presented it – draw your flower, write something important on the petals that will help you to be happy. Everyone is given out paper, felt-tip pens, crayons, glue, beads.

Further, participants are invited to cut their flower. Then everyone sits in a circle. The leader spreads a cloth of any fabric inside the circle, (you can use drawing paper and glue), preferably monochromatic, gives each participant a pin. The fabric is declared the glade of the garden to be planted with flowers. All participants in turn go out and attach their flower.

Discussion: It is proposed to admire the “beautiful garden”, capture this picture in memory so that it shares its positive energy. Notice that, even though there are many flowers, there was enough space for everyone, each took only his own, the one he chose. To see, surrounded by what are different, different from others grows yours. But there is also a general – someone has a coloring, someone has a size or shape of leaves. And all flowers, without exception, need the sun and attention. This clearing symbolizes that the soul of each teacher is always full of beautiful flowers.

The psychological meaning of the exercise: it is used for psychological relief of internal tension, it is used to study feelings, to develop interpersonal skills and relationships, to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence. Exercise allows you to understand and feel yourself, to be yourself, to express freely your thoughts and feelings, as well as to understand the uniqueness of each, see the place that you occupy in the diversity of this world and feel yourself as part of this beautiful world.

5. “A wish from the soul!”

A4 sheet divided into 4 parts. At 3, write a wish for 3 neighbors on the left, and 4 for the coach.

6. Feedback

Finally, put your hands in the lock in front of you. Stretch, straining your shoulders and

Social anxiety kid

hands (while stifling endorphin, the “hormone of happiness”, is released).

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