Stars with small breasts photo

Look at how naked Karina Razumovskaya looks like, nude photos from films in which the actress had to strip herself partially or completely will help us. The main highlights were made in his youth, it was then that in several films one could see the completely naked chest of this actress. It should be noted that she has a very large and incredibly sexy, I would like to wait for celebrity full revelation for some glossy magazine, so that without obstacles enjoy not only the open chest, but also more intimate places of the star. Judging by the available pictures, this girl’s ass is also canceled, she will definitely need to be seen without clothes. Perhaps, in some new film, the directors will delight us with her magnificent fifth point. By the way, the bed scenes from the Major also gave us very erotic photos that you can see a little higher.

Erotic photos of Karina Razumovskaya from life

As mentioned earlier, the actress has not yet participated in erotic photosets, here you can simply admire this completely naked beauty in different dresses and images, enjoy her forms and mentally undress the beauty in her fantasies. Enjoy, and we will follow celebrities and add here the most interesting and naughty photos with her. We hope that naked Karina Razumovskaya will soon appear in one of the men’s magazines, such as Maxim, even in her underwear or swimsuit she will satisfy our fantasies, creating an amazing erotica.

Stars with small breasts photo

About Karina Razumovskaya

A popular theater actress, as well as a cinema, was born in Leningrad in 1983, namely March 9th. Karina Razumovskaya’s father is a sea-going seaman by profession, and her mother has always been a housewife. Also, the actress has a brother who is younger than her for several years. When the girl was 5 years old, she played a cameo role for the first time in the film “Braking in the Sky”, which was the debut of a little actress.

After graduation, Karina decided to enter the Academy of Theatrical Arts, since from childhood she showed love for the stage. After receiving a diploma, in 2004 Razumovskaya was immediately recruited at the Bolshoi Drama Theater, where she managed to play a large number of performances in a short period of time, including “Merry Soldier”, “Eve before Christmas”, “Merci”, “Whims” “,” School of taxpayers “,” Black Comedy “and others.

The first success of the celebrity brought a role in the “Ark”, this picture was released on television screens in 2002. A really famous Karina Razumovskaya was due to her brilliant acting game in the TV series “The Adjutants of Love”, where she performed the main female role. Then there was the shooting in the feature film “The Blessed”, where the actress was to play a very complex and ambiguous role. The actress coped with her task, for which she received praise from film critics, and journalists called her “the Turgenev girl of the 21st century”.

In 2014, a series called Major was released, in which Razumovskaya played the role of a police captain. The series turned out to be very rating, so it was extended to the second season, and Karina reappeared in the second part of the Major. A year later, the directors prepared another major role for the actress, this time in the adventure fantasy “The Last Guardian of Belovodye”. In 2016, a celebrity played in the television series Sleepers, which filmed the Russia TV channel, and in the same year she became the winner of the independent actor’s prize to them. V. Strzhelchik.

From 2005 to 2012, Karina Razumovskaya was married to Artem Karasev, who is also a Russian actor. At the moment, the actress again married a new chosen one.

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