Stomach pains during pregnancy

Many women during pregnancy face the problem of stomach pain. Most often, they are worried about the future mom in the first months of pregnancy. But also the stomach can manifest itself at a later date. The uterus, which eventually becomes more and more, begins to take place, while infringing on other organs.

More often, heartburn is also added to stomach pains during pregnancy. In the first trimester, it does not occur very often. When the uterus is noticeably increasing in size (and this happens during the second trimester of pregnancy), it begins to strongly press on the stomach.

Heartburn can occur due to wearing tight clothing that will additionally squeeze the stomach, also after eating food. For this reason, during pregnancy you should buy clothes of a free fit so that it does not fit too much and put pressure on your tummy.

Symptoms of stomach pain during pregnancy

During the period when the baby is carrying the stomach pains are reminiscent of contractions in their sensations, they can occur due to neurosis, gastritis and other diseases. Most often, the pain can be felt on the left side in the interval between the third and fourth rib. The stomach is horizontal under the ribs of the chest, slightly below the navel. This place is called the epigastrium.

When the stomach hurts during pregnancy, the woman usually does not have severe pain and anguish, the pain just delivers some discomfort. Stomach pains tend to start suddenly and just as well and soon pass. Such pain is considered normal for a woman who is in position and is not dangerous to the health of the woman and the baby.

If the pain is accompanied by similar symptoms, then you should be alert:

  • There is blood in the feces;
  • Violent persistent cramps;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Vomiting, nausea;
  • Deterioration of general well-being – depression, fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, apathy.

What causes stomach pain during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the stomach can ache due to the presence of different types of gastritis: viral, bacterial, acute stress, erosive, atrophic. Also, constipation, various infections, indigestion, severe fatigue, gastric polyps, a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, tension of the abdominal muscles, injury during injuries can also cause stomach pain.

The stomach during pregnancy may be sick due to a bacterial or viral infection. In this case, in addition to spasms, symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting occur. They can occur for three days. If a woman is poisoned by eating, then diarrhea can be added to the pain. Often there are cases when during pregnancy a woman has a stomach ache due to such diseases as pneumonia and tonsillitis.

There are cases when the pain in the stomach occurs along with pain in the abdomen (lower abdomen) and constant tension. Such symptoms may occur with appendicitis. In this case, you do not need to wait for the deterioration of the condition, but you should definitely visit the doctor to examine you.

Also in pregnant women, pain in the stomach can occur due to the fact that the functioning of the internal organs – the liver, gallbladder, pancreas – is disturbed, and there may be problems in the work of the urinary system – the kidneys, the ureter, the urethra. This may indicate that the reproductive system is most likely infected with a virus or bacteria. For this reason, stomach pain may occur. This pain stops if the infection or disease passes.

If a woman has lactose intolerance (when the body does not tolerate dairy products), then she may also have stomach pains during pregnancy. If women consume dairy products in any quantity, then they have pain in the stomach. Along with pain, there are various food allergies.

How to treat stomach pain during pregnancy?

It is not simple enough to treat pain in the stomach during the period of gestation of the baby; it should be taken very carefully.

In more than half of women, gastritis becomes more acute during pregnancy, in some cases, an abdominal ultrasound scan or gastroscopy may be prescribed.

Future mothers are forbidden drug and surgical treatment, because the chemical elements that are in the medications may adversely affect the health of the baby. If a woman has very severe stomach pains and she cannot tolerate them, then she can be prescribed homeopathic medicines that should be taken in very small doses.

You can also try to get rid of stomach pains by folk methods:

  • If a woman has gastritis with increased or normal acidity, then it can be treated with the help of herbal collection – St. John’s wort, millennial, chamomile. The collection is filled with boiling water and infused for two to three hours. It must be taken before eating food (morning and evening).
  • If a woman has gastritis with low acidity, then it can be treated by using the collection of herbs – fennel, thyme, oregano, wormwood, cumin (all these herbs can be purchased at the pharmacy, it is necessary to brew according to the instructions).
  • With gastritis, you can also use honey (in recipes or in pure form).
  • Mineral waters such as Essentuki and Borjomi help relieve stomach pain.
  • Improve the overall condition can decoctions of sedative herbs. These include lemon balm, valerian, motherwort.

Treatment of the stomach during pregnancy should be accompanied by bed rest, rest, strict diet.

How to prevent stomach pain during pregnancy?

Indeed, it is almost impossible to completely avoid pain during pregnancy in the stomach. But it is possible to reduce their manifestation so that a woman can feel much better. What do you need to do?

  • After eating for half an hour you do not need to take a horizontal position;
  • Between meals should not be too large intervals;
  • If a woman has toxemia, she should try to eat at least once a day “neutral” food, for example, a banana. The same should be done by Ii after waking up in the morning.
  • Throughout the day, you should drink plenty of water, of course, if the doctor did not restrict its use.
  • For the whole day there should be five or six meals, portions should not be large, you should not pass. At night also do not need to eat.
  • You should ensure that your diet is as little as possible heavy and harmful food. During pregnancy it is best to forget about fried foods, spicy, salty foods, and smoked foods.
  • Try to avoid situations that make you nervous.
  • It is very important to be examined by a doctor in time.

The nature of pain in the stomach when carrying a baby

Pain in the stomach during pregnancy can often be accompanied by various complications. If this happens, then this indicates that the woman has some diseases. For example, severe pain with gastritis may indicate solarium or an ulcer. Pregnant women who suffer from gastritis, feel a heavy weight in the stomach, their stomach seems to be bursting. Similar symptoms can occur if a woman has pancreatitis, cholecystitis, colitis, and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

If the pain is very strong and manifests itself in the stomach, this can be a manifestation of gastritis along with pancreatitis and colitis. In this case, the pain tends not to pass for a long time, it is aching and dull. If a woman has a duodenal ulcer or a stomach ulcer, then there is a strong, sharp, paroxysmal pain, which by its nature resembles contractions.

It is very important that women know what the symptoms of stomach pain are during pregnancy. Indeed, in this case it will be much easier to determine the cause of the pain. This will help in further diagnosis. To determine the cause of stomach pain, it is very important to trace the connection between the manifestation of pain and eating food.

In the case of chronic gastritis almost immediately after a meal, the pain manifests itself, especially after eating coarse food or sour food. In the case of an ulcer, the pain may occur within 1-1.5 after ingestion of food, but no more. When the ulcer pylorus bol occurs for about 1 hour after taking a meal.

If the ulcer is already common in the duodenum, then the pain can occur approximately 2-2.5 hours after eating. If a woman eats food that has a large percentage of acidity, then the pain may occur a little later than after 2.5 hours (this product does not include dairy products).

After eating marinades from vegetables, canned food, food with coarse fiber, black bread, the pain can occur almost immediately. Gastric pain can also manifest itself before a woman eats. This happens in the case of duodenal ulcers and in the case of duodenitis.

Such women consume food at night, pain can be relieved by consuming milk porridges and food that is well crushed. It can be different mashed potatoes, minced meat, minced fish. You can also take a small amount of soda, it also helps to relieve pain in the stomach.

Why stomach pain during pregnancy may increase?

The pain in the stomach may intensify when the causes of these pains begin to manifest. If a woman has diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the pain can become stronger when the disease becomes chronic.

Approximately half of pregnant women who have stomach problems, during pregnancy, there is a remission of a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer. This is explained by the fact that in the body of a woman in a position, a lot of progesterone (pregnancy hormone) begins to be produced.

Gastric pain in early pregnancy

You can hear many different myths associated with stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy. Basically, none of them is not justified. You can hear a lot of opinions about the fact that if a woman has pain in the stomach in the early stages of carrying a child, there is a threat of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) or ectopic pregnancy.

Of course, there is such a danger, but it is in no way associated with pain in the stomach. Basically, at the beginning of pregnancy, the stomach of a woman can hurt because the body thus reacts to stress. It is in the first three months that the pregnant woman is most irritating, and this, of course, affects the work of her stomach. In addition, various physiological changes and hormonal surge occur in the body.

In the first trimester, many future moms suffer from toxemia, for this reason they try to limit food intakes. But it is strictly forbidden to do this, because without the necessary food intake, important trace elements and vitamins will not enter the body, and this, naturally, will affect the state of the stomach.

Stomach pains during pregnancy

It must be remembered that in the initial stages of pregnancy all chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract begin to worsen, especially with regard to ulcers and gastritis.

Gastric pain in the late stages of pregnancy

The stomach in the later stages can hurt for a variety of reasons – they can be both standard and quite dangerous. If the stomach is disturbing a woman for a period of 27 weeks, then this is considered normal. This is due to the growing uterus, which begins to squeeze all the internal organs and shifts them up.

Because of this process, the lungs and the stomach begin to suffer most. Also in the late stages of carrying a baby, the sphincter (food valve) lowers the tone, it becomes more difficult for food to pass. Also, the pain on such a period may occur simply due to the fact that the woman has eaten.

If symptoms such as general weakness, rats, diarrhea and nausea are added to gastric pains, this indicates food poisoning. If such a situation has arisen, it is necessary to urgently turn to the doctor so that he examines you and prescribes the appropriate treatment.

If the stomach begins to hurt for a period of 39 weeks, then this is the reason for an urgent visit to the gynecologist. In the last weeks of pregnancy, stomach pain and the symptoms that accompany them may appear much less frequently. This is explained by the fact that the baby turns over and its head is lowered, the uterus does not press so much on the internal organs, including the stomach. On this period, the stomach may be sick due to infection. If the stomach on such terms disturb a woman, it means that childbirth will soon come.

In order not to suffer from pregnancy from stomach pains, future moms need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to follow certain rules.

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