Successful pregnancy after frozen

Pregnancy after frozen: do not repeat mistakes

Unfortunately, not every pregnancy ends successfully – it is not uncommon that the fetus freezes. It is clear that this is always a trauma, especially for the woman herself. She wonders how and why this happened, and most importantly, whether a new successful pregnancy is possible after a frozen pregnancy. We will try in this article to answer all your questions.

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What is missed abortion?

A deadly pregnancy is termination of the development of the fetus and its subsequent death at a maximum of 28 weeks (most often up to 13, because during this period the relationship of the fetus with the mother’s body is still very weak). The reasons may be many.

Experts note that in 60% of cases these are single genetic mutations of the embryo, that is, at conception or some time later, some kind of genetic failure occurred that prevented it from developing further. This happens mainly in normal, healthy parents. If they themselves have any genetic abnormalities, then the probability of mutations in the embryo increases, which means that the risk of a fading pregnancy increases.

Other causes include exacerbations of infectious diseases, bad habits, experienced stress and

The fact that the fetus froze, learn in two cases: with miscarriage or by ultrasound. The first option, of course, is psychologically complex, but when miscarried, the body gets rid of necrotic tissues at least in time, but it can take quite a long time from the moment of fetal death to the first planned ultrasound. Read more about missed abortion >

Planning for pregnancy after missed abortion

It is difficult for a woman who has survived a frozen pregnancy to get used to the idea that she is no longer pregnant, that all expectations are in vain – and therefore many of them immediately ask doctors how to get pregnant after a frozen pregnancy. Anyway, it is necessary to wait, because in such cases a cleaning is made, and this is not only unpleasant, but also a rather traumatic procedure. The uterus is scraped under local anesthesia.

Time must pass, as a rule, at least six months – this is exactly how much is required to restore the endometrium. Upon the expiration of this period, you must pass an examination by a gynecologist – in addition to other indicators, he must assess the condition of the cervix, which is very vulnerable to mechanical damage and, as a result, is subject to erosion.

Remember: pregnancy, which follows the frozen, must be planned. Only in this way you will be able to properly prepare and protect yourself as much as possible.

What tests after missed abortion must pass

First of all, you need to find out the reason why the fetus stopped in its development. To this end, you need to be checked for the presence of sexually transmitted infections in the body – they may well have a negative impact on the embryo. Also you need to go Ultrasound and do blood test, to determine hormone levels.

Another, more serious examination is chromosome analysis in order to determine the karyotype: the doctor must make sure that the parents do not transmit to the child any genetic disorders that lead to miscarriage. Fortunately, there are not so many such cases, but consulting a genetics in such a situation is a necessary procedure, because you need to know for sure if you will pass on any genetic disorders to your child.

Another important indicator are histology results after missed abortion. Histological analysis is the examination of germ tissue under a microscope after curettage. It allows you to determine the cause of fading, but this result can only serve as a guideline: to confirm it, additional analyzes will be required, be prepared for this.

Treatment after missed abortion

If you survived a missed abortion, you’ll have to take double care of your health. First of all, you should eliminate the cause.

If hormones “worked out” incorrectly (most likely, you had problems with the cycle and conception before, as well as male body hair growth), hormonal therapy will be needed. Do not worry: properly selected drugs do not give any side effects such as fullness or deterioration of the skin.

If infections that are sexually transmitted become the cause of fetal death, both you and your regular partner should be treated. The treatment of one of you will not give results, because you are almost guaranteed a secondary infection. Most likely, it will be a course of antibiotics. After treatment, take repeated tests – you need to make sure that infections no longer threaten your health.

Rehabilitation after missed abortion

Of course, missed abortion becomes tragedy for the family. This and pity for the unborn child, and the collapse of hope, and depression. There are cases when it becomes very difficult to see women with children or with a belly on the streets.

The advice here is one: don’t get hung up. Focus on the fact that you need to recover from a missed abortion, and stress and apathy do not contribute to this. After all, this, in any case, is not a sentence, which means that there is a chance to correct something.

Pay attention to your physical health: if you are interested in planning a pregnancy after a missed abortion, you need to prepare for it as best you can. Drink a course of vitamins, which the doctor will recommend (most often it is a balanced complex, designed for pregnant women), eat properly.

One month after the surgery, you can gradually return to moderate physical exertion – this is a good way to increase the overall endurance of the body. More positive emotions! A woman in this period is very important support for loved ones.

Proper diagnosis and comprehensive treatment is the key to a successful pregnancy after a missed abortion. Do not despair, everything will work out!

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What threatens missed abortion

Obstetricians say that it is extremely difficult to detect a missed abortion in the early stages of gestation. The future mother still does not feel the fetal movement, she does not notice any discharge, and thus it is possible to detect the loss of the fetus only by means of an ultrasound diagnosis. But in time to identify the death of the fetus is extremely important! Undetected missed abortion leads to the decomposition of the fetus in the uterus, and, consequently, to a serious violation of blood coagulation (DIC), which can threaten a woman to death.

Histology in case of fetal death

In 100% of cases after a missed pregnancy, doctors conduct a histological study. Its purpose is one – to identify the cause of death of the fetus, to prevent its recurrence. As a rule, conduct such research immediately after the necessary curettage in this situation. The method itself involves the study of the tissues of the deceased embryo using a microscope. If necessary, doctors can take a thin section of the epithelium from the uterus or fallopian tubes for analysis. Such a study helps to identify a possible infectious disease or other developing pathological process in the pelvis of a woman.

With the help of histology carried out in the case of missed abortion, it is possible to identify the most common causes of miscarriage of the child:

Conclusion histology after ST

Girls, dear, received the result of histology today, was ST for a period of 5-6 weeks. Cleaned 20. 03. If you can, tell me, based on the conclusion, what led to fading? … Histological examination: in the presented preparations fragments are edematous with hemorrhages, inflammatory infiltration, necrosis of the decidual tissue with chorionic villi with dystrophic changes. Conclusion: impaired early uterine pregnancy.

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721980 @

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Good afternoon, help me deal with the results of histology: in scraping parts of the embryo, placental tissue and membranes of the beginning of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. In the placental tissue of the group of sclerotic villi.

0 0 Author: margarita_temnikova @

Hello! Please help me understand …

there was a pregnancy, everything went well, did an ultrasound confirming in 2 weeks and in 6 weeks listened to a heart. pregnancy was planned, desired, first. There has never been an abortion. then, having come to the planned next ultrasound at 12 weeks, the uzist told me that I had a missed abortion. immediately sent for cleaning. during pregnancy, nothing hurt, there was no discharge, the breasts still ached, the nipples were also enlarged, sensitive. when the uzist reported that the fetus does not develop for 12 weeks, and the leaflet did not hear the heartbeat and need a medical abortion … then everything is as if in a fog … the next 3 days, as in a dream … you don’t understand anything … the result of histology. the conclusion of histology: pregnancy in the short term signs of trophoblast was not detected. mean the fetus was alive? The doctor of the LCD did not say anything, looking at the sheet … she simply said that there was no inflammation. but this, I already know, because my husband and I planned the pregnancy and passed all tests before conception, everything was clean, everything was healthy. What does the histology result mean? and now, we are trying to understand the reasons, to make it happen … how and because of what, this could happen.

0 0 Author: Olkin, Kolpino

YaNatasha, and after what time did you manage to get pregnant? The girls, I ask, because tomorrow there will be a cleaning, yesterday they placed the ST – 10 weeks. The results will also be sent to histology. Can these abnormal disturbances recur or is it an accident?

0 0 Author: marishka28, Samara

Successful pregnancy after frozen

Lesen, my histology was written word for word, apparently, they have a standard text. I also did not find out anything about travel. Check for infections, hematology, thyroid. If everything is normal – it means chromosomal abnormalities, but this does not repeat! Good luck

Girls, thank you for the answers and support. It’s a pity I didn’t know about genetics before … And they cleaned me exactly at 9 weeks, until 8, 5 nothing bothered, and then at 8, 5 ultrasound, suspicion of a stumbling, start bleeding again every day, again ultrasound, on which everything was confirmed, in general so hard…

0 0 Author: Navel Leader, St. Petersburg

I also had an ST and histology such a “decidual tissue and chorionic villi. Hydropic dystrophy and avascularization of parts of the chorionic villi are missed uterine pregnancies of the early period. ” The doctor did not explain, said nothing terrible.

0 0 Posted by lika132009

A complete picture can only give a genetic examination. Often these are chromosomal pathologies. Hold on, everything will pass and you will still become a happy mom!

Histology after missed abortion

Sometimes in the body of a pregnant woman, a series of processes leading to fetal death occur. This pathology is called missed abortion and can occur mainly in the first half of pregnancy. Especially dangerous is the 8th week of pregnancy, when the risk of death of the embryo is greatest.

Detect missed abortion in the early stages is quite difficult. If the woman still does not feel the movements of the baby, and she does not have any discharge, you can only notice the frozen child using the fetal ultrasound data. It must be said that in most cases identification of a missed abortion occurs precisely through ultrasound diagnostics.

Undetected missed abortion within 6-7 weeks is very dangerous for a woman. Remaining in the uterus, a decaying fetus can lead to severe complications from coagulating blood – DIC, which can be fatal.

Histology with missed abortion

Histological studies help determine the cause of missed abortion. As a rule, histology after missed abortion is carried out immediately after curettage. When this occurs, the study of the tissues of a dead embryo under a microscope. In some cases, in histology with a frozen pregnancy, a thin section of the uterine tube or uterus epithelium is analyzed. The doctor prescribes such a study to study the possible pathologies or infections of the female pelvic organs.

The appointment of histological studies after missed pregnancy helps to determine the cause of fetal death and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

With the help of histology after a missed pregnancy, the most common causes of miscarriage can be called:

  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • diabetes;
  • viral infectious diseases (rubella, hepatitis);
  • chronic diseases of the internal organs of the expectant mother;
  • hormonal disorders in a woman’s body;
  • abnormally developed uterus.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that in each specific case it is rather difficult to speak about the exact causes of miscarriage based on the histology results of a missed pregnancy, without additional tests.

Histology with missed abortion in many cases can only give the key to understanding why the fetus died. And based on the results obtained, further analyzes are assigned. It is necessary to pass them, it will help in the appointment of effective treatment.

The results of histology after missed abortion

The woman according to the results of histology after missed abortion must undergo the following examinations:

  • the identification of TORCH infections, it is important that the examinations were carried out within a few days after curettage – only in this case, you can get objective results;
  • surveys to determine the level of progesterone hormone, estradiol, thyroid hormones;
  • twice during the menstrual cycle to undergo ultrasound of the pelvic organs;
  • immunogram and a number of immunological examinations with a partner;
  • Consultation of urologist and delivery of sperm analysis for a man.

In each case, some other examinations may be added as prescribed by a doctor.

Depending on the results obtained, the appropriate treatment course will be selected. As a rule, it is quite long, can last from three to six months. Doctors do not recommend planning the next pregnancy in this period. The likelihood of repetition of missed abortion is too high.

Usually, after the histology with missed pregnancy and proper treatment, after six months, you can think about the next pregnancy.

I also have a genetal histology) reliable morphological signs of interrupted early-term uterine pregnancy III. I’m in shock! As I expected to see more information. very upset, how so so!


Girls, and I wrote "missed abortion in the period of 9-10 weeks. No infections

Natalia I was on site February 6, 14:15 Russia, Moscow

I also wrote something in histology "pregnancy was" well, literally not

G. My, too, said that I have an infection and generally have to go 3 years from the first birth

fistashka I was online 2 hours ago Russia, Bryansk

SO HISTOLOGISES DO NOT WRITE (I have been working in histology for 8 years, but right now on maternity leave). The material should be described, and the diagnosis is made by clinicians (histologists, by the way, are pathologists). There should be macro and micro descriptions of the material sent, such as in the presented material, blood, mucus, chorionic villi, remnants of the ovum (if there was an embryo – this is described in the macro-writing). And the abortion of uterine pregnancy is the chickens to laugh. That you yourself could write. Go to your doctor, let him write a referral for issuing histopreparations into your hands (paraffin blocks and steklopreparaty). With this statement, go to the morgue of the hospital, where you were scraped, take the glass and paraff. blocks. And by the way, ask for a copy of your histology answer (MUST ALSO GIVE). With these things, go to a more or less normal laboratory or institute (I don’t know moscow, but there must be some embryology institutes, you need to know about it yourself). Perhaps it will be paid, but it’s better to pay and know for sure. Interruption of uterine pregnancy. Kindergarten.

Tat’yana I was online 2 hours ago Russia, Novosibirsk

Sorry, that

fistashka I was online 2 hours ago Russia, Bryansk

To be honest, when necrosis (tissue decomposition) is already quite difficult,

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