Temperature in pregnant women 37

Future mothers are very sensitive to their condition, because it depends on how strong the future baby is born. But one day, a woman discovers that the temperature in the early stages of pregnancy is somewhat elevated. A similar situation may also arise in the second or third

Norm or pathology

Temperature in pregnant women 37

In order to determine how dangerous this condition is for the expectant mother, it is necessary to understand that the emergence of a new life entails certain changes in the woman’s body. Both in the first and in the second trimester of pregnancy, the rate of metabolic processes increases, and, consequently, the amount of energy released. At the same time, the level of heat transfer drops somewhat in order to create the most comfortable conditions for the unborn child. As a result of lengthy clinical studies, the experts were able to establish that the temperature of 37 during pregnancy, in most cases, is normal for a woman. Especially often it is celebrated in the first trimester and to some extent can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. In the second and third trimester, you must also carefully consider your health, since infectious or inflammatory processes can cause irreparable harm to the child.

Of course, each organism is individual; therefore, even such a slight increase in the indices is necessary to be voiced by your doctor, who is leading the pregnancy. After all, even the classic 36.6 is not always applicable to some people. There is a possibility that the temperature graph may vary depending on various states of the body. Therefore, let the decision about how physiological for you such a value takes a specialist. But, let’s say that a pregnant woman has a certain schedule for increasing the temperature. What does this mean?

What is the reason for the increase in indicators

Despite the fact that the body temperature increases slightly during pregnancy, it should not be taken lightly to this fact. Even if the gynecologist says that a slight change in indicators is quite normal, it is worthwhile to regularly use a thermometer in order not to miss the start of the pathological process. What do doctors associate with a temperature chart for each trimester of pregnancy?

  • Colds. The likelihood of such a disease rises in a cool and windy month. At the same time, there is a slight increase in indicators, as well as a very serious rise in temperature, which can reach 37.5 – 39 0 C. The condition can be diagnosed in the first, second and third trimester.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. In the early stages, an increase in the indices to 38 ° C is observed. Of course, only a rise in temperature cannot indicate that the patient has an ectopic pregnancy, but this is a reason for conducting an additional examination. After all, a graph of temperature changes serves as a signal that there is some pathology.
  • Various infectious processes. Cystitis, pyelonephritis or various inflammatory processes of bacterial or viral etiology can cause a rise in temperature and lead to pathology in the development of the baby. Do not take drugs yourself. It is necessary to undergo an examination and only the doctor will give recommendations on what and how to do. In the second and third trimester in a pregnant woman, the load on the kidneys increases, so the likelihood of the development of the pathological process associated with this organ is high.
  • Overheat. In the hot month, as well as when staying in a stuffy room, the likelihood that the temperature schedule during pregnancy will change significantly increases. In this case, do not panic, just go out of the hot room to fresh air and after a while the condition of the pregnant woman returns to normal. Very often, these conditions are observed in the first trimester of pregnancy.

To reduce the risk of miscarriage or the development of pathologies in a child to a minimum, the expectant mother should not only closely monitor the diet and their daily routine, as well as promptly pass the scheduled examinations, but also monitor their condition independently.

What consequences can occur when temperature changes

The main danger is related to the development of the child. Thus, in the early stages of development, in the first or second month of pregnancy, all organs and systems are laid down, therefore, an increase in temperature can lead to the formation of persistent pathologies. An increase in the indices up to 38 0 С, which a woman does not pay attention to for a long time and effective therapeutic measures aimed at normalizing her condition are not carried out, can cause irreversible disturbances in the development of the baby. These include:

  • Mental retardation
  • Various abnormalities in the central nervous system
  • Underdevelopment of facial tissues
  • Underdevelopment of various parts of the body
  • Microcephaly
  • Muscle hypotension
  • AND

In the first trimester of pregnancy, fever should be treated with great caution. Indeed, in the first two weeks the baby is particularly vulnerable and a change in body temperature can simply provoke a miscarriage.


What measures can be taken

If the temperature chart in a pregnant woman increases to a value of 37.5 ° C, then no action should be taken on its own. Only timely treatment to the doctor will be the key to the birth of a healthy baby. Doctors do not recommend the use of drugs in order to bring down the temperature and wait for a more favorable moment for going to the antenatal clinic. Regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, you must either visit a specialist on your own or call an ambulance brigade to take the woman to the appropriate medical facility where a complex of diagnostic and then medical measures will be carried out.

Nevertheless, doctors recognize that it is possible to reduce the temperature after a survey and establish the cause of the disease folk remedies, among which the most effective will be:

  • Raspberries. Of course, if a woman does not have an allergic reaction to these berries. Berries can be eaten both in the form of jam and fresh, depending on what month of the year and whether there are fresh fruits on the market.
  • Tea with lemon. Also within reasonable limits, because citrus fruits are a strong allergen. Therefore, before making an independent decision on this method of treatment, it is better to discuss it with your doctor whether or not to eat lemon. The undeniable advantage is the fact that lemon can be found on the market in any month of the year.
  • Cool compress on the forehead, consisting either simply of cold water, or of water mixed with vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • Good results also gives cooling armpits and inguinal folds. Since the main vessels pass in these places, you should lay down with an “asterisk”, arms and legs outstretched. In this case, the temperature drops quickly enough to 0.4 – 0.6 ° C. If it is an autumn or winter month outside, then you can pre-ventilate the room to reduce the air temperature.

The use of aspirin during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. Its side effect is blood thinning, which can cause bleeding in both the mother and the fetus. Therefore, in extreme cases, experts prescribe only Paracetamol, but not aspirin! As in the first, and in the second and third trimester, aspirin can have a negative effect on the organisms of the mother and child.

Using drugs during pregnancy should strictly observe the dosage and regimen of drugs. Only in this case, you can count on a certain therapeutic result, as well as on the fact that the remedy chosen by the doctor will not have a negative impact on the organs and tissues of the baby. The specialist also takes into account what month of pregnancy his patient has and what drugs can be prescribed in order to reduce the risk for the child.

Temperature in pregnant women 37

They start to bring down the temperature no sooner than it rises above 37.5 0 С! And it is recommended to do it exclusively under medical supervision. It is worth noting that all these rules are recommended to be observed regardless of the period on which the expectant mother is. In the second and third trimester, the consequences of neglect of their health can be very bad for the baby. That is why, a temperature chart for a pregnant woman has a special diagnostic value for a specialist.

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