The child screamed at night for no reason.

Sound sleep is the key to children’s health. Especially when it comes to babies. Unfortunately, not every child sleeps sweetly and calmly. This leads to the fact that he does not rest, which entails serious health problems. To eliminate this possibility, you need to understand why the child screams at night. For a start, let’s figure out what is the rate of sleep for young children.

How much should a baby sleep

The duration of sleep depends on the age of the baby. You need to focus on the following data:

  • If the baby is not more than 3 months, then the duration of his night sleep should be from 8 to 9 hours, not less.
  • When the child is 3 months old, but not yet a year old, he needs to sleep at least 11 hours.
  • If the baby is one year old, then the duration of his sleep should be about 10 hours.

These are statistics, if the duration of your baby’s sleep is slightly different from the above, then do not worry, this is the norm. However, if the deviations are significant, and while the child screams at night, because of what does not get enough sleep, you need to pay attention to his health. Doctors identify several causes of night anxiety.

The child feels a health problem.

This is perhaps the most common cause of night anxiety. A child screams and cries at night if he has a pain. Health problems can be many. The most common ones are:

  • Sore throat. Examine the throat, if it is red, you need to see a doctor.
  • Ear ache. Children often suffer from otitis.
  • Runny nose If the child has a stuffy nose and cannot breathe easily, then he will begin to cry.
  • Cough. If the child is constantly coughing, he will not be able to sleep.
  • Pain in the abdomen. Most often this contribute to the resulting colic. This reason can be eliminated by one of the following methods: put a warm film on your tummy, stroke it clockwise, or let your baby drink fennel tea.

Another common reason for a child waking up at night and screaming is banal discomfort.

The child feels discomfort

If you are sure that the child is feeling well and has no health problems, then pay attention to the conditions that surround him. Perhaps the reasons for crying are:

  • The baby is cold. Dress the baby according to the room temperature.
  • Baby is too hot. Often, caring mothers muffle children in such a way that they become hot and cannot sleep at ease. Do not overheat.
  • Baby wants to eat or drink. This is especially true if the child is one month old. He shouts the night because he was not used to eating on a schedule. In this case, it should be fed, but in the future from the night meals, try to wean the baby.
  • The baby has a wet diaper or bed sheet. Things and baby bedding should always be dry.

One of the most unpleasant causes of children’s anxiety is night terrors.

Night terrors of the child

That the child screams at night is another explanation. Often mothers go to bed and put the baby next to them. After the baby falls asleep, they shift it to the crib. When the baby wakes up, he finds himself in a new place, and next to him there is no mother. Because of this, he begins to cry.

Every mother should decide for herself how to deal with such situations. A good solution would be to sleep with the baby. He will feel safe, and joint sleep is also useful for a woman because it stimulates the lactation process.

However, doctors are advised to choose a different path. So that you can sleep, it is much better and more qualitative to perform your household duties, teach your baby to sleep independently. It’s not easy, but you will like the result. You have to put the baby to bed, and during the night not to approach him. If the child starts crying, you need to either endure this moment, or very quickly calm the baby and leave. In due course you will cease to hear night crying at all. And the child will become more independent and less vulnerable.

But remember, this method is good only if it is in the night fears. If a child has health problems or is uncomfortable, his cries can not be ignored in any case.

Another common cause of night screams is the banal overexcitement.

Overexcitation in the evening

If in the evening you are actively playing with the child, watching TV with a strong sound, or just talking loudly, then do not be surprised that the child screams at night.

Children who are in an excited state before bedtime usually cry at night loudly and for a long time. To prevent this, it is necessary to change the evening atmosphere in your home.

In the evening, try to organize silence. In a child, this period should be associated with peace and tranquility. If he falls asleep in a calm state, he will also sleep the whole night.

The last cause of nightly anxiety is problems with child psychology.

Psychological causes of crying at night

Do not underestimate the children’s mind. The child perfectly understands that if his parents have problems in the relationship, they are upset, angry. He also sees that you are not paying him enough attention. For lack of love, the baby may cry in a dream.

The child screams every night if he has problems with the nervous system. Increased children’s excitability is a signal that the child should be regularly shown to a neurologist. This will help not only to normalize sleep, but also to avoid health problems in the future.

Remember that a calm environment without quarrels and scandals has a positive effect on the baby and allows him to sleep without worrying about his parents.

Also, if the child is awake, screaming at night, perhaps he is just overworking during the day.

Overwork as the cause of baby crying

Exhaustion and over-excitement are in some ways related causes. A child may be tired if you had guests, new pets, or even if you are doing things that are not familiar to the baby. Any new impressions leave a mark on the child’s psyche, and babies are still too weak to withstand a similar emotional load. When a child is overworked, he cannot sleep at night.

In this case, perform one of the rituals:

  • Create in the room twilight and quiet atmosphere.
  • Bathe the baby in the bath with soothing herbs.
  • Sing a lullaby to your child.

You need to do everything possible so that the child has forgotten about the bustle and psychologically adjusted to a productive sleep.

What if a two-year-old child screams at night

Usually parents sigh with relief when the baby is two years old because he stops torturing adults with his screams at night. But sometimes it happens that the problems do not end. In this case, the child is hard to calm down, and his cry is so loud that it affects the psyche of the parents. Usually this happens with choleric children, that is, with children who have an impressionable character and heightened emotionality. Doctors advise taking such measures:

  • Do not figure out the relationship with the child.
  • Protect it from modern gadgets.
  • Up to 3 years, it is desirable not to allow the kid to watch cartoons.
  • Wait a while with trips to the circus, cinema or even a puppet theater.
  • Practice soothing baths before bed.
  • Provide your child with pets.
  • Teach the child to quiet activities. This may be drawing, modeling or application.

If your efforts were in vain, reduce the child to a child psychologist to get advice and direct your actions in the right direction.

The child screamed at night for no reason.

Children’s screams at night have prerequisites. If you figure out what the cause of anxiety is, you will quickly manage to normalize your baby’s sleep and your psychological state.

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