The father of the child

Our celebrities strive to please their children and protect them from the close attention of journalists. Therefore, often the daughters and sons of our stars study in a foreign land. And some still live there.

The father of the child

Alisa Alexandrova, Lyubov Prislaya, Natasha Belaya · February 21, 2019

Anastasia Shubskaya, daughter of Vera Glagoleva

The girl at one time tried to build a career model. Four years ago she decided to try herself in this business and went to California, where the shooting took place. But then Anastasia changed her mind, and went to study at acting classes in Los Angeles. Then he moved to the United States altogether: now they, along with her husband, hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, live in Washington, where he plays for the Washington Capitals team.

And in August last year, the couple first became parents: a wonderful son was born to them.

Artemy, son of singer Valeria

The 24-year-old son of the singer Valeria, having studied at the same time in two higher educational institutions, in Switzerland and America, decided to stay abroad. In Geneva, Artemy first graduated from the International School of IB (International Baccalaureate) – a universal course that provides preparation for entry to universities in all countries of the world.

He graduated from Webster University, also in Geneva. And he studied at once in two faculties: business and computer science. At the same time, Artemiy also entered the University of California at Berkeley to learn to be a sound producer. There he practically did not go, as distance learning.

After graduation, Artemy did not sit without work for a long time. In the summer of 2017, he received an offer to become an employee of the recording company The Hana Road Studios. His responsibilities include producing, management and financial issues. Joseph Prigogine said that he and Valeria would be happy if Artemy found work in Moscow, but they understand that his experience in the West will be very useful for him in the future.

By the way, in Montreux, where the office of The Hana Road Studios is located, Valeria and Joseph have their own house, where they come every year to the time of the famous jazz festival.

Nikita, son of Angelica Agurbash

The son of Angelica Nikita Yalinsky several years ago entered the University of Bocconi in Milan.

The father of the child

“Joy and pride in my son overwhelm my heart! Nikita is a student at Bocconi University! Thank you son. You met all my hopes. Good luck, excellent knowledge, a wonderful future! I am the happiest mom, ”Angelica wrote then on her page on Instagram.

Angelica always said that her son Nikita is a capable boy, talented, knows three foreign languages, plays sports and ballroom dancing, so why not give him a chance to get excellent knowledge abroad? In the future, a young man dreams of becoming a lawyer or an economist.

Viola, daughter of Valery Syutkin

On December 18, 2018, the singer’s wife, Viola, wrote to Instagram: “Congratulations to our beloved girl with the defense of the Sorbonne Diploma! We are proud! Hooray!”

The girl, who, like her mother, is called Viola, dreams of becoming a director, so she graduated from the theater faculty of the Sorbonne. Before that, she studied art historian at the branch of Boston University in Paris.

“We have short semesters, new subjects appear constantly. The most difficult thing was to pass science fiction literature, ”Syutkin shared with“ StarHit ”somehow. – A lot of scientific terms. To learn all this, I closed in the room, wondered, drank coffee and ate chocolate. ”

One gets the impression that the girl already has a secure future, but in reality this is not the case. Star Dad does not create her conditions for a carefree life, considering that after coming of age children should take care of themselves. The only way he helps Viola is organizing her travels around the world, developing her horizons and fantasies. For several years, the singer’s daughter has a boyfriend named Thor (in the photo on the left), with whom she speaks in English. Under the crown, lovers are in no hurry, but Valery believes that now it is in the order of things.

Arkhip, son of Natasha Koroleva and Sergey “Tarzan” Glushko

Born in 2002, the son of a star couple, whose parents carefully guarded against public attention, lives in Miami. His parents sent him to his grandmother, so that his son received a good education.

In Moscow, he happens quite often, but it seems he is in no hurry to return to Russia. A couple of years ago, I was completely stunned by my decision to intern in Japan and, perhaps, even later to move to the land of the rising sun.

“Teenage son, what are parents in this not a simple period of time? Be brave and gain patience! – commented on the throwing guy starry mom. – Act wisely and discreetly, do not impose your opinion. Young people have to make decisions and make their own choices, but parents can finely direct and very unobtrusively give advice. ”

Ulyana, daughter of Renata Litvinova

The daughter of actress Renata Litvinova Uliana Dobrovskaya graduated from the Ecole des Roches international school in the city of Lille. Her mother made a choice in favor of the French system of education and did not lose, at least with languages: English and French were added to her native Russian, which Uliana speaks fluently. The very same young lady admitted that she was most fascinated by lessons on history and drawing.

As for Ulyana’s life outside the classroom, she immediately began playing in the amateur theater. In the production of Moliere’s “Imaginary Sick”, for example, she brilliantly performed the main male role.

For further study, the daughter of Litvinova chose the Belgian university, and it does not frighten her at all that it requires mastering the Flemish language.

In Russia, the girl has time not only to be with her mother on vacation, but also to act in films and commercials. For the most part – on the same set with Renata.

Daughter of Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin Elizaveta

Perhaps it would be more correct to call her Elizabeth. The daughter of Varum and Agutin has long been living and studying in Miami. For the most part, girls are educated by their grandparents. Lisa has repeatedly admitted that she misses her beloved parents, but in Russia she doesn’t feel very comfortable.

Lisa, like her famous mom and dad, is engaged in music, sings and performs as part of a musical group. Agutin and Varum are proud of their daughter’s success and always publicly share their impressions of her performances.

Famous parents spend with her only two months a year, and at other times they sometimes visit. Lisa speaks Russian only with her parents and herself considers herself rather an American.

Anna Sedokova’s children

The decision that children will receive education in America, Anna took even before their birth. The eldest daughter of a celebrity, Alina, went to school in Beverly Hills.

“I firmly decided that my daughter would receive an education abroad, and arranged for her at LAUP Elementary School, which is located in Beverly Hills. Education for us is free, because we got into it at the place of residence. Alina said that they were taught to count coins from 1 to 25 cents. Such a real math! Daughters like drawing and acting lessons – they can be naughty and run around the class, ”Anna said.

When Anna gave birth to her third child, a son, she decided to transport the girls to Russia, but Monika’s father Maxim Chernyavsky was against it. He and Anna had a conflict because of different views on the future of Monica. As a result, the girl went to school in Los Angeles.

Anastasia, daughter of Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovs

Catherine and Alexander the Strizhenovs did not immediately agree to let their crib Nastya go abroad, but she convinced her parents that she wanted to live as an ordinary person, and not as a daughter of celebrities.

First, the Strizhenovs’ eldest daughter studied in London, and then she gnawed at granite science in the New York School of Design Parson at the faculty of graphic design. Where, by the way, and met her husband, financier Peter Grishchenko. After the wedding in 2013, young people moved to New York for permanent residence.

Recently, Catherine posted a photo in Instagram where her husband holds the little son Anastasia in her arms, and commented: “I know why we gave birth to children – so that they would give us grandchildren to us later! Pete Petrovich is 6 months old! ”

Xenia, daughter of Andris and Catherine Liepa

The daughter of famous ballet dancers chose to study the prestigious Swiss college Luceum Alpinum Zuoz. In addition, the girl is seriously engaged in ballet, which is not surprising. She has participated in the Sleeping Beauty and performed in Germany with this performance.

Ksenia also enjoys photography, her Instagram has a lot of art shots.

Alice, daughter of Irina and Viktor Saltykov

“My love has arrived!” – such a touching signature can be seen on Instagram of the singer who meets her daughter during infrequent visits to Russia.

Alice, having been educated in Switzerland and France, now lives in London and is building a singer career under the pseudonym Talitha. And not only sings, but also writes poems – a couple of years ago a girl wrote a song for her mom.

Under the joint picture, Irina wrote: “In this photo, Alice and I are looking in one direction! So I wish you and your loved ones to always look in one direction, this is a guarantee of happiness and success! ”

Igor, Tatiana Ovsienko’s adopted son

The singer saw the two-year-old Igor during a charity event in the Penza orphanage in the late 90s – the boy had a heart defect, and Tatiana first helped with the operation, and then took the baby to her family. Tatiana and her now ex-husband, Vladimir, did not tell his son for a long time that he was adopted, fearing to injure the child. The fact that he is not his own son, Igor learned already a teenager. According to the singer, at first the guy had a stress, but then he accepted the news.

Now Igor Dubovitsky is 23 years old, he lives in Miami, moreover in 19 he married a 16-year-old Brazilian woman, and soon pleased Tatiana Ovsiyenko with the fact that she became a grandmother.

Elizabeth, daughter of Dmitry Peskov

The daughter of the press secretary of the Russian president from his first marriage lives with her mother in Paris and is a student at a prestigious business school. Lisa managed to learn in Moscow – at the Institute of Asian and African countries, where she arrived at the insistence of her father, but in 2015 she returned to her mother and two brothers in France.

Now Liza knows five foreign languages ​​and is grateful to her parents, who forced her to teach them literally from the cradle and sent her to summer language camps in France and Scotland.

Alesya, daughter of Yevgeny Kafelnikov

The childhood of the daughter of the famous Russian tennis player Evgeny Kafelnikov was not easy. Her parents divorced when she was barely three years old. My father did everything so that the former husband, Maria Tishkova, did not take the child abroad. Eugene insisted that his daughter stay with him. Rumor has it that this paid the ex-wife $ 2 million.

The girl grew up in Sochi, in the house of the athlete’s parents. Then she ended up in an elite metropolitan school, but not for long: Kafelnikov arranged it for a private boarding school in England. The Old World gave her not so much education (Alesia was not too keen on studying), but also her passion for equestrian sports.

From the age of 15, the daughter of a tennis player makes a successful career in the modeling business, even though she was disturbed by her excessive thinness. The scathing heiress of the loud surname often ends up in the center of scandals, one of which flared up after the video appeared on the network: the young model declared that she hates Russia and prefers to live in England.

In fact, Alesya is often in Moscow. True, more often in her social networks appear photos from numerous luxury travels.

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