The first signs of pregnancy after the eco forum

The only reliable answer to the question of whether the in vitro fertilization procedure was successful, can give a test for hCG. However, before its delivery after the transfer – not less than two weeks, which the couple spends in anxious and exciting waiting, trying to catch the first signs of pregnancy after IVF. Do they exist? Can the symptoms be the same for all women, which would suggest that the goal has been achieved?

First signs of pregnancy

The phenomena of early toxicosis are observed during any pregnancy, regardless of the way in which it occurred. True, the signs of pregnancy in the early stages after IVF may be more pronounced, since the effects of stimulation and administration of drugs, which are prescribed to the woman after the transfer, are superimposed on ordinary toxicosis. We list the main ones among them:

  • the appearance of spotting, from pink to brown. This may be implant bleeding that occurs as a result of damage to the arteries during the implantation process;
  • abdominal pain (in the lower part) of a pulling character or slight tingling;
  • breast engorgement, breast tenderness;
  • change of mood, tearfulness;
  • increased fatigue;
  • change of sensitivity to smells and tastes;
  • increased (slight) basal temperature;
  • uncritical pressure reduction.

In general, the signs of early pregnancy after IVF are largely individual. So, in their reviews, women mention a lack of appetite, increased sleepiness, heartburn, goosebumps, fever to subfebrile, bloating.

The first signs of pregnancy before hCG appear after embryo implantation, when chorionic gonadotropin begins to stand out, that is, approximately seven days after transplantation.

What signs are reliable?

All of these symptoms can be observed in the absence of pregnancy – as a result of stimulation of ovulation with large doses of hormonal drugs, as well as nervous tension. Therefore, only the results of laboratory and instrumental studies can be reliable:

  1. High hCG level. With the onset of pregnancy, it begins to increase and meets certain standards. The analysis is given 12-14 days after replanting, and later, during the first trimester – every two days. According to the obtained results, conclusions are drawn not only about the presence of pregnancy, but also about its occurrence.
  2. Ultrasonography, during which the uterine cavity and ovaries are evaluated. In this study, the doctor will see the corpus luteum in the uterus (or its absence, which together with the level of hCG will lead to the conclusion of ectopic pregnancy), the number of embryos.

Signs of missed abortion after IVF

In some cases, for early toxemia, a woman can take on the symptoms of threatening conditions – for example, missed abortion. So called pathology, in which the embryo stops its prenatal development. This most often occurs if the embryo has genetic pathologies. During pregnancy, frozen in the early stages, the following signs are observed:

  • severe pain, having a cramping character;
  • bloody issues;
  • decrease in basal temperature.

If fading occurred at the very beginning of pregnancy, before testing for HCG, the woman may not know anything about her condition, since there are often no obvious signs during this period.

The first signs of pregnancy after the eco forum

Signs of ectopic pregnancy after IVF

Ectopic pregnancy as a result of in vitro fertilization occurs less frequently than with natural conception, but such cases still occur, especially when tubal pathologies have become the cause of infertility. The main diagnostic factor in this case is the level of hCG, which in two weeks reaches the boundary values, and grows very slowly in the following days. The early subjective symptoms are as follows:

  • stomach ache. At an early stage, they can occur if there is an ovarian pregnancy; with other locations of the embryo, including in the tubes, pain occurs in a later period;
  • bleeding that differs from implant bleeding primarily by quantity; with ectopic pregnancy, they are abundant.

First signs of pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy after the eco forum

It is worth mentioning the so-called biochemical pregnancy – spontaneous interruption in the very initial period, even before when the corpus luteum in the uterus is determined by ultrasound. There are no signs of unsuccessful pregnancies after IVF, and the only evidence that she was, is the analysis of hCG. That is why in natural conception a woman, as a rule, does not even suspect that she was pregnant for a very short time.

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