What dreams are dreaming about pregnancy

You dreamed a fish

The appearance of fish may indeed foreshadow the dreamer of the imminent onset of pregnancy. In addition, the fish can dream not only of the appearance of a new member in the family, but also of unexpected profits, an interesting acquaintance and great love. Let’s see when the fish is a precursor:

  • if you had to watch the floating fish in clear and crystal clear water. Such a dream often indicates that the dreamer herself, not even suspecting of the position;
  • catching fish – promises speedy conception. The number of fish caught indicates the number of children. This interpretation takes place only if the water in which you fished was crystal clear and pure;
  • buying fish meat – a vision predicts motherhood to the dreamer only if the fish bought was alive. Particular attention should be paid to the floor of the seller – he points to the floor of the future baby;
  • fried fish – if you see that it is you who eat fish meat – wait for replenishment.

It happens that such dreams are in the blood relatives of the future mother. In addition, quite often such dreams dream a male representative before the pregnancy of his wife.

Precursors dreams

Dreams foreshadowing pregnancy have one characteristic feature – they all subconsciously prepare the sleeper to thoughts about children. In this role can be a children’s toy, a beautiful drawing or photo.

Dream interpretation has a huge amount of information about what dreams predict pregnancy. Consider the most frequent precursors.

Eggs As the interpreter says, dreams, in which eggs dreamed, predict a quick conception. Moreover, their number does not matter. Vision in which you have seen broken eggs is a bad interpretation; it is a forerunner of miscarriage.

Some women claim that the precursors were dreams in which they fried eggs, ate eggs, saw eggs with cracked shells, stale eggs, bought eggs or drank eggs. However, no dream book confirms this fact.

Cabbage – to pregnancy

Cabbage. For a married young girl, a dream in which she had a dream about cabbage suggests that a small child is already under her heart.

Some mommies say they found out about their situation in visions in which they dreamed of sauerkraut, fried cabbage, boiled cabbage, stewed cabbage, cauliflower and seaweed. In interpreters there is no information that dreams in which such cabbage dreams, predict pregnancy.

Milk. Dream interpretation indicates that milk foreshadows pregnancy.

As the interpreter says, dreams in which you dream that you drink milk, buy milk, sell milk, or see sour milk, boiling milk, fresh milk are not harbingers of an interesting situation. However, some women believe that it was precisely such visions in which there was milk that prompted them about their situation.

Tomatoes. Vegetables, and in particular tomatoes, are frequent harbingers of a quick pregnancy. There are cases when women have seen big red tomatoes, rotten tomatoes, salted tomatoes, canned tomatoes, green tomatoes in dreams before the onset of pregnancy. Women believe that just such tomatoes became harbingers, but no source confirms this.

Grapes Since ancient times, the grape is a symbol of fertility, so it is not at all surprising that the grape testifies to the soon conception.

What dreams are dreaming about pregnancy

Some girls had dreams before the onset of pregnancy, in which they ate grapes, picked grapes, washed grapes, bought grapes, preserved grapes, dried grapes. Such cases were not isolated.

Herring. The appearance of herring foreshadows pregnancy, as well as the appearance of other fish.

What dreams are dreaming about pregnancy

Salted herring, frozen herring, smoked herring, live herring, large herring or its meat may indicate its imminent onset.

In addition to all this, many women claim to have learned about their situation from a dream in which there was meat. Some of them ate meat, cooked meat, cut up meat, or washed meat. However, no dream book contains such information.

kittens symbolize the upcoming efforts and worries

Kittens As the dream book says, kittens are a symbol of difficulties and troubles, however, many girls before the onset of pregnancy dreamed of these animals. If you interpret the vision correctly, then the kittens dream of the hassle associated with the upcoming genera.

Dolphin. Mammals are the forerunners of happiness, well-being and joy, which is why a dream in which dolphins dreamed, predicts pregnancy.

Despite the fact that dreams in which there were big dolphins, trained dolphins, friendly dolphins, dolphins jumping out of the water, small dolphins or a dolphin attacking you have a different interpretation according to sources, quite often such visions foreshadow a speedy motherhood.

Spider. For married women, a dream in which a white spider has dreamed foreshadows a long-awaited pregnancy. If a man dreamed of a spider – to the pregnancy of his wife. The spider you managed to catch foreshadows the birth of a son.

Sometimes the harbinger of an interesting position is a spider spinning, attacking a spider, a huge spider, a poisonous spider or a green spider. Although there is no such information in the dream books.

Snake. If you dreamed of a snake that you hold in your hands – be ready for a quick replenishment in the family.

Visions in which a creeping snake, a black snake, a large snake, an attacking snake, a dead snake, a poisonous snake or a two-headed snake in a dream book have no relation to pregnancy had a dream. However, for some women, such dreams were prophetic.

Rat. This rodent is considered a symbol of fecundity, so the vision in which the rat appeared may be a precursor of an interesting position.

According to the interpretations of dream books, dreams in which a dead rat danced, a running rat, a big rat, gnawing things a rat or a gray rat had a completely different decoding, but still sometimes they predict a quick pregnancy.

Frog. Frog women in a dream predict an unexpected surprise, perhaps pregnancy.

Water, as a sign of early motherhood

Clear water – to the imminent pregnancy

The main symbol of conception and birth of a baby is water. If you dreamed of a reservoir in which there was crystal clear water – a sure sign of pregnancy.

If you dreamed of water and a man drowning in it – this often indicates that you see him as the father of your baby.

If in your vision you jumped into the water, it means your strong desire to become a mother. If you dreamed of the water in which you swim – get ready as soon as possible to become a mother. The water in the dream must be clean.

Quite often, water dreams of a strong floor, it can be a crystal clear lake, clear sea or water in an aquarium. Such visions indicate a wife’s pregnancy.

Children in a dream

Women and even young ladies who are in an interesting position dream of little kids. In a dream, you can consider the appearance of the child, gender, and even hear his voice. Such visions can be not only harbingers of a speedy motherhood, but also individual moments from the forthcoming life.

As the dream book says, a clear sign of an imminent pregnancy is dreams, during which you held the baby by the hand, ran after him or played with him.

Dreams that foreshadow pregnancy are always very emotional. The dreamer may experience positive emotions, panic attacks and even fear. All this can trigger a hormonal surge as a result of conception.

The fair sex, who for a long time can not get pregnant, soon motherhood foreshadows a vision in which the dreamer of the child is presented.

Sometimes it does not matter at all what dreams foretell pregnancy, more importantly, what feelings and emotions a person experienced in night vision.

But pregnancy itself is not dreaming in order to indicate your interesting position.

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