What makes women grow breasts

For the past few months, I have been very actively interested in bodybuilding, working with a Spanish coach in bodybuilding, reading articles and books of various muscle builders. As always in the process of studying a new topic, I come across an unexpected and new one, for example, for what reason does a woman’s breast grow in men? This topic is connected with the work of our body and, of course, with nutrition, which stimulates the growth of muscle mass. Among other things, it turned out that the phenomenon of breast growth in men cannot be overcome only by physical exertion.

What makes women grow breasts

According to a reputable author, men wishing to get rid of hanging breasts, it is not so easy to do it just in the gym. This problem, like many problems with health and beauty in modern life, rests on nutrition.

The phenomenon called “women’s breasts in men” is very common in many countries of the Western world, its spread is directly proportional to the spread of the obesity epidemic. Products that make a man appear to look like a woman’s breast pose a threat to human health, regardless of gender or age. These are processed or processed products,

It is impossible to get rid of the fatty tissue that covers the pectoral muscles, solely through exercise. The only way to reduce body fat, wherever they are, is to reduce or completely eliminate processed foods from the diet and eat exceptionally healthy foods from whole foods.

Estrogen and health problems

Estrogen is a hormone produced in the body of both men and women. The amount of estrogen needed by a man for the normal production of seminal fluid and the maintenance of the skeletal system is very small. When the level of estrogen rises, it creates the conditions for the development of many diseases.

Estrogen-like compounds present in foods can cause serious health problems, including breast, uterine and ovarian, prostate and colon cancers. They are responsible for low sexual desire and weight gain in women and men, including the male breasts mentioned.

Obviously, the problem beats not only the vanity of the stronger sex, who only think about asking their fitness trainers about how to remove the breast from men, but also threatens the health of the whole family, while it is almost ignored by traditional medicine.

The epidemic of obesity, which has spread to millions of people in America and Europe, is caused not only by overeating and lack of exercise. If this were the case, then the problem of obesity would have arisen several decades ago. Why are heart diseases, cancer, obesity and other serious health problems so widespread now in the Western world? And why did this phenomenon occur only recently? Today, most people, for example, in America do not eat almost anything other than processed food. This suggests that the problems listed are probably caused by major changes in the diet.

How to remove the chest in men

In short, in order to remain beautiful and healthy, we need to completely eliminate processed foods from our diet, here is a list of some of them:

What makes women grow breasts

  1. Meat products.Processed meat products contain dyes, preservatives, flavors and other additives that have an “estrogenic” effect. For example, beef that is obtained from livestock that are not fed on plant foods will contain the hormone estrogen. Cattle in most cases receive these hormones by injection and implantation under the skin. Estrogen is found everywhere in the body of the animal, and you and your family receive the same hormones, simply by using products from such beef.
  2. Products containing omega-6 fatty acids.This is a fat that is rich in cheap vegetable oils: sunflower, corn, soybean, etc. It is these oils that are found in large quantities in processed foods, as they are much cheaper for

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