What to give for the birth of a child

What to give for the birth of a child?

The emergence of a new life is a joyful event not only for the parents of the baby, but also for friends and relatives. It is impossible to come to the bride with empty hands, and everyone wants to play the role of the Good Fairy, presenting crumbs and a young mother with memorable souvenirs or, on the contrary, helping the family to avoid grandiose spending by buying a practical thing for the baby.

What to give for the birth of a child

Positive emotions make going for gifts a pleasant event, but they also often overshadow the mind, forcing to buy is not something that pleases parents and is useful to a child. What to give for the birth of a child and how not to make a mistake with the choice?

Gifts on lists

The easiest way is when young parents show practicality and make lists of gifts in advance. Friends do not have to worry and worry that the gift can be duplicated. But even in this case, misunderstandings are possible – the same things can be more or less qualitative – depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, if you choose any gift from the list – do not hesitate to clarify which brand is preferable. If you don’t have your own experience, ask your newly born girlfriends about which companies are most popular among mothers.

Unsuccessful gifts

Unfortunately, those who have not yet had time to become parents, often make annoying mistakes when choosing gifts for the newborn. Young mothers themselves admit that those who raise children are most pleased with the choice – they remember well what things can make life easier for parents, and what will be unclaimed and take an extra place in the apartment. One of the most unfortunate gifts most moms call clothes, although it is the children’s delicate wardrobe room that asks for it as a gift. Remember that the majority of families prepare things for babies on their own, and besides, grandparents and aunts are not able to buy additional diapers, bodysuits and slippers. Infants grow very quickly, in the first six months of life the size of clothes can change monthly, so a nice dress presented to you or a bright overalls are at great risk to remain unmoved. Do not forget that you can give a certificate for the birth of a child to a children’s store, so that parents can choose the baby’s wardrobe themselves.

Another popular idea recognized as unsuccessful is soft toys, especially large ones. Until the moment when the child will be able to evaluate the new friends at its true worth, it will take at least another 2 years. Unfortunately, all this time the plush little animal will serve as a dust collector, causing irritation of mothers and grandmothers. There is one more nuance – wonderful, practical things, donated to other purposes. Vivid examples of such mistakes are a set of expensive anti-spike bottles for an infant whose mother chose breastfeeding, or a convenient high-quality baby sling, carefully presented to a woman who prefers to use only the stroller. Therefore, when choosing a gift, try to find out more about the needs and characteristics of the family.

Practical gifts

Choosing a gift, remember that the newborn is not yet able to appreciate your care – for him it will make mom. Therefore, you should not be confused by the practical orientation of gifts. Fortunately, progress has provided us with a lot of things that are of great benefit and make life easier.

Look at the list of useful items that will be useful for a family with a child for a long time:

  • Humidifier. This device does not look romantic, but is able to give the baby a calm and deep sleep.
  • Radio nanny. A long-lasting gift that will make life easier for the mother and in the first year of the child’s life will become an irreplaceable thing later – in the country and on holiday trips.
  • Multivarka. Save the hostess from the trouble in the form of boiled porridge, free up a lot of time for yourself and the child and allow you to cook healthy food.
  • Chair for babies. Months are flying very fast, and after six months, the highchair will be a necessity. Choose a model carefully – it should be stable, reliable and safe.

Baby gifts

What to give for the birth of a child to bring joy to the baby? There are gizmos that will almost immediately fall in love with the very hero of the occasion. You will present him toy dolls and trains a little later, but for now, beautiful and useful items for the baby will do:

  • Developing a rug. A bright, comfortable and safe toy can give pleasure to a child practically from the first months of life. Here he will be able to look at the first soft rattles that make a different sound, develop tactile sensations, touching the silky or rough elements, on it he will learn to reach out to objects and turn over.
  • Chaise lounge The first six months of the kids are disturbed by large spaces. In a lounge chair, he feels like a nest. It is convenient to calm the child with the help of vibration and the music panel, and parents can safely move the deck chair with the baby throughout the apartment.
  • Mobil Musical toy that will lull the baby, entertain him in the crib and develop attention. Models are different – from simple toys from bright plastic to musical mobiles with light.

Cheap gifts

Despite the young age, the baby of the first year of life will need a lot of all kinds of things.

If the budget is limited, it is not necessary to buy a large gift, pay attention to the “consumables” – what the baby needs all the time.

  • Extras will never be disposable diapers, you only need to know in advance what brand is suitable for the baby and not to be mistaken with the size. Some people prefer to decorate this gift in an original way, having made a cake out of pampers, but also presented in usual packaging, they will always remain in demand.
  • Bathroom set. A fluffy towel with a corner, soft washcloth and bathing napkins is a gentle and pleasant gift that does not require excessive spending.
  • The first books. As soon as the newborn learns to focus, and the pens and fingers become a little stronger, soft books with rustling pages will give him a lot of joy. Since it will happen very quickly, such a toy can be donated already at the first visit, choosing a series from 0 months.

Gifts for boys and girls

Sometimes you want to emphasize the floor of the baby, having presented a special gift. What to give for the birth of a boy? The time for transformers and controlled cars has not yet come, but after only six months, the little man will become much more active. Like all young researchers, it will be carried away for a long time by walkers with different sound buttons and steering wheels – the first car of the little restless. Boys from early childhood behave bolder than girls, so this thing will have to his taste.

What to give for the birth of a girl, to mark the birth of a real princess? You can pre-pick an elegant dress for the first anniversary – after all, this anniversary is celebrated solemnly, arranging a real photo session. Some creatively approach the design of a gift – for example, a set of baby care products – shampoo, powder, cream should be placed in an elegant basket and decorated with delicate ribbons. If you have a particularly close relationship with the parents of the baby, gold jewelery is also acceptable – the first earrings or a medallion that will be kept “for growth”.

Memorable gifts

The tradition to give souvenirs made of precious metals has deep roots. In the East, gold coins and engraved bracelets are presented to the newborn; in Russia, silver has always been preferable.

A silver spoon is given for the first tooth, in some families it is still customary to give a set of coffee or teaspoons. Rattles and even nipples are sold from the same metal.

From the very first days of life, parents and grandmothers begin to collect the family archive. As a memorable souvenir, a children’s photo album, a cute photo frame or a special set for the manufacture of plaster casts of tiny prints of the arms and legs of a newborn will be perfect.

Gifts to parents

A new family member instantly pushes the rest to the background. In the meantime, it’s impossible to forget about the baby’s mother, especially the firstborn. Each freshly baked mother had to work hard during pregnancy and childbirth, and she had a long and not easy way of motherhood ahead. Flowers will be appropriate not only at discharge from the hospital, but also during subsequent visits.

What should a young mother give to give birth to a child, how to show care and give her special pleasure? If the mother has become a close friend or relative, you can please her with a special gift. Since practically every woman soon after giving birth thinks about restoring beauty, an ideal solution would be a presented certificate to a good salon. Even better, if you unite with your friends and replace mommy on her difficult post, while she is a little rest and will put herself in order.

Things are simpler with daddies – he has already received the main present from his wife, so funny inexpensive souvenirs will work as a reward.

The cost of the gift is not the slightest value – much more important attention paid. Going to the bride, be delicate, do not tire the young parents with a long visit, do not forget about good wishes and sincere congratulations.

If you, dear reader, have any ideas for good gifts for the birth of a child, share them in the comments.

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