When can I test a pregnancy test


Modern science and medicine gives mankind a lot of amenities and amenities. It is difficult to imagine that women once did without a typewriter, vacuum cleaner, diapers, and … a pregnancy test. Then, the main instruction in housekeeping and women’s affairs was a certain inherited book, and grandmother’s advice, coupled with folk signs. Now, the main wealth of the beautiful half of humanity is knowledge. Thanks to him, we can choose the right course and achieve the desired result. Determining conception at an early stage right at home is a big step forward, because now any woman can independently establish the fact of the conception that has come.

The simplicity and convenience of this method are amazing, and yet the use of dough has its own nuances, and the correctness of use significantly affects the truth of the result. Today we will talk about how to do a pregnancy test and which of the many options offered by modern manufacturers is better.

How does a pregnancy test work?

Let’s start by understanding how the test works. The main role in this analysis is played by hormones, or rather a special hormone, which begins to rapidly develop after conception. The so-called hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin is vital for carrying. It contributes to the harmonious development of the fetus, and also opposes the occurrence of ovulation throughout the entire period of pregnancy.

HCG is produced not only while waiting for the baby. A certain amount of it is always present in the body, not only in women, but also in men.

After the sperm has fertilized the egg, the production of this hormone in the body of the expectant mother is significantly increased. This phenomenon was the idea to create a test strip. Scientists have developed a special reagent that feels an increased level of hCG in a woman after fertilization.

On what day after sex can you do a pregnancy test?

So, we figured out how a small strip determines the fact of conception. It would seem simple. But, in order for the test to determine the pregnancy, it is necessary that the level of hCG reaches such an indicator, to which the reagent applied to it can react. The number of hormones produced is really growing, so the truth of the result given by the test depends on when you do it.

When can I test a pregnancy test

Suppose that after the intercourse that has happened, you admit a case of fertilization. This is possible with an unreliable method of contraception or unprotected sex. So when is it better to do a pregnancy test? Of course, I would like to dispel doubts as soon as possible, but there is no need to hurry here, because haste can lead to a false-negative result. The fact is that HCG begins its productive activity from the moment the fertilized egg penetrates the uterus, and for this it will take time. It is believed that the hormone begins to be produced for 5-7 days after fertilization, and in some cases this occurs only after 10-12 days. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct the test 14 days after the significant sexual intercourse. If you cannot determine the exact day when fertilization could occur, then you need to be guided by the days of ovulation (these are the few days when the egg is ready for fertilization).

Also, it is necessary to understand that every day of pregnancy cardinally rebuilds the body. And since the implantation of a fertilized cell, this process occurs even more rapidly. Thus, the hormone hCG begins to double daily, so early diagnosis leads to a deceptive result. Experts advise you to do the test not earlier than the day when the estimated monthly periods did not occur, but it is better if you do an analysis for 2-3 days of delay.

Can I do a pregnancy test in the morning and afternoon?

When asked what time of day is most suitable for analysis, the instruction of some tests answers any. Supersensitive strips are really able to determine the test, regardless of whether the procedure was performed in the morning or in the evening. However, there is the fact of concentration without which it is hardly possible to get to the truth, and if you need to know about conception in the early stages, it will be more effective to conduct the test with the help of morning urine immediately after waking up. The main thing is that the urine should be concentrated, that is, at least 4 hours should pass from the moment of the last visit to the toilet. Also, it is recommended to exclude taking any diuretic, as these drugs interfere with the identification of the hormone due to low concentrations.

When can I test a pregnancy test

Everything is different if the delay lasts more than one day or more than one week. In this case, pregnancy can be determined at any time of the day or night.

The indicator 20-25 mMe / ml means the ability to give a true result only two weeks after conception. Such a test is recommended only 2-3 days after the start of the alleged

Whatever test you choose, in most cases it will promise you almost 100% accuracy. In practice, these promises do not come true so often. False indicators are due not only to the sensitivity of the test, but also the correctness of its use. Do not rush to the analysis, and just in case, make a re-diagnosis.

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