Why increased chest

After the standard greeting of the leading, fiery speeches of the leading staff and guests of honor, if any, it is recommended to please the female team with a pleasant surprise, an intermediate gift.

The script is led by two presenters, but after the speeches and awards of certificates of honor, one presenter leaves and the second presenter remains in the hall.

Leading 2 brings several men to the stage, the number of which depends on the size of the team. They will be participants in a win-win lottery. The leader gives men the right to choose a piece of paper with a hat number. It’s simple. The man calls the number he pulled out. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, sitting at the tables, take an image of a flower near their cutlery, on the back side of which a number is written. A woman whose number on the flower coincides with the number, voiced by a man is given a gift. Hands over this man. He also finds a gift, on the package of which must be the same number. All gifts should be the same value, but different. It all depends on the financial capabilities of the company, because these are intermediate gifts, their task is to raise the spirits of the female team, which should bask in attention on March 8th. Thus, all women are given presents.

Lead 1 enters and leads several men out of the room. At this time, Lead 2 announces a musical pause. Here at will, either homegrown singers (or professionals, if there is such an opportunity) are performed, a song, or dance.

Lead 1 is returned, she carries a bag in which a tablecloth, a pen, folders and two glasses, as well as a carafe of water in her hand. Men make a table and chairs. A table and chairs are put on the stage, a table is covered with a tablecloth, a decanter and two glasses are put.

Lead 1: I have to stop our celebration.

Presenter 1: Colleague, take a seat at the table. Now I will explain everything.

Leading sit at the table.

Lead 1 (knocking the carafe with the pen): Attention! Attention! Forced to open an emergency meeting, because disappointing results were obtained about the general state of the female part of the team (called the company).

Lead 1: The case is serious. Let’s start the roll call.

Presenter 2: The Incomparable Galina Fyodorovna?

Galina Fedorovna: On the spot!

In this spirit, the Leader 2 names all the employees, using her own epithet for each: cute, cheerful, beautiful, charming, charming, most attractive, super, stunning, wonderful, fabulous, affectionate, sexy, seductive, charming, wise and more.

Leading 1: Let’s start! On the nose, summer, short skirts, swimsuits, bare arms, legs, and someone’s chest. And you? Look at the latest data (looking in the folder), the total weight gain during the winter was 53 grams. Accounting has eaten 23 grams. The logistics department brazenly scored 5 grams. The weight of management team – 15 grams. And the quality management department accounts for 10 grams of weight gain (the total weight is distributed among all departments where women work). How it’s called? But after the New Year holidays, enough time passed! So they should have come back to normal, even if they sifted through herring under a fur coat to the chiming clock! Ugliness! And you ___ (addresses by the name / patronymic of the Leader 2) where did you look ?! You, as responsible for a healthy lifestyle in the team ___ (company name), missed this question!

Lead 2 (if possible, turns red): Blame, not spotted.

Lead 1: This, alas, the sad news does not end there. Increased overall wrinkle length! Girls! How so?! And this is the year of the global fight against wrinkles! Each of you made a commitment, but in the end what? Here it is written in black and white – the total length of wrinkles has increased by 3.3 mm! (hereinafter, the total figure is also distributed by department). So it is not until the holidays! It is urgent to correct the situation.

Leading 2: It should not allow such a disgrace!

Host 1: Why did you allow this to happen? Why in time did not notice how the team slid down and went along the curved path? It was necessary to eat so much. What is there to eat! To eat 53 grams, a nightmare!

Leading 2: And what about me? I regularly post wall newspapers with current topics, give out brochures about the correct way of life every day, take it to the fitness by the hand, take the strawberries myself for masks and stock the team.

Lead 1: So this is not enough! Activate! Use nanotechnology! But this later, we now need to take emergency measures.

Lead 2: Accept, this is not a question.

Men are called to the stage, the number depends on the number of people available – 2-5 people. Chairs are placed in the line. Here from the possibilities, if it does not work out, then the men simply sit down and they are given plates with 3-5 sausages, which they should eat for speed. If it does, then a construction is made, on which the sausages are suspended, but at different heights for each participant (in order to reach the top one, he will have to become a chair).

Presenter 1 (after the last sausage is docked): Did you see girls? Remember and never do that! You will absorb at a pace, not like 53, but you will type all 54 grams! Men knowingly developed the jaws, the one who quickly coped with his portion is awarded a prize.

If the number allows, then another party of men is called on the scene, if not, then there are those who chewed sausages.

The participants should cover up their clothes, it’s better if you use disposable polyethylene capes that are used in hairdressing salons during hair dyeing (you can get them in the same barber shop, they are inexpensive, I think they will go to the meeting and give up a few pieces). An even number of 4-6 participates. Half is sitting on the chair. And the second half is issued for strawberries. Fresh in March to buy expensive. Maybe someone has stocks of frozen berries or jam fit. The participants who were given strawberries are closed their eyes and they should touch the nourishing mask on the face of their sedentary partner. Then the participants change places. The one who most successfully put a mask is awarded.

Why increased chest

Leading 2: I repeat the girls. This mask should be applied regularly! After the master class does not follow the recommendations just a sin! I no longer know how else to make you work on yourself!

Lead 1: We will make the following measurements in a week, if the length of wrinkles does not return to normal, then we will deprive the guilty of premiums!

Presenter 2: Yes! And the weekend! At the weekend, under my strict guidance, you will clean up your workplace!

Leading 1: What will we do with the weight gain?

Lead 2: Correct the situation and immediately!

Again, you need a stronger gender, an even number of participants. There are any competitions for strength, at least pushups for speed. Anything but boys have to put up with physical exertion.

Lead 1: All! Girls, did you feel magical lightness? How much better to breathe without 53 grams?

Presenter 2 (referring to Presenter 1): Do you think it will not be tough if we conduct such emergency classes every morning and evening?

Host 1: What are they going to do at lunch? Flowers sniff? No concessions! Summer is coming!

At the Presenter 2 a message comes to the mobile phone, she reads it to herself. Lead 2: Hooray! Here is nanotechnology in cosmetology! Kisses instantly remove wrinkles!

Women are given gifts with obligatory kisses.

Lead 1: Girls! We are always beautiful and with extra 53 grams and kilos and wrinkles! We are the most charming and attractive!

Leading 2: And we do not need any nanotechnology, but only attention! With our holiday, girls!

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