Have you ever forgotten your first love

1. Me: Girl, tell me how to translate: I don’t no? D: I don’t know. I: Nobody knows, but only You confessed to it, such brave and delirium, nonsense …

2. I: Girl, tell me how it is translated: I want you D: I want you I: What, right here?

3. Me: Excuse me girls how to get there somewhere? D: blablabla I: Don’t you know there are such beautiful girls as you?

4. Me: Listen, I seem to have something dirty on my back, look (wearing a black shirt). D: Yes, like there is nothing: Me: I smeared black with something, look better (I turn around again). D: K ++ I: Well, at least shake it off for a look, or else we stand here turning (Dangles, she herself is satisfied) I: You have very gentle hands D: K +

5. Me: Hi. I really need to know the feminine opinion about one question, could you help me? D: Well, I don’t know (and what exactly ??) I: I’m wondering what the guy should tell you to get to know you in this situation? D: K ++

6. I: (looking at her) And what do you think I should say? (with challenge and complaint) D: I do not know !? Me: (already jokingly) So let’s skip the first part of our acquaintance, and let’s do more important. Well, for example, What is your name?

7. Me: Girl and you get to know beautiful guys on Mondays? D: Is it with you or something ?? (reply in the form of a message) That’s interesting is your continuation of the dialogue … Me: Of the two of us, the beautiful guy is just me … or Me: No, no, you decided that I will meet you, for God’s sake you don’t need to think so badly of me getting to know me closer – or some other nonsense or me: (with understanding) Aaaa, critical days, I understand, I understand (just to dump)

8. I: wait, wait! D: What is it? I: you are … well. (shorter terrible shortness of breath) D: that I am (usually scared). I: you forgot it there … D: what, that I forgot. I: to meet me … You know how offensive …

9. I: a girl, can I somehow get acquainted with you in an original way? D: Try me: can I start with a compliment? D: can I: kiss on the cheek: (Here you and K + … and access to the body is immediately open, etc.).

10. I: How should I better shave or with daily unshaven ?? D: Well, I don’t know, I didn’t see you shaved! Me: Well then, let me shave, so we’ll meet again! (you take out a pen, paper, and say, like dictate a number) Or I: I will ask too, but about my hair, then I promise to shave for a second date, and deceive! And she was indignant, and I’ll say: There are photos at home, let’s go watch!

11. I: Girls, can I meet you? D: Well, I don’t know … I: Okay, let’s go, have a cup of coffee and SEX ON LIFE (voice) D:. I: Yes, I joked, joked: (pause) About coffee:

12. Me: Girl and you get to know normal guys on Fridays? (today, just Tuesday) D: Yes, on Fridays, but today is Tuesday (rejoices at meeting with another TFN) I: Damn, again a beautiful girl knocked me out of space and time:

13. Me: And how long have you been doing this? D: What? I: Stealing: D: And what did I steal? I: My heart!

14. Me: Girl, do you play the violin? D: No: I: Me too. You see, we have a lot in common:

15. I: How much? (we brazenly inspect it from head to foot) D: What. I: What time is it? (innocent face)

16. Me: Stay (scared) D: What? I: In your eyes … D: What? I: Eyelashes so much …

17. Me: Girl, you have not lost your shoe? D:. (no / what?) I: Crystal: D: No: I: It’s a pity, but they look like Cinderella!

18. Me: Hi, are you ready to accept a sincere compliment from your heart? D: blablabla I: You are beautiful like a balcony!

19. Me: Did you not meet me in Sochi in 2000? D: No: I: Why do you think then that we have long been acquainted with you? Or I: Why then do you throw such conspicuous and passionate views on me? Or I: Why then did you stick to me without even looking? Probably want to give a phone?

20. I: Your mother needs a son-in-law. D: No: I: Well, what to do? Then let’s not sign for now, but let’s live:

21. Me: you are to blame – you and mopped up. D:. Me: In that you have such a fascinating look, which on a moderately plump single man in the prime of his life acts stronger than weapons of mass destruction:

22. I: (In cold weather) Frozen? D: Yeah I: You look like a snow queen even with frost on cilia: D: K + I: What do you call your name? Come see you I will feed the queen with ice cream so that you don’t melt

23. I: (with horror) Girl! do not try to go in that direction. D: Why? Me: So then we will cross each other!

24. Me: Sunny, today is my birthday. What will you give me? D: blablabla (there will be a bunch of excuses :) Me: Well, okay, don’t refuse at least a kiss. (Then introduce yourself)

25. I: the girl you have a string or string is not there? D: no, why? I: so right here to make friends with you:

26. Me: Girl, please tell me, what do virgins eat for breakfast? D: I have no idea. I: I thought so …

27. Me: Girl, are you Natasha – my contact? D: No (K +) I: Not Natasha? But in any case you need to contact you!

28. Me: Girls do you think (pause) What is missing from your 4 little eyes? D: What? Me: My cool two (AM on myself)

29. I: Hello. What did you do for sex? D:. (smile) Me: So I did not pass, I want to help. D: come on … Me: Ok, where are we going to do? D: Poshlyak (K-) and got ready to leave. I: I will reveal a terrible secret: Sex is Social-Economic Statistics.

30. Me: Hi! remember me? D: No I: Yes, okay, I just can not forget D:. Me: So we are not familiar yet. D: K + I: (Name)

31. I: Hi … Ready to get acquainted. D: No: I: Well, then you will have to meet the unprepared …

32. Me: Girl, you know, bought a t-shirt, and forgot to look at the size. Look at what, if not difficult: (until she starts to look and unknowingly kinesthetis) I: It seems to me that she is too defiantly tight (in fact it’s the most so) I: Damn it! And in your opinion, what is my size? D: I am this: You are now talking about what? (what did you mean by size now?) D: About the size of your T-shirt. You yourself asked him to call! Me: Oh, and I thought a sinful business: D: What did you think (Well, you and a pervert!)? (K–) I: I thought that you are flattering me, but it would be very nice to agree with your exaggeration anyway. NAME: and then blablabla.

33. I: Tell me what time it is? D: I drain: and free? D: no / little and TP (K-) I: are you in a hurry? D: yes or so t. I: come on, I will help you, I have a built-in turbo booster Or I: let’s hurry along

34. I: Hi: yes, me too! D:. I: I’m also afraid to meet on the street: And let’s be afraid together ?!

35. I: Remove your legs please: D:?! I: out of my head:

36. Me: Girl, and you are not interested in meeting a lonely pretty girl? D: No … I: And I’m interested!

37. Me: Girl, I want to ask you some questions, it will take a couple of minutes 1. Name 2 currencies – names 2. Name 2 any contraceptives – names 3. Name 2 rivers in Iceland – I don’t naturally call: you are always only about money and think about sex?

Have you ever forgotten your first love

38. I: A girl. You need a husband. D: no … I: Well, then I’m sure to you …

39. I: do you have heavy, sharp objects in your purse? D: no … I: then I – Name

40. I: Hi Masha / Tanya / Luda and

On the street (without options for her answer):

1. Girl, look at me there is no hook anywhere on the shirt? And then I follow you as a tied go – caught, probably 2. Girl, my friend and I argued: do you snore at night or not? Judge us! 3. Girl, do you want to guess what is under your swimsuit? 4. Girl, can I sleep on your lounger? Yes, you do not get up, do not get up. 5. Girls, escort us to the sanatorium, or the drunken chess players stick to us! 6. Girl, teach me to eat watermelon, huh? And then I do not know how. I eat up the crust – and already ate … 7. Can I invite you on a date? I really like you … It’s a pity … And your friend. Your friend is also a pity … 8. Girl, where is the sand you walked? I’ll run him a kiss. Do you want – for your sake this asphalt kiss! Any rubbish for your sake, even your girlfriend and your husband! 9. Life is hard and monotonous without rest. This conclusion was reached by scientists and leisure kayfologi, lezhebologi, buchologi, otopyryrschiki and babuvnomevedi. 10. Girl, half past nine we meet in a restaurant! I’ll buy you half past one! 11. Come, we are waiting for an unforgettable flora and sauna. 12. Girl, help squeeze the swimming trunks, please … 13. And let’s go watch TV in my room! On the last row … 14. Madam, do you have children? There is. So, then, this case is not alien to you? 15. Girl, I come from your girlish dreams. This is in Siberia, you do not know … 16. Girl, we could sunbathe on brotherhood and go to you … Where should I go. Thank you … Okay. Thanks to this house, let’s go to the friend … 17. A girl, and have you ever seen a man cry, who was refused by a girl. Well, look! Aaaa. 18. I sweep through the life of a woman like a two-ball lightning! 19. Girl, is it not you who lost your innocence? Over there dropped! 20. Girl, and the truth they say that silicone does not sink? 21. Let’s get it straight. Are you still boiling? Then we go to you! If not – to me. 22. Girl, do you like to watch night stars? Or do you have an active life position? Or maybe you like to inhale the aroma of fragrant herbs? How do you like better? 23. Good people! We are burned! In the morning on the beach! We arrived in Sochi to relax with the women, and then the heat is 30 degrees, everything is fair, here is a thermometer … We’ve left behind that woman … just now … 24. I came to the south – I immediately fell in love with you … Even on the train! 25. Girls! Do not pass by. Then the men are even worse! 26. Adjusting points: – Sorry, are males not interested? 27. Girl, watch out. (You can grab the elbow, as if holding: exclamation + kinesthetic = all the attention on you and a light trance, (?)) You almost lost the opportunity to meet a cool guy! 28. Girl, you dropped (caught attention), … or rather, almost lost the opportunity to get acquainted with the cool guy 29. Girl, is it difficult to get acquainted with you? 30. Girls do not tell me where you can buy tights with holes for hair? 31. And you can also as in advertising: The girl does not treat me with his cherry? 32. Girls, sorry that they didn’t take your phone numbers earlier, can we fix it and do it now 33. Where is the submarine rental service here? 34. This is the most. (look up from the top down) Hi. 35. And why so elegant? 36. Girl, what do you think, if we pass by now, we will not meet again sometime? 37. Do you have such big eyes to see me better? 38. Ha! What kind of people! We will be familiar! NAME! 39. Well, hello. I’ve been looking for you so much, where have you been all this time? 40. And what will you do tonight after we go to the movies? 41. And what are you doing: the rest of your life? 42. Borjomi and sausage, I already bought. So we can make a date right here and now.

43. If a Girl Reads: What do they write about me? 44. Be my beautiful lady, and I will be your knight. Who said that the knights are gone? Knock on my head. Hear? The sound is the same as that of the smelt gel. 45. You have a sexy ass. 46. ​​How many degrees are Fahrenheit. 47. Are you beautiful? 48. Sorry, but today is such a beautiful day and wonderful weather. Such a beautiful girl walking down the street

Have you ever forgotten your first love

126. Help me go left. 127. In my opinion, both you and me in this crowd are bored: 128. Touch my forehead. I think I have a fever. 129. True sunset looks very romantic? 130. And why did not you call me did not write? 131. Hi! Today we are lucky! 132. Didn’t you just pinch my ass? Not. Damn: Sorry! 133. How would you react to the offer to have a good time for two of you to have time near the water on a lawn with good champagne? 134. Tell me something sweet. 135. Imagine if I approached you like that! 136. You are one of those young people who like more? And to me: 137. Where would you go if you wanted to get acquainted with a decent young man? 138. My name is Slava and I have been instructed to say hello: from whom? From my heart! 139. I think our paths crossed not by chance. 140. You can walk with you and then all sorts of documents stick to me asking. 141. Can I take a photo from you (I will photograph you?). I want Santa Claus to make no mistake as a gift for the new year. 142. It is interesting how our children will look? 143. I thought I was gay until I met you. 144. Not much pressure on you? Do you know why? Because I hold them all. Now I know how the fish in the tin can feel: although if there were the same cute girls there, 145. I didn’t break anything for you? 146. (If with a tube) Is this a case for a vibrator? 147. That’s what I was looking for you! 148. Do you speak Russian? 149. Do you play drums? See how much we have in common! Let’s celebrate it. 150. Am I coming correctly? 151. Are you by any chance from the royal family? You have a royal walk! 152. You look so intelligent (with glasses) I don’t even know if I can interest you: 153. What do you think you can simulate me like a sex thing and it will get away with you? 154. It must be painful: to fall from heaven. 155. Do you think I want to meet you? You’re wrong! I also want to invite you on a date. 156. If God created something more beautiful, he left it for himself. 157. You know, I look at you and think how my future children will ask: And I will remember this wonderful moment when I saw you. 158. Sorry do you like me? 159. Sorry, do you want to sleep or apologize to me? 160. Seeming to us along the way: 161. Do you believe in sex? 162. Girls, I often confuse you! 163. And you only thought it was a figment of my imagination: you look so beautiful 164. Where is the restaurant car here? 165. (Use her glasses to comb your hair) 166. (play stutter): Actually, I want to meet you 167. I’m just an angel in washing and a halo on recharging. 168. And I did not know that you are so passionate (hereinafter referred to as the Cosmopolitan) I also see how passionate we are

243. You will not tell me? 244. I liked you so much that I have been following you for three stops. Do you mind if we sit down and get some rest? 245. You play drums. I, too! See how much we have in common, let’s get acquainted. 246. You remind me of my cousin. I also strongly want to fuck her, but I understand that this can not be done. 247. You resemble my deceased girl. 248. Are you not afraid that someone will meet you like this? 249. You have not seen by chance – here five minutes ago, my white horse did not run? 250. Do you mind if I hide from the scorching sun in the shadow of your slim figure? 251. You do not know how to spend my salary? 252. You could not wake me tomorrow morning with a call on a cell phone, otherwise I am afraid to oversleep. 253. You do not really rush? I so want to treat you to ice cream! 254. You are not mistaken – I am going straight to you. 255. You will not transfer me to the other side? 256. You will not tell – which year? 257. You do not tell me – why do airplanes fly, but do not flap their wings? 258. Can you tell me which way the cigarette is lit? 259. Can you tell me a recipe for cactus jam? 260. You do not invite me to a restaurant? 261. You understand, I have such problems … As soon as I see a girl, I immediately want to hug her, press her chest, kiss her body, and then make love to her all night. Just unbearably want. And I can’t do anything about it … Maybe you can offer me something? 262. You are just lovely! I can not pass by and do not make this compliment to you, and I simply don’t have enough time to get acquainted physically, as I am very late. Maybe you give me your phone number? I will call you and we will get to know each other. 263. Do you exchange your solitude and monotonous existence for romantic walks under the moon together and cheerful laughter? 264. Do you exchange my free time for your name and telephone number? 265. Will you exchange my boredom and loneliness for the naughty glitter of your eyes? 266. Are you by any chance an English queen? You just have a royal walk! 267. You look so smart with glasses that I don’t even know if I can interest you. 268. You smiled so beautifully that I forgot where I was going. 269. You are so sad … Can I take your sadness? I need it for experiments. 270. You are so beautiful, you need a bodyguard. I can shoot from two hands and get into a jar with 20 steps … From ten meters I get into the eye of a running cockroach … I can shoot down a helicopter with a stool if I competently throw … I catch a bullet on the fly … I have a black belt … according to chess. My name is Andrei, which means courageous … And what are we all about me and about me … Let’s talk about you. What is your name? 271. Do you think you can look at me as a sexual object, and you can get away with it? 272. Do you follow me ?! I’ve seen you a couple of hundred times, what do you want from me? You have already been dreaming to me at night for six months, but I do not know how to call you in a dream! Maybe you finally tell me your name? Then I can talk with you, even if in a dream! 273. You must be tired … All night long you ran after me in a dream. 274. You, probably, spent half your life on looking and attracting men … And so, I fell for it! 275. Call an ambulance! I just got shot by Cupid. 276. Marry me, or I’ll change my mind. 277. Voices from above told me to come over and talk with you. 278. The horoscope promised me an acquaintance with a sorceress. Obviously, it has already taken place. 279. Let’s not get acquainted, we will pass by each other and you will not know that my name is Ruslan, and I will not know what your name is. You will lose me, such a kind, cheerful, beautiful, and I will lose the uniquely divine you. And we will not be able to spend minutes, hours together, and the days spent together will seem to us only seconds. Do you agree? 280. Let’s play the scales! You sit on my face, and I guess your weight. 281. Let’s play an interesting game. I’ll tell you my name, you give me yours, and then we, holding the handles, will go to burst the ice cream in the nearest cafe. 282. Let’s argue with you for $ 100, that I will now invite you to spend the night, and you will refuse? 283. Girl, you are very beautiful, and beautiful girls need to be propagated. 284. Good afternoon, I have a completely non-traditional question for you. I am interested in how you would refuse a young man who would come to you and say: Let’s get to know each other? 285. It must be painful … to fall from heaven. 286. Friends call me Andrey, but you can call me tomorrow. 287. If God created something more beautiful than you, he left it for himself. 288. If the stars fell every time I think of you, the sky would be black, the night would be grim. 289. If you cut off your hands, you will become like the Venus de Milo. 290. If you think that I’m going to meet you, then you are mistaken – I also want to invite you on a date! 291. Is it really hot here, or is it so hot? 292. Here the area is mined. Come on, I’ll show you a workaround! 293. Hello! Tomorrow. Like what? Tomorrow we meet here at 8 pm. You do not want? OK, then tomorrow at eight elsewhere. Not this way? So, all the same here. That’s agreed! 294. Hello! I am doing a census, and decided to start with you. 295. Hello! I lost my way in life and am looking for a beautiful, intelligent, kind, like you, girl who will lead me out of this boring, dull world of loneliness. 296. You know, your hair is so harmonized in color with my pillow. 297. You know, I look at you and think how my future children will ask: Dad! Dad! How did you meet mom? And I will remember this wonderful moment when I saw you. 298. You know, spring has come – it’s time to multiply. Yes, and good for health. Come to me. 299. And what is the feeling of being the most beautiful girl in this city? 300. Let’s go on a date! 301. Go to your uncle, until I have soaped your ears. 302. Sorry, you may consider me crazy, but I am afraid that if I do not hear your voice, I will never forgive myself for this. You have touched all my thoughts and I am afraid that I cannot get rid of it. A dream will lose all meaning for me, for it will be replaced with great joy by you writing sonnets and poems to you. It will be very unfortunate if they are wasted, and you can not read them. Are you ready to sacrifice the life of a poor poet in love? 303. Sorry, you like me. Do not answer, my name is Roman. What is your name? Let me call you sometime. Do you have a phone? 304. Sorry, I forgot my phone number. Can you lend yours? 305. Unfortunately, now I do not have time to melt your cold look, but I can call you in the evening. 306. It seems we are on the way … 307. It seems today was a rainbow … My wishes come true. 308. How do you like it here? 309. In your opinion, what should an interesting young man have to say to a pretty girl when meeting on the street, so as not to get a refusal? 310. What is the best dish I cook? Breakfast in bed. 311. What is your shoe size? Well, that met! 312. Cool legs! What time do they open? 313. Cool shoes! Do you want to fuck? 314. When I see a girl like you, I thank the Lord for not being married. 315. When I look at you, my heart stops! Call for emergency cardiac care. 316. Touch her blouse and ask: Is it cotton? Then touch her in the crotch area and continue: Oh, and this must be felt. 317. Little Red Riding Hood, I’ll eat you! 318. Who can be late for such a beautiful girl? For example, I am already here! 319. Who is this? Why dont know? 320. Where would you go if you wanted to find yourself a new friend? 321. Where are you? I just decided to come to you, and you are already leaving. Hurry up? Let me spend you. By the way, my name is Misha, and you? 322. My name is Andrei, and I have been instructed to convey hello to you … From whom? From my heart. 323. My name is Andrey, but who are you? 324. I in life lack two things – hair and you. 325. I was told that kissing a smoking girl is like licking an ashtray. What can you say to this? 326. Is it still far to Chukotka? And I want to visit my grandmother. 327. I feel sorry for others. Your beauty makes them a gray mass. 328. I wonder how your content fits your forms. 329. It seems to me that our paths crossed not by chance. 330. It seems to me that we are relatives. Let me take a look at the family mole on the chest. 331. I like your hat. I like your watch. If you think well, I like everything about you. My name is Ivan. What name are you called, a brilliant example of natural perfection? 332. A gypsy woman told me that today I would meet a beautiful woman in a red dress. Does this description remind you of anyone? 333. I can swear it would not hurt for you to escort a knight who is homeless for the moment. For your happiness, I’m just here without a lady … for now. 334. Can I flirt with you? 335. Maybe we will go to me, we will close the curtains, we will undress, we will go to bed, we will hide ourselves with a blanket and see: what will come of it? 336. May I send you my regards? 337. Can I kiss you on the lips? I want to overcome the complex of disgust! 338. You can ask. What would you ask? 339. May I take your photo. I collect pokemon. 340. May I take a walk with you? And then they bother me all sorts, documents ask. 341. Can I take a picture of you near the statue? Then the picture will be more alive. 342. Can I take a photo from you? I want Santa Claus not to be mistaken as a gift for the New Year. 343. May I have your name? I want to introduce him with my last name. 344. May I hold on to you, otherwise my legs will drop from my beauty!

345. May I celebrate the New Year with you? 346. Milk and chocolate, yin and yang, black and white, day and night, you and me. 347. My love for you is like diarrhea – I cannot restrain it. 348. My dream is to kiss the angel … 349. My request may seem insane to you, but I just bought a lottery ticket and want you to kiss him and bring me luck. 350. I do not know who you are and what your name is, but I want

350. I do not know who you are and what your name is, but I want to see you again. 351. Do not answer the call. This is me. 352. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of chatting with a young man, to whom you are very cute, while I escort you to the place where you need to. 353. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of morning coffee in my company. 354. Are there Germans in the city? And the Russians? 355. Is it possible that such a beautiful girl like you has a gentleman today? 356. Nothing that I am to you with such a clever look? 357. Oh, God! I thought I was gay until I met you! 358. I promise that I will not breathe at night on the phone 359. Oh, and what cool perfumes do you have, and where to buy them? 360. A railing is, of course, good, but my courageous hand for support is much safer. 361. Let’s talk, or will we continue to wink? 362. Tell me, please, exactly where do you want to put your autograph – in this notebook or on this nice card? 363. Let’s go to the forest – the city will show. 364. Let’s go to the garden – I will show my big hard cucumbers. 365. Remember me? You and I met in your dreams. True, then I was in a helmet and on a white horse. 366. Help the homeless, take him to your home. 367. Help me buy a beer! I don’t know which one to choose? 368. Help me to go left! 369. In my opinion, both you and me in this crowd are bored. Maybe we should go somewhere? 370. Listen … I could come up with some excuse to get acquainted, but I do not want to fool your head. Can we do without formalities? 371. Stand still at least a moment. I draw you. 372. Touch my forehead. It seems to be my temperature. 373. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but it seems your name is Agrippa. 374. True! The sunset looks very romantic, right? 375. Hi! Why didn’t you call me, didn’t you write? After all, you know how sad it is to realize that nobody needs you. 376. Hi! And what are you doing here? Are you standing? Wonderful! Let’s stand together! 377. Hi! Let me call you Thekla, and you me – Mr. Wet Pants! 378. Hi! You know (you know, you feel, you see.) That today the Sun is shining (warm, streaming, rejoicing.) And there is pleasant (cool, fabulous.) Weather outside. We could walk, talk, eat ice cream (drink gin.) And have a lot of fun (cool, nice, nice.) Have a good time. It would not be forgotten. By the way, when I saw you last time, you were in an awesome dress (skirt, costume) that not inviting you on an easy walk would be a crime. And your your consent will be an acquittal of me, my dear boy! 379. Hi! How are you? 380. Hi! Today we are lucky … 381. Hello! I found out. I didn’t recognize you right away either. 382. Hello, sweetheart! My name is Tarzan. I’ve been collecting coconuts here, and suddenly I see – there is a lonely girl, whose name is … 383. Come – you read about Buratino to me. 384. Pass by it, then sharply turn around and ask: It was not you who just pinched my ass. Not. Heck! It’s a pity. 385. Excuse me, this is apparently fate. This is the second time we have come across in such a huge city … My name is Andrey. How would you react to the offer to spend the time together by the water on the lawn, with good champagne? 386. Sorry, you do not tell me … Your name and phone number. 387. Excuse me, miss, you have no fire. Actually, I do not smoke, but I should have somehow started to get to know you. 388. Excuse me, haven’t I fucked you before? 389. Excuse me, can I get into your evening schedule? 390. Sorry … I just want to say thank you. Have you ever had such a day when you felt alienated, indifferent? When you are not completely happy, and not … when you feel yourself floating with the flow. And suddenly you come across someone and see a surprisingly warm and beautiful smile that gives you a feeling of happiness, fairy tales, a sense of beauty for the whole day. You see, I did not want to distract you at all, but you look like you decorated my life with your appearance … 391. Glad to serve the dear young lady! Could I carry you out? 392. Allow me to offer you a hand and a heart. I am a surgeon, I have this stuff in bulk. 393. Allow me to take you home. At least with a look. 394. Is it possible to get acquainted with you, or is it like that – can you hang out for five minutes? 395. Is it difficult to meet you? 396. In the morning I was late for work, in the afternoon I was almost hit by a car, then I was bitten by an angry dog, shouted a bearded janitor, I fell into a sewer and lost my wallet with documents, but that’s not all – my pager burned from a thunderbolt, tamagotchi died from an overdose, and an hour ago an evil virus erased a book on my computer, which I have been working on for six months. And if you don’t give me your phone number so that I can call you and invite you for a cup of coffee, then I’ll probably go to drown in that puddle on the other side of the street. Remember, you have a chance to save a good man! 397. Tell me something sweet! 398. Tell me honestly, do these contact lenses go to me? 399. Please tell me what perfume you use – I will buy the same ones and perfume my cat so that it reminds me of you. 400. Tell me, is it not from your purse that your cake smells so tasty? 401. How much is your smile? I would buy one! 402. Save! I’m being pursued by an American spy who hunts for this note. Please take it and hide it well, but do not read it in any way! Tell me your phone number so that I can take it back when everything calms down a bit. (In the note, Smile, a hidden camera takes pictures of you!) 403. The fate of the Motherland depends only on your decision! Gather all the will into a fist and tell me, will you meet me or not? 404. I don’t have a couple of teeth here – but there’s more room for your tongue. 405. Can you play the bottle? Come together! 406. You are in my list of today’s affairs for the evening. 407. You know, after a long search, I still found a cafe where you and I can have a wonderful time. 408. Have you bought potatoes? So I thought! Well, then I buy potatoes. Today I am waiting for you to visit for dinner. Everything is already bought, only the potatoes remain. But it is nothing. I’ll cook everything. You what time you can come. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you my address! Write it down 409. Are you not gay? I, too! Then you can sleep. 410. You could not smile: It’s dark outside. 411. Will you kiss me or will I have to lie in my diary again? 412. You were a bad, very bad girl today. I will have to punish you … 413. You do not accidentally do the interiors? The room became beautiful as soon as you entered it. 414. You spend so much time in my thoughts that you will soon have to take a rent. 415. You are so beautiful that I forgot the phrase I wanted to approach you. 416. You are so cool that I am ready to drink water from the bathroom after you! 417. Do you want a beer or just give you money? 418. Thousands of the artist for a thousand years could not create such a beauty that could argue with yours. 419. You will not have a taxi token? 420. You will not have a can key? 421. You will not have a piece of paper and a pen. And can I write you my phone? I would not like to lose you. 422. Do you have aspirin? 423. Do you have strings to make our friendship right here? 424. You have a very pleasant voice! I would love to record it on a microchip and put it inside my alarm clock to wake up under it every morning. 425. Your right eye is lighter than the left – you have never met anything like this in your life! 426. You have the most beautiful place soiled. 427. I have amnesia – I have not approached you yet? 428. I have a party in my pants and you are invited. 429. I have a bridegroom for your dog. Or maybe for you. 430. I have an unusual question for you – what do you need to tell a girl to get a slap in the face. 431. I have a request to you: can I give you this flower? I would like to see you someday and give you a big bouquet of roses. Do you like roses? 432. My hands are busy. You will not zip me fly? 433. I have two holidays today! First – I saw such a wonderful, beautiful girl, who has such a warm and sincere look. And the second – I spoke to you. 434. I have something with eyes – I can not tear them away from you. 435. Do you have a boyfriend? Do you need a better guy? Answer the second question first. 436. Having seen you, I thought about the days that I will remember in my old age – when my children were born, when I got married and when I met you. 437. Phrase. You dance where there is no dance. 438. Want a pikaper. This is me, in fact, and what this word means – in two words you cannot say so. Come, sit down on the bench, I will explain … There is no time? Nothing, let’s phone, I’ll find you. 439. Do you want me to ride you with the breeze on the escalator? 440. Do you want to see your feet in the rearview mirror of my car? 441. What do you do at three in the morning? 442. What do you look at me as if your parents left for your dacha? 443. What does such a beautiful girl do on this escalator / elevator? 444. What is it that you lash like a sad turtle, can you help me? 445. It was difficult, but still I decided to walk up to you and speak with my tongue. 446. This is incredible! All 27 of my personalities found you surprisingly attractive! 447. This dress looks great on you. Well, actually, I would have looked no worse in his place. 448. Oh, good Masha! Yes, not ours. 449. I’m a well-deserved brake, I don’t know how to glue girls, but I just couldn’t get past you, so I hope that you will spend a miserable three minutes to communicate with me. Can I take you, well, at least a little? 450. I am a seller of happiness. Do you want to sell you at cost? 451. I run for president in 2024. Your voice matters to me. And I need your number to tell you … 452. I will sleep with you, with you and with you! Who is first? 453. I am in the city for the first time. Can you show where you live? 454. I am ready to put everything I have at your feet. Give me your address, and tomorrow I will bring my things to you. 455. I think about you twice a day – when my eyes are open and when they are closed. 456. I think about you when I masturbate. 457. I think we are thinking the same thing. 458. I noticed that you noticed me, and I would like to notice that I noticed you too. 459. I go to bed – are you with me? 460. I’m going to pour – will you join? 461. I am an intelligent young man, 25/180/79, Libra, Rabbit, I enjoy classical music and yoga, I want to get to know you for a pleasant time together on your territory, the phone will speed up the meeting. 462. I am going to the dentist, but I don’t have enough courage. Inspire me, please become my muse. 463. I collect inscriptions on T-shirts. Let me read it on yours. 464. I am not drunk, I am intoxicated with you. 465. I am blinded by the light of your beauty 466. I am writing a book on how to meet girls, and I would like to ask you some questions. 467. I understand that the street is not the best place to meet, but I will never forgive myself if I at least try to meet you. Maybe you will understand such a good, albeit shy young man and not immediately send an erotic journey on foot … 468. Am I going right? 469. Today I can not fall asleep if I do not recognize your name and telephone. 470. I have a modest appeal to you. For humble me, do you have a minute? 471. I am too busy earning millions of dollars, but there is a couple of minutes to meet. 472. I heard that with whom you are led, from that you will gather. I liked you so much that I decided to get you. 473. I with my friend argued about whether I can find out your name and phone. Help me win, please. 474. I almost quarreled with my friend because of you. He says that you are beautiful, but I disagree with him and say that you are very beautiful. Which of us is wrong? 475. I collect signatures of the most beautiful girls. Do not refuse to put your? 476. I hid my tear in the ocean for you. And I will love you until you find her. 477. I checked my schedule here – I can make you pregnant for Christmas. 478. I am already here. So you have only two wishes left. 479. I would like to be your tear. To be born in your eyes, to stream down your cheek and die on your lips. 480. I want to be a New Year tree in your home. 481. I want to be a snowflake that melts in your divine hair 482. I want to invite you for a cup of coffee (for ice cream, kebab, corn sticks) with serious intentions! 483. Such a beautiful girl should have a beautiful number! 484. Here you will leave now and, probably, you will no longer recall our meeting. And Mr. Chance, who suddenly made a miracle and brought us together in a multimillion city in the early spring, will take offense at me and will no longer give a chance to see such a pretty and pleasant girl … And I don’t even know your name and contact phone number. 485. Yes, I’ll come to you while I jump the rope! 486. Let’s not swear – in Russian so doha pussy words. 487. Let’s say goodbye as they do in France. 488. If someone hurts me with my behavior, then I immediately get mad – throwing myself with sticks, bricks, I can break my arm. The circle of friends is small. 489. You know, honey, it’s better to let an angry dog ​​fuck you than a sun like me. 490. What do you think, if I ask for your phone number now, will it ruin everything? 491. Besides you, I have not seen anything interesting on this planet lately. 492. My name is Andrew, but you can call me darling. 493. I have two higher educations: a fence-building and a water-melon foundry. 494. I would have a face like a toad, I would have dreamed you, baby. 495. I have no time to care. You are attractive, I am damn attractive, why waste time? 496. Oh, how pretty you are, so would you and hugged. 497. Do you understand, sex is not the main thing, but it is one of the main reasons that I’m here with you … 498. Imagine how we can have a nice chat with you on the phone? Imagine how you sit in your 499. Girl, save! I’m being pursued by an American spy who hunts for this note. Please take it and hide it well, but do not read it in any way! Tell me your phone number so that I can take it back when everything calms down a bit. (in the note: Smile, you have a hidden camera taking pictures!) 500. Hi. Remember me? You and I met in your dreams. True, then I was in a helmet and on a white horse: 501. Girl, tell me at least you, where is the registry office in this damn city? Thank you, come on? How to where, in the registrar! 502. Girl, what fairy tale are you from? 503. Girl, make a wish! And I know you guessed it. So that I treat you to ice cream: 504. (for verbiage, to talk fast ..) Girl, I was late for work in the morning, I was almost hit by a car in the afternoon, then I was bitten by an angry dog, shouted a bearded janitor, I fell into the sewer and I lost my wallet there with documents, but AND THIS IS NOT ALL, my parrot, my favorite parrot died of rabies, and an hour ago, the nasty virus erased the book on which I had been working for six months. And if you don’t give me your phone number so that I can call you and invite you for a cup of coffee, then I’ll probably go to drown out in that puddle on the other side of the street. Remember, you have a chance to save a good man! 505. Girl, call an ambulance! I have just been shot by Cupid. 506. Girl, let’s play an interesting game. I will tell you my name, you give me yours, and then we will go to the hands of the cafeteria to go and burst the ice cream in the nearest cafe. 507. Girl, wake me up, please, in the morning, otherwise I get up early tomorrow.

508. Girl, the best thing you can do at this time and in this place is to agree to have dinner with me tonight. 509. Girls, and you who are more cute, Winnie the Pooh or Piglet? Why exactly? 510. (at the bus stop) Sunny, will we stand here with you, or will we go and drink some juice? 511. Girl, I had a hamster, who, before his death, bequeathed us to meet you … I can not fulfill the last request of the deceased. 512. Girl, tell me honestly, do these contact lenses go to me? 513. Girl, do you like children? Let’s build one. 514. Girl, do I look like a maniac? The previous girl said so. 515. Girl, you know, you are persecuted! (I’m already half an hour) 516. (handing over a piece of paper) Sorry, read, please, otherwise I do not see it well. On a piece of paper I really liked you and I suggest we get to know you. My name is Oleg:. 517. (limping) Girl, I broke my leg. Please take me to the house. 518. (possible with flowers. Approach the waiting girl) Hi. Sorry I was a little late … well, let’s go? 519. (hold a dime in hand) They say that if you clench five kopecks in your fist and get to meet a pretty girl, you should be lucky. Let’s check? (show the coin) 520. You know, everyone calls me who is Petka, who is Peter Vasilich. Call me even Petya! 521. Girl, may I look at you again with admiration? 522. (picking up on the go) CAUTION. Do not step on the ladybird! 523. Girl, I very much ask you, knock out from me this damned crap that prevents me from coming to you and meeting you! 524. Nothing, that I am to you with such a clever look? 525. Girl, aren’t you ashamed? Now you will pass by now, and then because of this I will not sleep all night. 526. Girl, but in borsch it is necessary to throw a carrot? 527. Know what I was thinking right now? After all, when I was little, you were also small. You and I were so funny: 528. Girl, I’m on the ad. Do you give free phone numbers? 529. (thoughtfully) It’s getting dark: doesn’t it disturb you? 530. (to a girl walking with a very small handbag) Uh, tell me, is it not from your handbag that you smell so delicious cakes? 531. Girl, I have a large inheritance. And if we get married, it’s yours. But first let’s get acquainted. 532. Uh, where are you going without me? 533. Girl, and I know you! Only I forgot the name and the phone number: 534. Girl, can you imagine, I was both kicked out of the house! Hope only on you – shelter, or something: 535. Girl, you are almost as pretty as I am! 536. Girl, do not want to spoil your gorgeous figure with a portion of ice cream? 537. Hi! You also do not know what to say to the guy when they met?

On the street (she removes):

1. Me: Hi! Can I not get to know you? D: You can (thoughts: Yes, as if someone makes him, you might think that I approached … yes, there would be something to approach! He thinks too much about himself, some idiot!) Me: Great) I’m not Sanya. And you? D: And I think I’ll leave, it was nice not to meet you! )) 2. I: blablabla D: Are you too small to meet me? I: And you? D: What … from me? Me: Not too small so that I get to know you ?? 3. I: blablabla D: (hit) I: Girl and when is your birthday? D: blablabla / and you what’s the difference? / says / sends and tp I: Yes, I just wanted to give you glasses or lenses, then you would at least see the beautiful guys! :)

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