Health and Wellness Trends 2019

The original greeting in your own words in the team will always be appreciated by your employees and will add you a rating in their eyes.

Health and Wellness Trends 2019

And the New Year is a great excuse to shine with polished greeting text that can easily replace table toast.

Beautiful words of congratulations on the New Year will raise the mood at the corporate party to dear colleagues and will then be remembered with special warmth.

Variants of New Year’s greetings in prose are also good in that you can remember only the basic meaning, adding it with an impromptu.

Happy New Year, colleague! I wish you a falcon to fly up the corporate ladder, to stay at the very top, like an equilibrist, and not to bother with sweat like a peacock! May your work bring you fame and a lot of money, and benefit the people around you.

Dear colleagues, I sincerely congratulate everyone on the New Year. I want to wish a happy and kind, successful and bright year. May everyone in him be healthy and love, may great victories and gallant achievements await us.

My dear, close and dear people – colleagues! May this New Year each of you fulfill your cherished dream and achieve your desired goals. Love you – strong and gentle, friendship – strong and true. Salaries – big, health – indestructible. Hooray!

Let the old year be remembered with a smile, and the new one will bring many pleasant moments. Let the difficulties are rare, and life goes well and easily. May the work in the new year be a joy, and our team will unite even more. Happy New Year!

Colleague, Happy New Year! I wish you great pleasure in your work, a huge financial reward, unheard of words of gratitude and praise from the authorities.

Happy New Year, dear and dear colleagues. I wish each of you great success and income, great happiness and goodness, sincere love and joy, bright luck and hope, cheerful mood and well-being.

Dear Colleagues! Happy New Year! I wish you all a happy, bright and gorgeous year. Let the thirst for new accomplishments fill us all, and the energy of creation makes us move mountains!

Dear colleagues, I heartily congratulate everyone on the New Year. I wish everyone to wish true prosperity and stable activity, successful achievements and significant victories, family welfare and harmony in the house, great respect and incredibly good health.

The new year is approaching and irrevocably. Therefore, dear colleagues, friends, I wish you to postpone the bustle, hassle and focus on your desires, because all of them will surely come true! New bright victories to all of us in the old reliable team.

Double the energy of building a career in the coming year. With pleasure to go to work every morning and return home with a feeling of a good day. Families — health, salary — growth, goals — understandable, goals — achievable. Happy New Year, colleagues!

Dear and dear colleagues! Happy New Year! May it be even more fruitful and joyful than the outgoing year. May all our plans be accomplished, and every day be successful both in the family and in the work. Good luck, peace and kindness!

Happy new year, colleagues! I wish you productive work, easy transactions, high wages and just great success in everything, no matter what you undertake. Let the new year give a lot of creative ideas and open up a lot of new horizons!

Colleague! I wish you executable plans in the new year, easy tasks, decent wages and pleasant leisure time. Let the authorities always be in a good mood, and the microclimate in the team – friendly and harmonious!

Happy New Year, dear and dear colleagues. I wish you all a wonderful mood and vigor of the body, unwavering success in business and great successes, great ideas and bright prospects, personal happiness and significant victories in life.

Happy New Year, colleagues! Let our dear boss this year do not skimp on premiums and decent wages, and rest in resorts and sanatoriums, at the expense of your beloved enterprise, will become commonplace.

Dear and dear my colleagues, I congratulate you on the New Year and wish from the bottom of my heart I want creative ideas and hard work, wonderful prospects and great plans, tremendous opportunities and brave enthusiasm, high prosperity and undoubted happiness.

Colleagues, Happy New Year! Let all your desires be fulfilled and the most fantastic and daring projects in your life be carried out. And so that all this can be easily accomplished, I wish you home warmth, family comfort, joyful children’s chirping, kind parental farewell, true friends and love for life!

Happy New Year! Let the New Year bring with you more Friday mood and less worries on Monday, and let Saturday music always be in your heart. May the atmosphere of a fantastic holiday extravaganza, positive and brilliant mood surround you!

Health and Wellness Trends 2019

We worked with you all year round, but did not have time to bother each other, so after the weekend I will see you again with joy! Happy New Year, colleague, good health, prosperity!

Happy New Year! I want to wish for a vigorous morning, interesting and promising work, tasty coffee, bright everyday life, high wages, stable holidays, and most importantly, a good mood and inspiring goals in the New Year.

To you, colleague, friend and ally, I wish you peace of mind, creative light, more happy family holidays and successful working days, financial well-being, satisfaction from working in a team of friends.

Colleagues, I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year! I want to wish you in the new year to achieve all the planned goals, to fulfill all our plans, to fulfill all your dreams, so that your career would be as good and profitable as possible for you.

Let the salary increase significantly this year in order not to have time to spend it. Let the worker’s schedule become comfortable and convenient, and workdays bring happy moments.

Happy New Year, my dear colleagues! And I wish, always a stable income, large premiums, long paid vacations. So that work is always a joy, so that there is mutual understanding at work and that the boss is a bit kinder!

Let this New Year be as fun as our New Year corporate party. Let it be the same bright, colorful, slightly intoxicated. And let it also unites us into one big friendly family. Happy New Year to you, my brothers and sisters in the workshop!

Happy New Year! I wish to receive gifts under the Christmas tree: a magic wand that will fulfill all desires; reward for fruitful work, diligence; a placer of diamonds from friends, love, luck, confidence, family, victories.

I had the honor to work with you, dear colleague, and a great joy – to wish you a Happy New Year. Let this holiday envelop you with its magic and give faith in your strength, hope in constant success and love – great, bright.

Dear office neighbors, friends and girlfriends for working joys and troubles! Happy New Year! In the coming year, I wish us less to grieve each other, to become an even more friendly team and to meet the next New Year with the same composition!

May this year bring everyone up the career ladder and just a huge pay rise. Let there be even more inspiration, zeal for work, for the fulfillment of the set plans and tasks.

Happy New Year to you, fellow workers! I wish our brotherhood to grow stronger from year to year, and we could call our colleagues our second family! I wish that after the attack of workaholism it is time for us to rest, shake it up and fully revel!

Dear colleagues! I wish our team to keep their lineup in the New Year. Even if the workers and personal plans are fulfilled even earlier than the deadlines, our joint work is generously rewarded. I personally wish everybody one hundred percent health and a great attitude for great accomplishments for the good of the team!

Happy holiday, colleague! In the New Year I wish to increase the salary, new success, career growth! Let everything work out easily and let them work in pleasure!

Under the chiming clock, in the New Year, I wish my colleagues to live the whole year richly, healthily, without sorrows and sorrows, smiling cheerfully, kissing with love, not needing anything, and holding hands firmly with true friends!

I wish you, my dear colleague, that in the new year the career ladder will become an escalator for you, which only moves upwards. To make a minimum of effort, you get the maximum opportunity and results. Happy New Year to you, with new successes!

The strongest health, good vacation, career growth, constant significant bonuses, easy working days, fulfilling the dream will bring you, colleagues, this chic New Year!

Dear Colleagues! May our plans be fulfilled in the New Year like in a fairy tale by magic, may the growth of wages conquer financial Everest, and our friendly team will be repeatedly marked by management in the bonus fund.

I wish, my dear and valuable colleagues, that this year our working successes would grow with incredible strength, the authorities would not get tired of the daily praises and awards. May our friendship and cohesion become an assistant at work and in everyday life.

Employees, entering the New Year, I want to admit that such a great team is the ultimate dream of anyone. May our joint activity be marked by global success! I wish you all good health, as well as creativity and, of course, family well-being. Let the plans come true, and the deals are easy and quick.

Happy New Year, tireless workers and reliable friends! Let the unfulfilled plans and adversities be left behind, and the New Year’s expectations must be fulfilled! Powerful life energy and opportunities for you to solve any problem!

Dear Colleagues! So the New Year has come – a year of new achievements and hopes, new ideas and accomplishments. Let him not be stingy for all of us on good working days, happy holidays, warm friendly communication, competent decisions and big incomes.

Glorious hard workers, beloved colleagues, Happy New Year! Let us work without difficulties, together and successfully. Let them live happily, healthy and happy, let them always love us at home and wait.

Dear colleagues, may Santa Claus visit your workplaces today and leave for everyone inspiration and patience to work in the new year. But let him visit your homes, leaving well-being for your families under the Christmas trees. That this year you all have time both at work and at home.

My indispensable colleagues, Happy New Year to you! Let’s let go of the year flying away from us and concentrate on the performance of the most important. I wish you creative ups and growing incomes, good luck and smiles!

May the authorities be more cheerful and condescending this year, forgive us our tardiness and small mistakes. Let it grow three times the salary and pleasure from work.

Let the new year bring with you a bag of happy snowflakes and attach one for each day of your calendar, colleagues, so that all things succeed, and the income multiply.

Dear colleagues in the office, let our glorious team thrive and grow quantitatively, as well as in terms of payment! In the New Year, I wish all colleagues such a passionate desire to work so that the time spent outside the office lasts endlessly, and the working days fly by like a single moment! May your career grow with you!

New Year is a rare and long-awaited guest. But very optimistic, perky, encouraging. After his arrival there are always cool days – with a lot of days off. Let them "rule" in your destiny as long as possible! I wish that the winter holidays bring you merry mess, perky laughter and hope. To the new, coming year was monetary, rich, generous. Well-being to you, colleagues, good luck, prosperity and excellent mood.

Today everyone is waiting for amazing miracles, special events, let your expectations, my dear colleague, be fully justified, and all your plans will come true! Happy New year to you!

Dear Colleagues! Please accept my most sincere and warm congratulations on the coming New Year! I wish that in the new year your lightest dreams come true, that you live in joy, prosperity and love. Well-being, well-being and prosperity to your families, pleasant holidays and bright mood. And may Santa Claus pamper you with welcome gifts, new successes and achievements!

Colleagues, I wish that in the new year your wallets would get fat in front of you, leave trouble without returning from you, carry out the most ambitious projects, and that your bright minds visit only useful ideas. And along with the successes at work, let the successes in your personal life grow.

Let the New Year bring good luck and success in all your endeavors, and next year awards and bonuses are more often waiting, work is proceeding according to the planned schedule, without disruption and rush work, and the weekend will be filled with communication with the most expensive and close people.

May this year be rich in brilliant ideas and brilliant plans, full of new goals. Let everything be easy and simple, and encouragement does not take long to wait.

Colleague, you are so passionate about work that you do not notice the approach of the New Year. Take a break from everyday worries and think about tasty tangerines, sparklers and bubbles of champagne. Of course, new victories, professional growth and a “beautiful” salary are waiting for you, but it will be later. In the meantime, rejoice at the upcoming fun and relaxation!

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