Healthy jealousy in a relationship?

You do not go to bed with me, You go to the cinema, you read aloud. You don’t come to me at five, grow a flower, cook soup. And how can I now not blame you for all this? Go into the darkness, loving you, And know that you are not for me?

You will go home again, I will look after, As your tempting silhouette melts into the night. Your husband is waiting for you there, Tea is boiling on the stove … That is how unity of souls is torn by chance …

How I lopuhnulsya, What fell in love with the wrong, On the move turned On your beauty. I will write to you, As I carry bouquets, I will tell you how I love, I am someone else’s wife.

You call that busy again, That at home husband, and busy weekend. Then you will go with him for a walk, Oh, how lucky he is with his wife! And only on Thursday, for a long short hour, Soak up in a cafe where I have been sitting for a long time. How complicated everything is, confused with us, I love you, someone else’s, anyway!

Through the street is your house, I will pass under the windows, And live with my family in it. Coloring wife of the quick man, How I like her! I’m stuck, you fool!

Healthy jealousy in a relationship?Call and tell us that we will meet, That you will come to me without fail, You swear, and even you are baptized, What are such a fucking circumstances. And then run, hurrying, On the move, undressing, hug, You’re so beautiful in bed! It’s a pity that you resist so much divorce …

I’m standing at the bus stop, I’m waiting for someone else’s wife. It is embarrassing to call her, Suddenly I will hear more than one. And she is fooling her husband, My heart has ripped out my heart! He will kiss, cast a spell – Alone have fun together!

Healthy jealousy in a relationship?

I will sneak a kiss to you, so that no one will guess, I will treat you with a chocolate bar and give you a coat, like everyone else. And then your husband meets you, Like the most faithful of all wives, And with all you hugs. I’m amazed with jealousy …

I love you, and I know that a fool, After all, you have long been married to another. That’s right, all right, yes, that’s it! I can handle your attraction! But if you just take a quick look And smile at me a little warmer – I’ll give up everything, run back to you, To you, that to me are all kin to me!

My angel, you will leave again now, After all, the husband is at home, and you will be with him till the morning You will fall asleep in the arms of the autumn rain, And all the problems have sunk yesterday. And I sit and clean the orange, And maybe I will get drunk with despair. I am again, as in the desert, I am alone, And in the morning I wake up again without you …

How desperately we kissed at your entrance yesterday! How to forgive and how to say goodbye From midnight until the morning! And today your husband has arrived, You are not going anywhere now. Though you consider him a hindrance – You still tell him a lie.

Healthy jealousy in a relationship?

These little legs In high heels So hurried along the path … And now you’re on your hands! No, then you go to your husband, And now you’re just mine! I will break my hairstyle, The blast of happiness is not melting!

How sweet you are! And it is a pity that someone else, As if I steal from someone! But you, sinking in my arms, You lie, naked, at night, without everything! And he, your husband, still did not understand, How much he, miserable, lost! And I, filling our night with love, You stole a piece from him!

My beloved, do not stay With the unloved, that is called husband! Fight, pray and remember: do not give up! I am desperately afraid for you! And if you stay with him again, And I can’t wait for you at the door – Then I will say: “Goodbye and be healthy! Because I love … And I’m not angry at all! ”

I kiss someone else’s wife, As on the last day in the world, This sweet doe is young, This irresistible shadow! Zalaska, let it be sweet This sinner only with me! Let him compare what, how much, and furtively Will my wife!

Not my you, my darling, In my heart this treasuredly stored, Unfriendly, unfinished, Feed your husband with silly tales … How could I not want to let go! After all, you leave, and then you don’t come back! I love you – that says it all, Everything is so confused and tied …

You are a stranger, but still mine, Although it would be for this hour! Love the same, moans not thawing, Without closing your eyes! Kiss that lips like a grenade, Whisper words of love! Go and go back, Don’t tear love, don’t tear it!

I became like crazy I completely forgot about my family Every day I buy bouquets And rush to meet the fate. I didn’t feel caress for so long And didn’t hear the fervent feminine laughter Only sad tired eyes Rough voice and not tasty lunch! And that girl is not at all like that. She is well-groomed and bakes deliciously. She has slender legs and lips .. How sweet she sings with them. Wicked envy envy her husband He got an angel from heaven And my bitch, down and out of bitch! How do you wear such a light ’We spend the weekend with a cute girl like a fairy tale! Well, it is worth going home, hysterical Dirty rags, how tired I am of this patient! I left, I definitely

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