Healthy Relations Tips

TV presenter defended Xenia.

Healthy Relations Tips

Olga Maslova · February 5, 2019

February 1 marks five years since the wedding of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan. Whether spouses and following anniversaries will only note here, now the big question.

The famous TV presenter was suspected of treason with the director Konstantin Bogomolov. Here they sit shoulder to shoulder at the premiere of the film, that they are already seen in the cafe. But it was all at the level of rumors, until Maxim’s reaction followed. The video got on the Internet, as Vitorgan pounced on Bogomolov with his fists, seeing him in the company of his wife.

Was there cheating? None of the participants in the love triangle directly answers the question. However, the other day in the show "Exclusive" on Channel One Sobchak admitted that in her life now is really a difficult period. Moreover, the TV presenter admitted that she no longer has strong feelings for her spouse.

“When people truly love each other, no fatal rupturer or a ruler can come and break something. It’s impossible. This happens only in cheap comedies. In reality, everything is different: you lose a person, stop loving him. It also happens sometimes. And then this vacuum is filled, "- said Ksenia.

It seems that Konstantin Bogomolov became the man who filled the same vacuum. At the same time, Ksenia stressed that Maxim would always remain a close friend for her, because he is the father of her child, the son of Plato.

Meanwhile, TV presenter Vladimir Pozner decided to discuss the betrayal of Sobchak.

“Sobchak in some program expressed that if a man walks, he is called ‘macho’, and if a woman walks, then she is called … well, in general, probably, you guessed it. Sobchak says it is wrong. And I totally agree with her. Why does society forgive a man that does not forgive a woman? And even admires him, and condemns her. I think religion played a role in this. Here is the commandment "Do not desire your neighbor’s wife" – this exists, but the commandment "Do not desire your neighbor’s husband" – for some reason this does not exist.

Posner, reminding subscribers of his biology degree, stressed that from a scientific point of view, all people are polygamous and not monogamous. Both men and women. I must say, this is confirmed by the personal life of Vladimir Pozner himself, who was married three times.

However, not all agreed with the arguments of the presenter. The actress Alla Dovlatova entered into the dispute.

“I can say from my own example that by loving a person, protecting your family world with him, you cease to be an organism, and you become a mind. Mind can withstand any desire. A healthy mind is guided by common sense.

Of course, it works when the physiology is healthy. When you are satisfied with your monogamy. If your body is not satisfied, then the problem is not in the mind and polygamousness has nothing to do with it. So you managed to fit into a relationship that smack your body.

Healthy Relations Tips

If the partner does not suit you in an intimate sense, why build a life with him, have children? Find your partner. No need to hurt anyone. Such mistakes happen in young and inexperienced people. But after thirty such mistakes are strange for me. ”

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