How do you know if this is love


Poems for sister from brother

You are my sister, glorious, dear, If someone offends you, tell me, I ask, For you, sister, I know for sure, I will destroy each offender in the trash.

Well, if all the same thunder breaks out once, Above you, sister, do not be afraid, Call soon, it will be easier soon, Rain will pass, and flowers will bloom more brightly.

I wish you, my sister, only wish I remain such a young clever girl, I wish you so much happiness in your life, That at every step you take it with your hand!

Poems for sister from sister

My dear sister, Do you remember the time, When we steamed a couple We only kept a hundred secrets?

Shared, sister, we are always With you to all intimate, We were not afraid of the drama, And in the cake was a sweet cream.

Today I will not be silent, We will be with you, sister, Whatever heart wound in life We did not bring life.

We will be with you together In life go forward, Sister, I am honored by honor I will say: luck awaits us.

And let the blizzard sweep, Like in childhood, we again and again All thoughts with you will understand each other without special words.

Poem sibling

Neither girlfriends nor friends A lot so to say can not be, As the sister of his own dearest And the coolest one.

After all, my sister will always understand, Sadness will recede and pass. And on the two of us, we share the feelings with our own.

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*** A sister is a close, dear person, Trusted secret, special secret. Sister is help always and everywhere, Sister, like a dewdrop, in crystal water.

Do you remember, sis, as a child together We seemed to us fabulous light our house? How did we believe together in princes, princesses, In a dense, with beautiful fairies, forest?

Do you remember, sister, how you burned away, Star of our childhood? How could we spend hours chatting with you all the time, Guessing on a daisy: dislikes or waits?

Sister, do you remember how you were with you, We are always in our childhood as a mountain? How did you compete for mom’s love, And daddies attention, praise again and again?

Thank you, little sister, for the fact that you are, For the fact that you can not neglect me, For the fact that always, wherever I am, I know my sister is waiting for me. The author: Anna Grishko

*** Once I woke up early Opening my eyes from under the couch I took out my mobile phone And, as usual, infantile, I dialed the usual number And I understand very clearly What the operator is saying, Like, that number does not exist. I’m in a panic, looking in the menu – I do not find my sister! But the contact is recorded -BRAT I do not understand the alignment … Where did it come from, where is my sister. And here it is distinct and ringing. In my ear my husband almost shouts: Wake up, your sister calls you! What a terrible dream that was And how he helped me understand, What I value you with. I will only tell you About joy and sorrow, And all that you and I dreamed about We being still girls – Let it come true, my little sister! The author: Rastyapina Tatiana

*** My little sister, you baby yet. You know very little about life. Serene childhood of yours

How do you know if this is love

You do not know yet what offenses, Without which it is impossible, unfortunately … For you, the world is beautiful and open Without worries, without worries and doubts!

Let your long childhood Be in no hurry in the distance to rush away. Let the evil word of no one Make you upset!

*** Who is a sister? Girlfriend, Very close and dear. We have no secrets from each other, Each other we all know with you.

I’m comforting you, sister, If you accidentally get the “troika”. You whisper to me that everything is fine (again about my freckles).

I will tell you that I fell in love – You will breathe very gently and sadly. Give advice that I was not mistaken, To vulgarity, without madness …

I’ll keep my fists tight, When you go to the exam. A flowering branch will sway after … I know for sure: you will cope with the task!

How do you know if this is love

Dear sister! I calmly, When silently you step next. I feel warm and not sad with you Under the rain and any snowfall!

I want you to be friends for many years! Evil downpours and bad weather Would not rush between us! Elena Vesnova for http: //

Smile sister Sad look beautiful eyes, There are so much bitterness and pain, When they bright light faded? By whose cruel, imperious will?

And I dream of a friend, My dear sister, That joy will meet with the rain And in her a smile will shine.

And you will reach into the dawn, That heart, the soul warms, Native smiles a clear light You, beloved, caress.

You, as if, are reborn again, Drowning in happy laughter, And not sadness, only love In your smile, flourishes. Author: Natalia Bauch

Sister What a pity that many years ago Our roads scattered, And in the world of tears, losses, awards We ourselves fell, fighting.

Until the pain of close hearts Otstukuvali time, And two destinies with the soul of the father Carried, bending, the burden of life.

But something good inside Tosca increasingly often responded, Flows of affection and love, To you, my sister, rose.

To be just the joy of one, One of hope and victory, To be not alone, but the family, To be not a question, but the answer. Author: Natalia Bauch

*** Beautiful and tender, Responsive you, And in the World there is no more beautiful, Wonderful sister.

Good soul rich, Not fast for evil, You are pleasant to people, With you and in the rain light.

Always you smile, Do not cry over fate, And I will tell everyone sincerely, That I am proud of you.

My little sister is the best, Trusting you, Your open soul – Beautiful beauty.

I wish you good, Only bright in fate, Sis precious, You are the joy of life to me.

*** I have a sister – A real treasure, It warms my soul, Her bright eyes.

From her smile, The burning ice is melting, And her little hand, Happiness brings me.

I am already 16, She is only 5, How is such a fairy, I do not indulge?

Growing up baby, Will begin to flourish – Beauty maiden, All around embarrass.

I will be proud, She surely, After all, such a rose, What to go crazy!

Flaxen hair, Blue eyes, My dear kitten, I love you!

*** I’m happy sister, We are friends with her, Everything is fine with us, Friendly family!

How do you know if this is love

Mom and Dad know – Do not spill water, Since childhood, we are with her, It has always been like this.

I will hurt her, I will not give it to Anyone, I will give my life for my sister.

I will ask God, She has happy years, After all, there is no other alike, In this World there is not.

She is my dear, I love her, I just adore, I am my sister.

*** Do not be sad little sister, That I did not come, For you a minute, For the day did not find.

We became adults, Two of us have a family, Somehow we are twisted, We are with you.

I’ll dial the number, And I’ll tell you: Honey, dear, I love you!

You understand everything, Life is not so simple, But we are with you, Nearby always.

Mentally I wish you good, be happy only, take care of yourself!

*** I have three brothers, It is a pity that there is no sister, I would give her, For the holiday spirits.

I would study with her, Female vanity, Embroider patterns, On a linen scarf.

Scythe would be woven, Trust her, And she loved her heart, Stronger every day.

Dear little sister, Why are you not mine? I miss you so much, In life without you.

We didn’t meet, Fate is known, Wasn’t a jeweler, I have a folder.

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