How to feel joy

In ancient times, women who had some secret knowledge were called witches and burned at the stake. Although, in fact, the word "witch" comes from the word "know" (meaning "to know"). Most often, the "witches" turned out to be energetically filled women, attractive and desirable, who knew the "methods" of managing men.

Today, I suggest you also become unique and exceptional – and get secret and very useful information!

It is far from a secret that sound greatly affects the material world, as well as every person. Listening to a certain kind of music, we can rejoice, be sad, fly (when the soul sings) and even get angry (when the music is too aggressive). We also react very much to the sounds of nature (the sound of rain, the singing of birds, the sound of waves). And what can we say about the sound of the human voice! I dare to assure you that only one voice can “ignite” a man.

But, of course, first you need to practice. The voice should not come from above (in this case it is too sharp, thin and squeaky), but from below (from the abdomen). Try to “lower” the voice in your queen and start talking from there. You can even practice on familiar men, for example, ask a colleague to bring you coffee, and then track his reaction.

But these are only flowers!

Woman – Magnet must be filled with energy

With the help of voice and sound, applying the "magic singing" you can learn to fill yourself with energy. In general, in many confessions, not excluding Orthodoxy, the principle of using overtones is used during religious chants. These are "sounds", which are included in the main tone of the sound, which is why this name went. Researchers of ancient Slavic traditions say that such singing and listening restores strength, provides nourishment for the cerebral cortex and even strengthens the immune system. And, which is important for us, it fills with energy!

After all, how to become a magnet for men? How to make them fly like honey? It’s not enough to be beautiful! For this you need to be filled. When a woman is filled, she is like a source of pure, spring water, from which it is impossible to break away.

Today I want to provide you with information about filling yourself with energy from Liza Peterkina, who is known to a lot of people. In addition to being a shocking poetess and leading several programs, she is also an intimate relationship trainer, and very successful and in demand. I advise you to get to know her better, because from her you can learn a lot of the information we need for women.

Her "Eastern secrets of intimate relationships" made a splash! For a long time Liza studied with the Taoist master Ji Xiaogang and received from him intimate and important knowledge about filling herself with energy. Get a record of the seminar in which she shares this knowledge, you can Here .

So, the most popular and well-known sounds that have magical and magical power, are the sounds of the six-syllable Buddhist mantra "Om Mans Padme Hum", in which there is the seventh syllable "Hri", which makes the meditation complete and sounds after 108 repetitions of the mantra. These seven syllables have a strong impact on the human energy field. It does not matter what religion you profess, since these sounds are universal and their healing action works, regardless of whether the person is a Buddhist or a Christian.

In Taoist teaching, unlike the Indian, the energy center is three, not seven, so you can reduce the mantra to three syllables – "Om", "but", "Hum".

The first center is located in the abdomen, behind the navel.

The second center is in the middle of the chest.

The third center is located in the region of the third eye (at the level of the eyebrows), inside the head.

In Taoist practices, these centers are called “Dantian”. Try singing these three syllables consciously, concentrating your attention on each center. Accordingly, the sound “om” is for the lower center, “a” is for the middle one and “hum” is for the upper one.

The first syllable will wake the lower energy center with its vibrations and make the energy wake up and begin to circulate. The second sound will fall into the heart center and activate the energy there, and the third will begin to affect the upper energy center.

Concentrate on the localization of sound and “bump up” all these three centers of energy concentration consciously. Do this daily. And soon you will begin to feel the awakening of the life forces in your body.

These sounds symbolize the eternal striving of the Universe to unite two opposing principles. These simple sound exercises will fill you with great energy. And the day will come when you will emit a special energy, and, walking down the street, you will begin to notice how men will pay their attention to you, as if mentally saying “Witch!”.

How to feel joy

Exclusively from the master!

You can also try to use other sounds that Master Ji Xiaogang suggested to Russian women. He lived in Russia for a long time, studied Russian, and found his own special combination of sounds for people who speak Russian, since these combinations were chosen taking into account the phonetic features of the Russian language, and also take into account the structure of the vocal apparatus of its speakers.

How to feel joy

These vibrations are:

Lower Dantian – Kong

Middle Dantian – "Hong"

Upper Dantian – “tong”.

To perform this energy practice, you must lie down or sit down so that your feet are fully connected (with each finger and both heels). Cover your navel with your hands, folding them in such a way that your left hand is underneath, and your right hand – from above covers your back of your left hand. First, try to boom these syllables separately, feeling how the corresponding part of the body responds to the vibration of the voice. Then chase all three sound combinations in sequence.

When you train enough and learn to feel the energy, you can go further and learn the higher aerobatics of this technique – directing any of the three combinations of sounds in any of the three dantians and feeling the movement of energy in the body.

How to feel joy

How long do I need to "buzz"?

You need to try to achieve that the sound of your voice gives pleasure to your body. Do not do the exercise “just –– only” and “somehow.” Devote this time, pomp at your pleasure, and then feel the bliss and flow of energy through the body. From this kind of meditation you should receive an incredible joy of being. After filling with energy, stay in silence for some time, and then proceed to your daily activities, feeling your vitality increasing, and noticing that men began to pay more and more attention to you.

This is only a small fraction of what Lisa Peterkina teaches, so, nevertheless, listen to her webinar. You will not only learn a lot of new things, but also take energy from Lisa, because even just listening to the recording, you can feel how full it is with it. Get a record of the webinar "Oriental secrets of intimate relationships" can Here.

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