How to find out someone is schizophrenic


I suffered from the books of Natalia Stepanova. This is my story published on your website under the title “How I Came to Orthodoxy,” I want to offer you my article, about THREATS AND INSULTING from the lawyers of the “holy” Natalia Stepanova. I ask you to publish it on your website so that people, after reading, think 100 times, who write positive feedback on the use of these books in the internet.

How was my communication with the admirers of Natalia Stepanova.

I want to tell a story that occurred, after I had gone through an insane, from using the books of a Siberian healer in my life and recovered from the shock.

At leisure, it was interesting to me, to correspond with the believers in the holiness of Natalia Stepanova.

When I first wrote that books are occult and it is possible to damage spiritually from them, the admirers of Natalia Stepanova, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, reproaching the wrong execution of magic manipulations, violation of the laws of magic. Some of them saw the reason for my punishment of God for witchcraft, at my young age, someone in that I did not use keys that Natalia Stepanova never wrote about, someone in my negligence. All as one, the admirers of Natalia Stepanova did not want to believe that God strictly forbids resorting to magic and can punish you with insanity for witchcraft, regardless of magical laws.

The Orthodox Church, to which Natalya Stepanova refers to herself, STRONGLY EXISTENTLY FORBIDES, resort to conspiracy, fortune-telling, witchcraft, the consequences are always tragic.

Communicating with admirers of Natalia Stepanova was usually difficult, because of my doubts about the sanctity of Natalia Stepanova, some of the admirers threatened me with damages, predicted many troubles, made diagnoses

From communication with admirers of Natalya Stepanova and from my own experience of living on these books, I got the impression that people become so confused that they cannot distinguish true Orthodoxy from distorted Orthodoxy. To questions of faith, they lose their clarity of thinking, they make their discoveries in Orthodoxy and follow them, so they consider a conspiracy from white magic to be good, not contrary to the teachings of the Orthodox Church. They interpret their understanding of the Bible. Natalia Stepanova herself often refers to the Bible as an argument in her work, of course, presenting everything not in the light of the Orthodox Faith and the teachings of the Holy Fathers.

Most of all, from the admirers of Natalia Stepanova, I wanted to get a reasonable answer, how can Natalya Stepanova be a true Orthodox Christian and how her “teaching” can be from God if she periodically appeals to Satan in conspiracies, calls demons by name, and generally contradicts Orthodox Churches? Pointing to the admirers of Natalia Stepanova about the contradictions of her “teaching” to the teachings of the Orthodox Church, I have not received a single reasonable answer. All the answers boiled down to the same type of phrases: “if you need, then go, call and ask her personally, and

As a result, in the group of Natalia Stepanova, they called me a patient and banned her, recognizing as a sectarian at the request of an advertising agent the books of Natalia Stepanova, who clearly did not like this anti-advertisement. Before that, in rare cases, there were some negative reviews about books on the Internet, and, moreover, no one spoke out so openly, talking about the dangers of witchcraft, much less citing his life experience as an example.

As I learned, who creates positive reviews about the books of the Siberian healer Natalia Stepanova.

Besides the fact that I was found injured by the books of Natalia Stepanova, my notes were also found by an advertising agent, who began our communication with long letters in which I was sent for writing negatively about books. At the same time, in themes about the “holiness” of Natalia Stepanova, he wrote about himself:

"… I am a military man, and nobility is in my blood …"

The ultimate goal of this paid person, a copywriter, is the official name of the professional activity of a person who writes advertising texts that directly or indirectly advertise a product, in this case, the book by Natalia Stepanova was the removal of all topics about “holiness” by Natalia Stepanova, intimidation. I want to make out one of his first posts in one of the Orthodox groups, in the topic about Natalia Stepanova .:

How to find out someone is schizophrenic

"Man, I am a believer, despite the fact that I have served in the bodies for 6 years, replacing the prosecutor of the Oktyabrsky district, and we had one thing for the sect, where practically people like you were (Here there is a psychological method to whitewash myself, to show how good I am, what status and power in society I have). I attend church and believe in God, I believed thanks to Natalia Stepanova (he most likely read this phrase from my argument about the holiness of Natalia Stepanova, many agreed with her who actively said that Stepanova was Holy, this was the only argument in favor of the holiness of Stepanova, that she brought them to the Church, but it’s not clear what purpose), and whoever said something there, but the person is very kind and good, and believe her ability to heal people from God (The Orthodox Church has never recognized such healers, no matter how good), besides, you believe as something in your own way, it seems to me or is it a sect (I mean the Orthodox group and active participants I and several others who actively spoke out against the books of Stepanova). I recently had a hearing on a sect, where I heard such things that you would consider heresy (hinting that he will sue us, hinting that we are a sect), and Natalia Stepanov does not need to touch (first hints of threats) she is a deeply religious person and attending the Church … ”

I came to the aid of another Orthodox Christian. When he called to Novosibirsk, he learned that the deputy prosecutor of the Oktyabrsky district was not at all Misha Kochetov, who so actively whitewashed himself and threatened that he would bring a criminal case to those who did not write well about Natalia Stepanova. But comrade insisted on his position, and continued to bend his line with messages like:

“I told you not to touch Natalya Ivanovna. Do not touch it will not be problems, you will be touched. I promise you

Further connected, supposedly, other admirers of Natalia Stepanova and began to write from other pages of the same type. Again, the Orthodox guy figured out that all messages come from the same address (one computer). Apparently the paid-up person led several pages of the same type, periodically maintaining “holiness” and the existence of Natalia Stepanova in contact, the manner of writing messages was the same, reduced to threats in personal messages, and noble text in the topics. As a result, messages began to come of this type:

"I advise you to delete all the topics if you do not want to get into …"

After the creator of the site intervened in the dispute "

“Normal adequate people will never even get involved in such books”

From time to time I received insults, threats, and mate in my personal messages; they also sent me an article, describing what I am accusing, indicating the term of imprisonment and the amount of the fine.

“Article 282. Incitement of national, racial or religious hatred …”

“Now two suits will be filed against you at the same time … Natalya herself, or rather her lawyer, is suing a ripol classic, if you are a millionaire bitch to pay them, dare! But you have to pay! I tell you one more time, calm down or sit down for your allegedly truth! Since you are unlikely to have such money to pay, and you will lose a hundred percent of the courts, you have no evidence, there is nothing to prove! Have you thought that Natalia and her lawyer are reading the Internet? Probably not, since you flew like that! ”

I never heard the Saints have lawyers. Having received such a message, I was shocked and asked for forgiveness from an advertising agent because I believed this threat. However, I do not hate the books of Natalia Stepanova. And the more I do not blame her, because I have little faith in her existence. More precisely, I don’t believe at all that Natalya Stepanova writes these books, publishes a newspaper, it’s clear that this is written by journalists, editors …

I suggest to historians to thoroughly study the work of Natalia Stepanova and check whether the information in her books is reliable. So from her 32 books of conspiracies of the Siberian healer, you can learn that Natalia Stepanova participates in competitions, for example, such as "the best healer of Russia", in which, of course, she wins. He has the Order "Master’s Star" – the highest award in the field of traditional medicine; he participates in the international congresses of the "elite of traditional medicine" where she was awarded the Order of Avicenna and Catherine the Great, 2 degrees. “All this is only a small part of the awards that marked Natalia Ivanovna. In the future, the editors will acquaint readers with what ranks and awards Natalia Ivanovna Stepanova will be honored. " Books by Natalia Stepanova, a field not plowed for historians, scientists, theologians, and psychiatrists.

A more terrible message came to another Orthodox person, who also spoke out against the books of Natalia Stepanova. This message came from the page of the person who wrote above that he was visiting the Temple. These are the threats we received for a long time, for speaking out against the books of Natalia Stepanova.

"BUT. Anathema to you, I hope in hell you will be accepted for their own, you must be Satan’s brother)))))))) Shizophrenic LLC. You will not prove anything to anyone with your silly children’s words, by the way, I am a year older than you to … to! so you know, sheep cab! and said again, did not help, said two did not help! You are apparently a moron at all stupid! I will cut your throat personally and rip up the guts, sit on the mound and shoot, because you have to shoot morons! They interfere with life! And do not worry about it with you and with this bitch! ”

The threats were so different that it is naturally impossible to write everything here, but I brought you that small part and clippings from the messages.

Admirers of Natalia Stepanova here for you, cutting the standard text of the advertising agent.

How to find out someone is schizophrenic

This text was left by Natalia Stepanova’s agent in the Orthodox group:

“… I live with her in the same area and saw more than once, at least in the Temple, where I sometimes go, and this Temple is located not far from her house, by the way. Therefore, I think that she is very religious and will not work to the detriment of people. She herself was not, but there were my friends and even relatives from another city who came to her, she helped, did not refuse them .. I had them all adjusted after her reception. Now she no longer accepts at all, because she is old, they no longer write letters to her either, her eyes are already weak, the only thing that she can call and talk … but sometimes her assistants take the phone, they also give advice. but only in her books, they explain strange things … so at this time only very close friends of hers can get to her, or their relatives, she no longer leads, it is one hundred percent … "

This text was left by Natalia Stepanova’s agent on the Satanist forum, where the “holiness” and existence of Natalia Stepanova was also questioned:

"… I live with

As I understood, the main task of the advertising agent Natalia Stepanova on the Internet is to maintain her “holiness”, as well as inventing all sorts of stories about her existence.

Advertising agents Natalia Stepanova, on other sites

On the popular site of “black magic”, where a large number of testimonies were received about the use of the plots of the Siberian healer Natalia Stepanova, the crowned witch, advertising agents were also declassified and banned at one time, their text can be read above.

I propose to compare the threats sent to them:

“Dear moderator! Of course, in Russia there is freedom of speech, however, there is a law to protect the honor and dignity of the person, which we have to remind you about. Your site does not have proper control, namely in the address

In our case, most likely the same person acted in contact under different pages. Sent such threats.

Here is what the site administrator has answered to the lawyer Natalia Stepanova:

“Observing similar messages on the Internet (Stepanova, after all, where they discussed a lot), I think what Ripol’s agents or fanatics are writing, but how do you explain the multiple logical inconsistencies in her books? And for some reason no one is able to get through to her (for the sake of interest I tried it myself yesterday, I called 2 meters – zero sense). ”

My opinion, similar to the administrator of the site of Satanists, most likely all sorts of positive feedback about Natalia Stepanova is written either by advertising agents or fanatics.

In addition to the books of the Siberian healer Natalia Stepanova, the books of the plots of the Ural healer Maria Bazhenova and the book of the plots of Pöchersky healer Maria Fedorovskaya were published.

My answer to the team of authors that writes books by Natalia Stepanova.

In turn, I would like to suggest that the authors of the books by Natalia Stepanova write warnings that books can cause spiritual harm. It is better to consult the experts about the spiritual damage that the conspiracies can cause, so I advise the authors of the books of Natalia Stepanova to call Anatoly Berestov, the person who organized his center for the victims of occultism, in whom many people have passed the rank of renunciation of Satan. As an honest Orthodox Christian, Stepanova Natalia Ivanovna should warn about the downside of witchcraft.

My mother’s book hit me the most. I feel sorry for pregnant women, and for moms who, in the hope of a better life for the child, will take advantage of the plots from these books. At one time I myself wrote in a notebook plots on my future children. Now, however, realizing that the conspiracy was not at all even God-pleasing, I threw out all sorts of notebooks with conspiracies from the books of Natalia Stepanova. Why? Yes, because conspiracy, refers to witchcraft, whispering, and is strictly prohibited by the Church, for merely conspiracy, we could have been excommunicated from Communion for many years. This is our century of spiritual illiteracy, and children suffer. If you spoke to your children, come to confession and repent of this grave sin, and be sure to partake of the child. Before you read the plots on children, ask the priest whether it is worth it? Despite the fact that Natalya Stepanova writes that she wants to build a temple, that she is fasting and attends divine services, that her grandmother, Evdokia Stepanova, visited Holy places, and helped many people, the “mother’s book” was not even a Christian, like the rest of Natalya Ivanovna’s works. Stepanova.

Recently I was reviewing one of her many books, and to my surprise I found out that this book, Natalya Stepanova, called the “textbook”. In addition, each book has a section dedicated to "my students." It turns out that a new teaching appeared in our country, which is already about 20 years old. The first books of Natalia Stepanova were released in the 90s.

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