How to get a person out of depression

You can talk about depression long and smoothly, or you can just be silent. No matter. Nothing happens until you start to act. Here is collected that helps, caught in a sticky network of depression. You will learn what to do if you are depressed – This material has been collected for several years, piece by piece. It contains information from dozens of books, from hundreds of letters, from thousands of Russian and English-language articles. And most importantly – it is taken from Life – from the experience of those who struggled with depression. Those whose path was not straight. Those who fell, perhaps even for a few months. But, nevertheless, I got up and walked again.

..any person is able to learn how to manage their mental activity and their behavior to a degree that they could not even imagine before. If you are in a depressed state, then you yourself have produced in yourself and created what you consider to be a depressed state. If you are in a state of ecstasy, then this is also the result of your creativity.

It is important to remember that this kind of emotion, like depression, does not fall on us from the outside. You can not "catch up" depression. You create it yourself, like any other result of your life., through specific mental and physical actions. In order to get depressed, you have to look at your life from a certain angle. You have to tell yourself completely certain things with a certain tone and intonation of your inner voice. You need to "put on yourself" a certain posture and even breathe in a certain way. For example, if you want to get depressed, you need to slouch and look at your eyes with a lowered gaze. It also helps if you start talking in a fallen voice and think through the darkest scenarios for the development of your future life. And if you deliberately violate the biochemical processes in your body by poor nutrition or alcohol or drug abuse, you will inevitably lower your blood sugar levels, and then depression is surely guaranteed.

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What is depression? Let us turn to Ozhegov’s dictionary: “Depression is an oppressed, depressed state; decay. " Depression is often described as an emotional state (or state of mind) immersed in sadness, disappointment and hopelessness. Depression is one of the most common and one of the most ancient mental ills of humanity ..

V. Dovgan – How to overcome depression, depression, depression – Video.

– But in depression, any effort comes with difficulty. – Yes you are right. “But she takes away too much, leaving no hope.” – Yes. She’s exactly like that. – But she is terrible and endless. – Yes. Yes. Yes. You are a thousand times right. But still. Try to do this step. For yourself For the world in which you live. For the sake of your life, which can still be changed if. If you take this step.

So, sadly, today, depression has not invented tools that act instantly. Getting out of depression is really you. And it really means movement, action, effort, and if you are ready to do it, then we will begin.

Next, a decent collection of information about depression and what to do with it, but first read the article: Depression what to do – Crossroads of ways of depression and watch the video from Vladimir Dovgan – How to overcome depression.

Signs of depression

The classic signs of depression are: indifference to life and loss of interest in previously favorite activities; disturbed appetite and sleep; lethargy, loss of concentration, depression; inactivity, chronic fatigue; increased feelings of guilt or feelings of their own uselessness and uselessness, and, as a result, negative thoughts about themselves, their lives and those around them, and in some cases, thoughts of suicide. Depression is often compared to people in deep darkness. Someone even called depression burial alive. The world famous theologian, Charles Spurgeon, called the depression "the horror of a God-forgotten soul"

Excursion to psychology

To begin with, we note that all people are divided into two types. Each of us is initially predisposed to one of two approaches to life. One type of people instinctively “goes into itself” when the outside world approaches them, people of another type, on the contrary, are drawn to meet it. In line with this – we all share in extroverts (outward) and introverts (inward). Although each of us is able to choose either of the two approaches to life, when the situation requires it, only one of them is most preferred. A noisy company, in which an extrovert feels like a fish in water, for an introvert is the worst punishment. An introvert’s attachment to everything that has long been familiar, can bring an extrovert to rabies.

The obvious majority of modern approaches (especially popular psychological tests are wrong with this) single out a certain number of introvert and extrovert traits in a person, ultimately reducing everything to a simple percentage ratio, considering the probability of pure types to be extremely small. But if you look at the root of the problem, the point is not at all that some people are more sociable, and some less. From this point of view, it is really impossible to find pure extras and introverts – any person in one way or another combines the features of both of them.

The affiliation of a person to a particular type is determined primarily by the reaction to stress. In case of unfavorable external influence, the introvert will seek support within itself, turn to its own soul for energy, the introvert – on the contrary, it will go outside. And if you are an extrovert, then most likely when you feel uneasy – you prefer to unwind, go out into the outside world – your source of energy there. No matter how – in a disco, in a noisy company, or talking to a friend by phone. If you are an introvert, then in such a state you are unlikely to be drawn to people – you will most likely prefer to take a break from the world alone, or in a circle of people very close to you.

An extrovert is a person who is focused on external objects and events, and for him the external world is the only really existing one — this is the power of the extrovert and its weakness. He is most often not aware of the ongoing internal dialogue, since he focuses on information coming from the outside world. For an introvert, his inner world and constant inner dialogue are his elemental element. Most of the knowledge about the world is obtained through mental representations.

Western society, in contrast to the East, clearly favors an extraversionary approach to life, and most of the articles on depression focus on extroverts. And if a typical introvert, falling into depression, reads an article in a magazine at his leisure, proposing to throw the crap out of his head in ways typical of an extrovert, then he will most likely drive him one step lower.

It is important to know which of the two of these types you belong to, since introverts and extroverts have a different relationship with depression. According to the founder of this theory

Ways out of Depression, how to cope, what to do

Running and exercise with Depressed

If you do not run while you are healthy, you will have to run when you get sick. (Horace) It is safe to say that in one way or another it helps everyone and with any depression (regardless of severity). Although it is a double-edged sword. Physical activity really gives strength, but where to find these forces to start these very physical exercises?

When it is empty and cold in the shower, and it is dark and – 20 outside, it is difficult to get out of bed on the icy floor, put on sneakers and run. It is very easy to promise yourself to do exercises every day, well, incredibly difficult to really do it. If hardly one of the hundreds of people in the normal state is being coerced to go for this “feat”, then what can we say about a depressed person.

But the fact remains that any physical activity contributes to the production of endorphins, which, of course, has a positive effect on mood. According to many psychiatrists, regular jogging is no less effective than psychotherapy or antidepressants. Moreover, improvement occurs not only as a result of changes in biochemical processes. The attitude towards oneself is gradually changing, self-reliance is growing.

Not so long ago, scientists conducted studies on a large group of people suffering from depression. The first group took antidepressants, the second group performed physical activity for half an hour 3 times a week, the third group combined treatment with drugs and physical activity. After 4 months, significant improvements were noted in more than half of the subjects in all three groups. But by the tenth month, symptoms of depression reappeared in 30%, people taking the drugs, 40% doing physical exercise, and 10% combining the above.

Those who experienced deep depressions know that for all this time negative thoughts have become constant companions. Trying to get rid of them is a futile exercise — they will seep through any action, preventing them from concentrating and taking away their last strength. But there is one good way – this is running. For some, this simple tool can be a real panacea. You need to run, fully concentrating on the run. You yourself will see that the second, third breath is opening, forces appear … Such a run is a kind of deception for the mind – at this time he simply does not have time for familiar thoughts – he is busy with others. Yes, in the morning so desperately not want to get up. There is a sticky fear inside, you lie, you count the last seconds, you understand that now the alarm clock that has already been set forward will ring now and you will have to run. Run into the world. No forces. No strength to get up. But, as one great man said: "If you can not stand up – fall to the floor."

Fasting – will help with Depressed

It is one of the most radical methods. In Soviet psychiatry, there are therapeutic starvation techniques designed specifically to get out of depression. In some psychiatric institutions, people suffering from depression go hungry for 2–3 weeks under the supervision of a doctor and recover fully. Especially this technique is popular among women

I tried to starve during depression several times from 1-3 days to 3 weeks. Feelings during fasting are ambiguous – sometime – you feel a complete breakdown (both physical and mental), sometime – there are positive feelings, energy. Fasting brings the body out of the usual even depressive state into a wave-like state with jumps, both up and down. After long periods of fasting, the feelings of depression disappeared completely. But, unfortunately, for a short time. I would like to warn about the obstacles and dangers that may lie in wait for the starving person. First, fasting is almost impossible to combine with normal life in society, due to periods of severe weakness and other unpleasant phenomena.

Secondly, during fasting, it is imperative to move and stay in plenty of fresh air. And the most important thing is that in no case it is impossible to start starving from a long time, since the consequences of sharp slagging of the body can be very unpleasant, even to death. Since fasting is a whole science, you should take this with all the responsibility. And one more negative point – many after fasting rush to the opposite extreme. An irresistible passion for food (bulimia) arises, which itself can turn into a serious disease and require treatment. Mostly bulimia is the prerogative of the weaker sex (according to statistics, 9 out of 10 who are prone to bulimia are women).

Sleep deprivation (DS)

– Hello, how is life, how is work? – Oh, nothing, little by little – I work three days a day. – How do you live? – And I live a day after three. (from the jokes about DS) Deprivation or simply put – sleep deprivation – The only method that can lead a person out of even the deepest depression in a few hours. He, like fasting, is practiced in some psychiatric institutions, and the biochemical mechanisms of both methods associated with a deficiency of carbon dioxide in the blood are similar.

It is believed that sleep deprivation and its impact on human consciousness is a relatively recent invention, but this is not entirely true. Even the ancient Romans knew that a sleepless night with entertainment could save a person from the symptoms of depression for a while. Then the sleep deprivation was unfairly forgotten, and re-opened by chance only in 1970 in one of the Swiss psychiatric clinics. After the re-opening, the interest in DS was enormous, but gradually it is being supplanted by more modern techniques – mostly – medicamentous, which act not so quickly, but more reliably. So you can open this method for the third time. This time – for myself.

In RuNet, there is not much information telling about the relationship between DS and depression, but if you enter the phrase depressionsleep deprevation into Yahoo or AltaVista, then a decent pile of information will fall out in response. Most of the articles speak about this technique with delight, the smaller one treats it with prejudice and criticizes. So the only way to figure it out is to try it yourself.

This technique is quite simple. You just “miss” one night,

The most important thing is to overcome the strong periods of sleepiness, which usually occur in the morning. And it is almost useless to kill time in anticipation of miraculous changes, staring at the screen or a book – so you will almost certainly fall asleep. It is necessary to alternate them with something active – you can do the apartment cleaning, charging and

Changes in the state begin to occur somewhere around 3-4 o’clock in the morning. Sleep passes, energy and strength appear. So the rest of the night and the next day goes by. True, from the habit, in the first times you feel slowed down, and periods of heavy sleepiness. It is crucial to deal with these attempts,

So – the next morning you wake up, and … you feel that depression has returned, and you are just as bad. Although most often the morning state, even after the first DS, there is some improvement. You have to be ready for this, because there are no miracles in the world. So what’s the point? Is the game worth the candle? Everyone decides for himself, but sometimes, after long hopeless months, one day … He, like … a ray of sunshine, amid a long polar night. And when it seems that depression will never end, such a day gives hope. And how can you live without hope? To achieve a sustainable effect of DS, it is necessary to go through several sessions. Their number may vary depending on the condition and portability, but on average is 6-8 sessions.

In fact, during deprivation, you enter a state called an AES (an altered state of consciousness). Prolonged sleep deprivation was used in the Gestapo (they knew how to pick up the keys to the human psyche) – this torture was considered one of the toughest. DS is also used in some shamanistic rituals – for example, it is believed that a woman who does not sleep for five days, opens the world of spirits, and she becomes an initiate. In fact, not to sleep for five days is an impossible task for the human psyche – in this case it is no longer possible to control yourself and frequent and short-term (in just a few seconds) falling out of sleep occur. Reality and sleep are mixed, auditory and visual hallucinations begin, which the shamanic concept explains by the presence of spirits.

I would like to warn that although more than half of those who tried DS, noted the positive effect from the first time, but for some (a clear minority) it is necessary to try several times – so you should not put a fat cross on the DS.

I myself, especially for the sake of experiment, tried to deprive sleep for several days – and the practice fully complied with the theory. First, in spite of all the desperate attempts to fight sleep, short-term falling out of sleep soon begins, and sometimes there is a feeling of confusion – where reality ends and sleep begins. Mild auditory and visual hallucinations also began to occur.

So if you are going to practice this method to get out of depression, better use the standard technique, which is described in detail in the article Depression and DS (in more detail) – usually this is enough. Otherwise, it can lead to non-acute forms of psychosis, which is extremely unpleasant. By the way, it is interesting that some creative people know about the effects of DS (increased energy level, clarity in the head), and use it for work.

Light therapy from Depressed

This procedure can be a panacea for those who suffer from seasonal depressions, in official medicine who receive the name ATS – seasonal affective disorders. Most often, symptoms of ATS occur when our body lacks the sun (usually – in the autumn – winter period).

In general, the influence of weather on sentiment is felt by quite a large percentage of the population (30–40%), and it takes a form of depressive disorder in 5–10%. The probability of the disease increases with advancing to the northern latitudes. So, if in the USA – in the southern states of the SAR, 1-2% of the population is exposed, in the northern states this percentage increases to 10%.

During light therapy, a person is exposed to light from a bright lamp (about 10 lux), which is equivalent to the amount of light passing through a window on a sunny spring day. Thus, this method as if compensates for the lack of a natural source of light – the sun, artificial. Treatment usually lasts for 4 weeks, and improvements occur in the period from 3 days to 2 weeks. The duration of the procedures can vary from half an hour to several hours a day.

In the USA and Europe special lamps are produced, the light of which is close to the spectrum of sunlight, so that sessions can be conducted at home. In Russia, the situation is not so sunny – as always you have to rely on your own strength – for this purpose, most suitable powerful lamps, which are usually sold in photo stores.

There is also a way to artificially increase the length of daylight. In the West, devices are manufactured, consisting of a special lamp and a time relay, which turns on the lamp two hours before lifting.

According to medical statistics, light therapy helps two thirds of people with ATS. If you belong to the remaining one-third – why should you adjust the rhythm of your life to the vagaries of the weather. Sunny days to spend on the street or take a winter vacation to spend it in those parts where there is a lot of sun. Although this recommendation sounds quite ridiculous, given the fact that a vacation on the Canaries can afford a tiny percentage of Russians. At least for today.

Psychotherapy Depressed

Psychoanalysis is confession without absolution (

Worst of all, the philistine consciousness continues to divide people into healthy and mentally ill (relatively recently, medicine did the same). And the psychos by this logic must be isolated from the normal. The concept of mental norm itself is not very specific, and mental illness in the understanding of a normal person usually causes very specific associations. In fact, only 5-7% of those experiencing any mental problems are people with mental disabilities. They deal with the so-called big psychiatry, and most manage to live a life, and not acquainted with this section of medicine. The remaining 93-95% is a contingent of minor psychiatry, patients with so-called borderline conditions. The name of these states is legion. These are various neuroses, disorders of the emotional sphere, behavior, consequences of mental traumas, disorders of habits, etc. And from this point of view it turns out that a huge number of normal ones; people need the help of a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

There are more than 200 (.) Areas of psychotherapy, but there are two main ones. The first is psychodynamic or insider-oriented (this group includes well-known psychoanalysis), which helps the patient to achieve insight (insight), to get to the root of the problem, which often goes back to childhood itself. Another category is cognitive (behavioral) therapy, which focuses on specific changes in human behavior and thoughts.

However, if depression is so severe that problems arise at work or other areas, the person may not have enough mental strength for more than supportive therapy. This type of therapy focuses on the support of the person himself, and does not deal with changes in his condition.

Although – can psychotherapy completely cure depression? There is no unequivocal answer to these questions, but in any case, it will take a long time to get to the bottom of the causes of the disease. And often, as noted by K. Jung, a lot depends on luck. Probably only from not too severe forms, but psychotherapy can teach you how to control the state of depression. There is no firm guarantee to get rid of this ailment.

During depression, it seems that all sessions are wasted – since nothing changes – most often their results can be fully realized only after they are released. But one way or another, the feeling of support is important. That during a time when everything is shaky and absurd, there is a person who knows (or pretends to know) what to do, and thereby helps keep a thread of hope in his hands. A course of psychotherapy can last for several weeks or take years. It all depends on the doctor, patient and specific situation.

And what should the residents of not-so-large cities, where there can be no professional psychotherapeutic care, do? One thing remains – to turn to a local psychiatrist, who will most likely prescribe you – antidepressants.

Aromatherapy – as a way out of Depressed

Aromatic oils through the skin penetrate into the blood and then diverge throughout the body, and through the membranes and the base of the nose – into the brain and directly affect the mood, because they reach the brain regions responsible for emotions.

There are many ways to use essential oils – you can inhale their smell from the bottle, spray it in the room, use it for massage, but the aroma lamp is the most common and effective. Aromolamp is a small (often porcelain or ceramic) vessel, in the lower part of which there is a burning candle, and in the upper part – a little water, to which a few drops of oil are added. From the smell of heating oil quickly spreads throughout the room and remains in it until the water boils away.

There are a huge number of oils or their mixtures that can be used to reduce depression. Listed below are the main ones: anise, orange, basil, bergamot, oregano, spruce, jasmine, cedar, coriander, lavender, lemon, tangerine, lemon balm, peppermint, rose, rosemary. Aroma therapists do not recommend using the same oil or mixture of oils for too long – they may lose their effectiveness.

I also especially want to note the beneficial and soothing effect on the psyche of baths, the effect of which can be enhanced by dissolving a few drops of oil in water. Even Thomas Aquinas recommended with the blues (along with sleep) to contemplate the passions of the Lord (that is, to turn the eye on the outside, from oneself to great suffering) and take baths.

A splash of emotion will help get out of Depressed

Negative emotions are constant companions of depression, but in a civilized society it is not customary to express them openly. How often, while anger and resentment are bubbling inside, we have to restrain our emotions, stretching a mask suitable for this occasion on our face. In this world, nothing disappears without a trace, so that repressed emotions will necessarily go into the subconscious and continue their destructive influence there.

Not without reason, Admiral Nelson during bouts of anger, which happened to him quite often, diligently trampled his beret. In Japanese toilets, there are rubber effigies of narrow-eyed bosses – the Japanese perfectly use the mechanism of splashing emotions in practice. Probably, not everyone can afford to order a rubber effigy of a “beloved” boss or a foe, but there are a lot of available tools. Of course, the punching bag is best, but for not having it, one of the most popular improvised means in Russia is the “airbag”. To increase the service life it is desirable to cover it with something or use cushions.

Despite the apparent simplicity of this method is very effective, and most importantly safe. You can work with a specific person or with a situation. The only problem is that many people control themselves so much that, after beating the pillows for five minutes, they leave with the words "well, probably no aggression and no." Of course not – she went too deep, and to extract it, you have to work hard. For this you need to enter into a state of fury, rage, perhaps – for a while to become a beast, to lose your human face, and with it that part of the mind that controls emotions. Then everything will work out. Often during this “session” situations arise that happened a long time ago (for example, in early childhood), which seemed to be forgotten once and for all. But in fact, the wound was simply covered with a scab and unconsciously still hurts. There is another way of splashing emotions – of course, these are tears.

The tears — the rain that caused the thunderstorm — spoke to Saint-Exupery. Tears — rain that washes away earth dust that covers our hardened hearts — these are the words of Charles Dickens. If a person cries, then he lives, then his soul is able to feel. In modern society, there is a stereotype that tears are the prerogative of women. Real men never cry, cry is not like a man. But all this – from a series of control, the desire to look courageous. Perhaps – this is one of the strongest attitudes that has been absorbed into us with the words of the father: “Men never cry”, which is almost impossible to break. But everyone has tears. And if in women they flow down the cheeks, eating away at cosmetics, then in men they settle inside and eat away souls.

Pets will help with Depressed

Those who already maintain a four-pet in the house know how much they can change their lives, bringing joy to it. Of course – the main inhabitants of our apartments (excluding cockroaches) are dogs and cats. Moreover, according to psychologists, the love of a person for a cat or dog is rigidly connected with his inner psycho. That is, each of us inside, in fact, lives his own cat or dog. The symbol of the dog is devotion to the grave, cats – freedom and independence. So, choosing an animal, we simply project our internal installations to the outside, and is it any wonder that pets are so often similar to their owners? Since we are considering ways to overcome depression and stress, we would like to pay special attention to ordinary domestic cats. In ancient Egypt, there was a goddess of the moon, fertility and childbirth, named Elurus, and this goddess’s head was feline. The cat for the Egyptians was inviolable, she was worshiped, honored as a sacred animal. In ancient Rome, the cat – a symbol of freedom and independence, she was depicted next to the goddess of freedom Libertas. Then came the black period in the life of these flexible and graceful animals – cats were burned at the stake, seeing in them the night prototype of the witches. And it is even in vain – soon the man was punished for his cruelty – millions of lives were taken by the plague, which was carried by hordes of rats and mice. Their immense reproduction contributed to the absence of their main enemy – ordinary gray Murka.

Today – times have changed. In Japan, at the gates of the house are figures of cats – a symbol of comfort and home, in Russia, according to tradition, the cat should be the first to enter a new house. Cats are very sensitive animals – they feel good and bad places in the apartment, and often predict the approach of danger. No wonder in cities and villages located on the slopes of Vesuvius on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Naples, there is no family where cats would not live.

Amazing abilities of cats have been tested more than once during various studies. It was proved that cats really provided serious assistance to people suffering from mental illness, heart disorders, brain damage, and even contributed to the complete healing of alcoholics and drug addicts. They help hypertensive patients and people who have suffered a heart attack, normalizing pressure and pulse.

Studies conducted in psychiatric institutions have shown that taking care of a cat restored patient self-confidence, reduced physical arousal to the level achieved by weekly relaxation exercises, finally, the unique nature of cats, its independence, turned out to be a very important treatment factor. Dogs, as being more emotionally dependent on a human being, susceptible to human feelings, cannot be the same healers, quickly adopting a person’s mental excitability. A cat and its owner have completely different ties – “free choice and contract” – and this is much more important for mental equilibrium.

Unlike people, they never cheat or flatter, conveying their loyalty with dumb signals – rub against their legs, arch their backs. It is the "cat" caress and explain the medical talents of cats. It turned out that cats are gorgeous, one-of-a-kind touch response specialists. A person has a natural desire to stroke her, and when we immerse our hands in thick wool, it becomes easier for us. Through such energy exchange, a person finds long-awaited peace. By the way, the method of treatment with cats received quite a long name from the specialists “Pet facilitated therapy” – “favorite animals heal”. Moreover, cats, according to scientists, relieve stress more effectively than cats.

Prayer at Depressed

Without prayer, I would have been crazy for a long time. (M. Gandhi.) The world-famous doctor, Nobel Prize winner Dr. A. Korel said: Prayer is the most powerful form of energy emitted by man. It is as real a force as gravity. As a physician, I observed patients who did not benefit from any therapeutic treatment. They were able to recover from diseases and melancholy only thanks to the calming effect of prayer. When we pray, we associate ourselves with the inexhaustible vitality that drives the entire Universe. We pray that at least some of this power will pass to us. Turning to God for sincere prayer, we perfect and heal our soul and body. It is impossible that at least one moment of prayer does not bring a positive result to any man or woman. ”

Despite the fact that the very concept of depression in Russia appeared relatively recently, depression, of course, has always existed. Many methods of overcoming it have become widespread, too, only recently. But for centuries, practically the only consolation of the Russian people, its universal “anti-stress” method was precisely prayer, as well as the Church and its sacraments. We all have different paths, and not all of those who read this article are Christians. But even if you look at any church rite not from the point of view of faith, but from the point of view of normal logic, many of them, especially confession, are a very powerful tool, a kind of catharsis, which allows you to get relief and consolation.

And, of course, prayer. There is a huge number of prayers, but within the framework of this article it is worth quoting one of them – the prayer of the last Optina elders. This prayer is simple and clear, with it the inhabitants of the Optina desert – the monastery near Kozelsk usually begin their day:

“Lord, give me peace of mind to meet everything that the coming day will bring me. Let me completely surrender to the will of Your saint. At every hour of this day, guide and support me in everything. Whatever news I have received throughout the day, teach me to accept them with a calm soul and a firm conviction that Thy holy will is all.

In all my words and deeds guide my thoughts and feelings. In all unforeseen cases, do not let me forget that all is revealed by You. Teach me to act directly and intelligently with each member of my family, without embarrassing or distressing anyone. Lord, give me the strength to bear the fatigue of the coming day and all the events during the day. Lead my will and teach repent, pray and believe, hope, endure, forgive, thank and love everyone. Amen"

Many famous people healed their spiritual wounds in this way. They believed in God Newton, Galileo, Pascal, Pasteur, Einstein, doctor Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Berdyaev, Solovyov, and many others.

Music at Depressed

Music is an acoustic composition that gives us an appetite for life, as well-known pharmaceutical compositions cause an appetite for food. (

We do not know when the person came up with the first melody, but we know that it was very, very long time ago. Bible chapters tell us how David healed the spiritual wounds of King Saul by playing the lyre. Music therapy has a thousand-year history – back in the 6th century before

Numerous cases are known when a wave of a mental epidemic, better known as “St. Vitus’s dance,” which in the 14th and 16th centuries swept Holland, Belgium and other countries, was only stopped by musicians playing slow, soothing music.

In 1954, the French musician and electrical acoustic engineer M. Jos began research on getting rid of stress and depressive disorders with the help of musical works. The music itself was very carefully selected in accordance with the psycho type of a person, his age and other parameters. The results were so successful that soon two hospitals of music therapy were opened in France, in which more serious personality disorders were treated with this technique, such as psychosis, in particular schizophrenia.

When applying this method, one or two sessions are conducted per week, each of which consists of three different musical works, in a complex allowing to achieve the desired effect. The first part is usually consonant with the sad mood of a person, the second part is opposite in mood and neutralizes him, and, finally, the third final part has the greatest emotional impact and causes exactly the mood that needs to be created. Here is an example of a musical program for stress and depression, which gives good results for people aged 20-30 years:

1. Fragment from the concert number 2

When we feel uneasy, we often strive to be alone, and then music helps to relive this state. Music is always written in complete solitude, but it is she who is able to unite people. Loneliness fell to the lot of many great composers – Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Bruckner, Brahms, Ravel.

To the music you can throw out strong destructive emotions, such as aggression. For example, Stravinsky’s music “Spring is sacred” is the best suited for this purpose. The premiere of this ballet in 1913 in Paris ended in scandal. Musical passages so excited the audience that they began to loudly talk, forming a group of supporters and opponents, and it almost came to hand-to-hand. The same effect has the militant overture of Rimsky-Korsakovo’s “The Pskovyanka”, the expressive music of Bartók (suites and ballets “The Wooden Prince” and “The Miraculous Mandarin”).

Nutrition as a cause Depressed

Depression and stress initiates the production of a large amount of hormones in the body – adrenaline and cortisol. The production of these hormones consumes a significant amount of vitamins C, B, zinc, magnesium and other minerals. According to the law of conservation of substance, these necessary elements are urgently confiscated from their workplaces in the body, where, in turn, their shortage is formed. Lack of vitamin C and zinc does not allow to produce enough collagen to keep the skin clean and healthy. Lack of vitamin B inhibits energy production and mental activity. Magnesium deficiency leads to headaches and hypertension.

One of the components of a complex attack against stress is a diet aimed at replenishing the body with substances that are heavily eaten by stress hormones.

Vitamin A – Green leafy vegetables, carrots, apricots, pumpkin. Vitamin C All vegetables and fruits, in particular – citrus fruits, black currants, kiwi, broccoli, cabbage, dogrose. Vitamins of group B – All cereals, yogurt, liver, pumpkin, avocado, bran bread, lean meat and fish, nuts, brewer’s yeast. Vitamin E – vegetable oil. Magnesium – Green vegetables and herbs, grapefruits, figs, carrots, tomatoes, nuts, buckwheat, oatmeal, peas. Calcium – milk and dairy products. Zinc – Lean meat, seafood, eggs, yogurt, cheese, nuts. Choline – egg yolk, beef liver, sprouted wheat grains. Glucose – bran bread, sweet fruit, honey.

Also during depression, the body needs adaptogens – substances that increase the ability of adaptive systems. These include products of plant origin – today many herbal teas are made from plants containing adaptogens – these are ginseng, lemongrass, licorice, combuchi, echinacea, green tea and many others. Their use is also recognized as particularly effective in nervous exhaustion, resulting from intense mental activity.

Usually, when a person is depressed, he begins to absorb various foods in large quantities, because for a while it really helps. Although, of course, the consequences of such behavior often cause even greater depression. But, probably, it was not for nothing that our ancestors, in almost all religious concessions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam), there were unloading periods or posts. For example, a Christian fasting, naturally prepared a person for the change of seasons. Lent (March-April) prepared it for the summer and for the transition to summer products, Ouspensky (in August) – prepared the body for products characteristic of autumn, Christmas for the winter.

And finally – a few words about drugs. Of course, about natural – many foods contain opiates and endorphins – hormones of good mood. They help relive stress, fight depression, and simply increase vitality. Lettuce, spinach, cabbage, paprika and other edible plants are rich in mood-improving opiates like cytofin. In milk there is a morphine-like substance casomorphin. In beer, the known presence of morphine is noted. Bananas contain serotonin, which gives a person a feeling of lightness and fun. And in chocolate, Andamin – a substance that has the same stimulating effect as hashish. Sweets in general make us more cheerful – the glucose contained in them triggers the mechanism of happiness in the brain.

Relaxation – how out Depressed

The state of stress is a constant depression companion. Need to be able to relax. But how? It is clear that the peculiarities of the Russian soul mean by relaxation the drinking of strong national drinks and other similar Russian entertainments, but the discussion in this section will deal a little with something else.

Everyone knows that the left hemisphere of our brain is responsible for speech and logical thinking, and the right one for imagination, dreams, intuition. In the modern world there is not much room for the senses, and therefore most of us live by logic. As a result, the resources of the left hemisphere are involved, to the detriment of the right. Although it is with the help of intuition we can get into the essence of things and phenomena, quickly solve problems that our logic and common sense cannot cope with.

In those moments when we somehow force the right hemisphere to prevail over the left, the beta rhythms that are usual for the waking state and exertion are replaced by alpha rhythms that usually precede sleep. In this state, we are much calmer and we have the ability to be creative. This state can be achieved not only with the help of sleep, but also with relaxation or relaxation. Due to this, relaxation is able to fully recuperate and bring harmony into our lives, adjusting the left hemisphere daily routine.

Regular relaxation changes the body’s chemistry, and deep relaxation stages cause the brain to release endofrins that elevate mood. Meditation allows you to achieve similar results. Although the term “relaxation” is usually applied in relation to our body, and “meditation” in relation to the brain, both methods calm and restore the balance of the body-brain system.

So – relax. At first glance – what could be simpler. But you can hardly do it. The vibrations of the city penetrated very deeply into your thoughts, into your actions, into your body. Relaxing completely means disconnecting from the outside world (removing the familiar sound of the TV or tuner), getting away from your thoughts, and just being alone with the closest person — yourself. But – surprisingly – for many, this fairly simple experiment will end in complete fiasco – in a few minutes the mind will be accepted as the usual gum. With enviable zeal, he will chew on the events of the past day (which is no longer the case) or make plans for tomorrow (which is not yet). What’s next? Most likely, it will become boring, and the hand will habitually stretch to the evening newspaper or television console, and in the next second a person will be anywhere, but not here. Eternal escape from himself will continue. Just where? No one knows this.

So – you need to learn relaxation. There are many techniques to help enter the state of relaxation, which can be found in numerous books or relevant pages on the Web. Sometimes during a relaxation session you can fall so deep that the body goes into a state of sleep. It’s not scary – if you want to wake up, for example, in twenty minutes, you can just say it to yourself during the auto-suggestion phase. And even if you fall asleep, exactly in twenty minutes the internal clock will work, and you will open your eyes.

This is really a very strong way to deal with stress and depression, and which, moreover, does not take much time. If relaxation becomes a habit, you will be surprised at its results. After a properly carried out relaxation, an extraordinary surge of strength appears, vigor comes. It only takes 10-20 minutes a day, but in fact, you can save a lot more time on it.

Sleep will help with Depressed

“Our life is only a dream,” the sages argued. Well, if not all life, then at least a third of her people spend in a dream. Sleep is a vital need of the body, no less important than food. If a person can go without food for more than two months, then he will not live without sleep even two weeks. No wonder – one of the most cruel torture – long-term sleep deprivation leads to mental disorientation and psychosis. The ancient Egyptians knew about the beneficial effects of sleep. In those days, a person suffering from any disease was often left in the temple, where he fell into an unusually deep sleep. It was believed that the priests in the temple, manage the dream process in such a way that natural forces, penetrating the body, harmonize, streamline it, eliminating the disease.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, our sleep was determined by natural, natural rhythms – that is, the length of the light day. Since there was no electricity, most people went to bed at sunset, and they woke up shortly before dawn. Duration of sleep naturally varied depending on the season and ranged from 7 to 12 hours.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, which brought electricity to the world, everything changed. In an industrial society, life was imperceptibly organized to meet the requirements of industry. So from this period, the dream of man began to correspond not to the natural rhythms of nature, but to the imposed rhythm of the city.

Depression primarily violates a person’s normal sleep patterns. A person needs more time to sleep, he often wakes up at night or long before dawn. Quite justified concern about poor sleep only exacerbates the situation, sleep becomes even worse, which in turn depletes the body even more, and so on. However, not everyone reacts to depression with insomnia, some, on the contrary, feel very sleepy and get up in the mornings with great difficulty.

If we wake up at night, we usually toss and turn for a long time, greatly worrying about the fact that we cannot fall asleep. And in vain. The fact is that the sleep of any person includes four phases, the duration of which is 120 minutes. So if you woke up and you can not fall asleep – do not worry – until the next two-hour sleep period you have plenty of time – you can, for example, read.

The onset of the long-awaited two-hour period of sleep will be marked by a nap, while it is better not to waste time, and, going to bed, focus not on wanting to sleep, but just relax – then you will soon find yourself in the arms of Morpheus.

An adult person usually needs 7-8 hours of sleep. But here everything is purely individual. Someone needs 11 hours to feel vigorous and confident, and someone, like Napoleon, is enough 4. Lack of sleep is fraught with serious disorders of the nervous system. Sleep restores not so much the physical activity of a person (the heart works day and night), as psychological balance. During sleep, our body produces hormones that are responsible for the growth and restoration of body functions.

The most important thing is not to fall into a vicious circle – when depression provokes insomnia, and insomnia further intensifies the depression. A rather large percentage of people suffer from insomnia – for example, about 20 million people in the United States, 12 million people in Germany, 9 million people in France. There are no official statistics for Russia – but according to preliminary data – more than 10 million Russians are well acquainted with insomnia.

Dance from Depressed

Dance is the oldest of the arts. It reflects the original need of a person to convey to others around his feelings with the help of universal body language. For a primitive man, dance was both a way of thinking and a way of life. Almost all the important events in the life of an ancient man were celebrated with dances: birth, death, war, election of a new leader, healing of the sick. The dance expressed prayers for rain, for the sun, for fertility, for protection and forgiveness. Love, work and ritual – all these concepts were embodied in dance movements.

The dance was not just connected with life, the dance was life itself – for example, in the language of the Mexican Indians Tarahumara, the concepts “work” and “dance” are expressed by the same word. The ancient man did not have a regulated technique of dance, but excellent physical training allowed the dancers to fully surrender to the dance and dance with absolute dedication. Dances of this kind can still be seen on the islands of the southern Pacific Ocean, in Africa and in Central and South America.

About the special attitude to dance in ancient Greece, says the fact that the muse of dance and choral singing Terpsichore was included in the pantheon of deities. In India, in accordance with the Hindu legend, the world was created by the dancing god Shiva. With his divine dance, Shiva destroyed the hostile demons, and since then the gods have always danced. The dance was regarded as a divine manifestation, a gift of the gods to humanity. In Sanskrit, “dance” and “drama” are denoted by the same word – “natya”, which reflects the continuity of these concepts, and one of the basic concepts in the ancient dances of the East is “nritta” – pure dance for the sake of dance, in which the dancer completely surrenders the elements of music and rhythm.

The concept of “dance” has changed a lot over the past centuries – unfortunately, in the understanding of modern man, dance is nothing more than gestures at a disco, or the dances of professional dancers, for dance there is a special room and

Most importantly, there are no people who do not dance. As the classic said, everyone dances. Naturally, there is not a traditional dance, where there are rules, numerous steps and regulated movements, but a dance devoid of any rules in which only the body dances and the mind is turned off. We are not professional dancers performing on the dance floor. By the way – often professional dancers often fail to completely surrender to such a spontaneous dance, since many standard schemes, beautiful and honed movements are already fixed in the head.

Dance does not have to learn. Everything happens quite simply. For this you only need to retire for a while and put on music. Which one? This is not the main thing. The main thing is that you like her. And once again – you do not dance for someone. You – just dance, and this dance is the disappearance from this world.

Dance is a great not doing. Ideally, you don’t dance yourself, but simply follow the spontaneous movements of your body. The main thing is to lull the main enemy – the mind, which thinks about the following: how beautiful my movements are, if the music and stomping is too loud, how to drop something, and how someone would come and take me for a psycho

At a short time, thoughts disappear, the world around us disappears, and you completely immerse yourself in this state. And you feel pleasure. But the most important thing is not only pleasant, but also useful, because it allows you to cope with stress and depression. Recently, clubs and dance therapy studios began to appear in the cities. In dance therapy classes it is much easier to get into a state of true dance, since the energy of the dancer is combined with the energy of the group. Usually such activities turn into a fascinating process, allowing you to gradually get rid of many body clips caused by stress, the existence of which we most often do not even suspect.

Rebirth vs Depressed

For those who do not know, these are special breathing techniques that allow a person to enter an AES (an altered state of consciousness). In the technique itself there is nothing difficult, but the first few sessions must be held in a group under the guidance of an instructor. Then you can do it yourself, in consultation with the instructor.

If to be extremely brief, then during rebirthing, a small part of the unconscious in the form of images, sounds, bodily impulses penetrates the consciousness

Of course, rebirth feelings during depression will be different from normal. For example, my feelings of horror, fear and anxiety increased. All this increased during the session (which lasted

This technique is ideal for many people, but not everyone can breathe for a long time, and for this reason, personally, my relationship with rebirthing did not work out. And so – something to advise is meaningless here. Try it. Today, many interesting books have been published on this topic.

The Most Important About Depression

Yes – it is possible with the help of some drugs to bring the biochemical processes in the brain back to normal, it is possible to increase the level of serotonin with the help of running for a while;

But all this applies only to the physical or somatic (from the soma – the body) level. And violations at the body level are the result of violations at a higher level – the spiritual. Never, even the purest somatic can determine the level of a person’s Spirit. This, like clear eyes, cannot guarantee that it is not a murderer in front of you, and the perfection of the body cannot determine the perfection of conscience. Everyone knows the proverb “In a healthy body there is a healthy Spirit,” but not all — that it completely sounds like this: “In a healthy body, a healthy Spirit does not always happen.” Isn’t it true, the meaning has changed a little.

Depression is primarily a disease not of the body, but of the soul. And this question is no longer in medical science, but. Someone like. These issues are covered in more detail in the Depression and Religion section. Probably, there is no single and correct religion – each of us has his own way, and man is beautiful and great precisely in his uniqueness. Truly the "ways of God are inscrutable."

And yet the main thing is, of course, Vera. And not necessarily – faith in God. If you really believe in what you are doing, that should work. This applies even to such, seemingly completely mechanical methods, such as the adoption of antidepressants. Any psychiatrist will tell You – if You do not believe, then there is no point in accepting them. It still does not help.

And yet – time. It is during the depression that it stretches so long and despondently. I want everything at once. But so, unfortunately, does not happen. Sometimes it seems that nothing changes, nothing helps, everything remains the same. But usually – this is a consequence of the typical pessimistic mood with depression. In fact, everything changes. Only slowly. So slow.

Maybe you also ask yourself this question: “Why me?”. And the truth is “why?”. Nothing in this world is just like that. Your depression is not accidental either. Yes – it destroys the personality, takes power, but for some reason you suffer from depression, and someone suffers from severe pain in the joints all his life (and he also asks himself this eternal question – God – why me?).

By the way – about the joints … A few years ago, having difficulty getting out of the networks of another depresnyak, I prayed – let me be sent instead of mental anguish – physical ones. It was not a request, it was the cry of the soul of a stupid little man to the Great Universe. And she heard me. So it happened. I got my body agony. My joints ached. The pain was dull, aching, exhausting. I lasted for several months, after which I again cried out with a request to return everything to its place, as if this stupid request of mine was not at all. So it happened.

All of the above is aimed at accomplishing any actions – you understand, “water does not flow under a recumbent stone,” but there are exceptions. Sometimes it is wiser not to direct the rest of your forces against the powerful vector of depression, but lie on the bottom, lie low. Hurricane breaks large and strong trees, and flexible nails to the ground. Not every situation can be changed, but it is possible to adapt to the majority. For hundreds of years, our fathers and grandfathers have been praying: Lord, give me the strength to change what I can change; humility to live with what I can not change; and wisdom to distinguish one from the other. This is called – humility.

Deep and prolonged depressions often take away all mental and bodily forces, and there is no possibility, meaning, strength to do anything. And in this case – the only possibility remains, for granted – to WAIT. Yes – when every second inside is only emptiness and cold, it is very difficult to wait. Every day, to wade through time, when endless and gray days add up to endless and empty weeks, and weeks to months. And nothing changes. Nothing happens. And during this period, You have only one weapon – please do not deprive yourself of it – this knowledge that depression cannot last forever. Yes, during this period it seems that nothing will ever change, that it will always be like this, but, believe me, it will definitely end. Just keep that knowledge.

Great connoisseur of human souls

And finally – about the most important thing – about hope. It is she who dies last. If there is no thread of hope, then there is nothing to cling to. Without hope, a person cannot live long, and sometimes he cannot live at all. But even if everything seems very gloomy and there is no way out, know that any, even if the most severe depression ever ends, and you will go out into the light.

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