How to make a woman feel good in bed

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How to make a woman feel good in bed

Horoscope Taurus women

Taurus Woman: Appearance

Taurus women, as a rule, have magnificent forms and an attractive feminine figure, they have a thin waist, rounded thighs, and large breasts. Even if they are plump (and this is how it often happens), it doesn’t spoil them at all. They are always charming and fresh, their movements are smooth and graceful, their soft calm glance has to itself. Taurus women have a well-developed sense of smell, they do not like to smoke, they know how to choose the most suitable perfumery and cosmetics for their individual image.

Taurus-woman – behavior characteristic

It is pleasant to communicate with the women of this zodiac sign, they are smart, they are pleasant and subtle interlocutors, grateful listeners, who do not allow themselves to speak out at someone’s address rudely and categorically, behave calmly, without showing unnecessary emotions. But, if they start to object, such women can quickly lose composure. They adequately respond to argued claims and comments, but, as the horoscope warns, a Taurus-woman is able to reincarnate into a real fury, if someone allows himself to be nagged over trifles or for no reason.

The greatest joys in the lives of women born under this sign are home, children and favorite work. With all their heart, they strive for nature, and if in everyday life there is no possibility for this, they try to compensate for this by breeding houseplants. The way of life of Taurus women cannot be called active at all; they were born entirely for another.

Zodiac sign Taurus – a woman in work and career

It would be unjust to imagine these incredibly feminine creations by lesser women and sons. Taurus women love and know how to work, ready to give their beloved work a lot of time and effort. Strong will, incredible patience and excellent self-control help them to achieve success. Taurus women tend to be well-provided financially, so they try to choose activities that would bring them good income. At the same time, they choose what they really like, otherwise they simply cannot bring themselves to work in full force and achieve the desired results. Taurus does not work just like that, sifting working time: they certainly need to feel satisfaction from the results of their activities.

Taurus woman in love

The majority of Taurus women are polygamous by nature, and they can have several partners at the same time. It is noteworthy that each of them can be equally expensive for them, and they are also afraid of losing everyone. But, if a woman of this sign truly loves, the second half will have no reason to doubt her marital fidelity, she becomes a reliable and incredibly loyal friend.

Taurus woman in sex

Taurus women are famous for their femininity; tactile sensations and body contact are extremely important for them. They do not like primitive sex – as well as any manifestations of artlessness. The ladies of this sign are very demanding in this delicate matter and can drive a man in bed to a state of squeezed lemon, but at the same time the partner will experience maximum pleasure and will not regret a single gram that he has got such a tireless friend. No less gamut of sensations is experienced by a Taurus woman in bed and herself.

Taurus woman in marriage

A great many men dream of such life partners as the Taurus women are in marriage. Many representatives of this zodiacal sign see their life mission in the arrangement of their family nest. The character of Taurus-woman does not allow her to marry anyone, she makes high demands on her future husband, but she herself becomes a reliable partner for him, an excellent mother of his children and a skillful, zealous mistress. Such a spouse will never encroach on her husband’s self-esteem, will willingly give up his right to be the head of the family. At the same time, she behaves with great dignity and does not allow anyone to humiliate a woman and a man in herself.

Signs of the Zodiac: Taurus-woman – the hostess of the house

For the most part, Taurus women are excellent mistresses, there are few such people in the Zodiac. Their house is always literally licked, but that’s not all: as owners of delicate taste, Taurus can skillfully beat the most unprofitable layout, create a beautiful and comfortable interior, being limited by very modest financial possibilities. Their home always smells good, most likely there will be a lot of flowers. These women are economical, do not allow themselves to squander money and manage to turn the house into a full bowl, making it so that relatives do not need anything. They are always happy to receive dear guests, who will certainly be generously and deliciously treated, but only if they come at their invitation.

Characteristic of Taurus-woman – mother

The importance of maternity for women Taurus is difficult to overestimate. Such a mother is inclined to devote all her free time to children. Children can always count on her help – in deed, advice, moral support. The closeness of the relationship between mothers and children persists even when they grow up. At the same time, a Taurus woman can be very, very demanding and even turn into a loving tyrant. However, something that does not take away from her is the fact that she will show children by her personal example what love and selfless devotion to the family are.

Who is suitable for Taurus woman on a horoscope to create a family

How to make a woman feel good in bed

If a woman is Taurus, compatibility promises to be very good with representatives of such signs of the Zodiac as Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn.

What to give Taurus-woman

A gift to a Taurus woman may be purely practical in nature – she will not accept, as a hint of discrimination, a microwave oven or electric meat grinder. But do not forget that she is a representative of the fair sex, the very embodiment of femininity, fertility, the strength of the earth. She will surely like a beautiful decoration, the main thing is that it was not cheap and looked solid. Products made of gold or high-quality silver with natural stones are an excellent gift for Taurus-women, but in this case it is better not to even remember jewelery. A win-win option – any beautiful, have aesthetic value items that adorn the home, workplace; for example, beautiful dishes, pretty flower pots. People of the Zodiac sign Taurus are very sensual, and if the gift is pleasant to the touch or publishes a delicate aroma, then it will please twice. It is difficult to make a mistake by presenting an original sweet gift to the Taurus woman, for example, a chocolate bouquet – she will certainly appreciate such an offering.

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