How to make reflexology

Thai massage is a rather complicated method of recovery, which includes a whole range of different ways to affect your body: acupuncture, passive yoga, reflexology, stretching and effects on energy points. For several centuries, the practice of Thai massage has been shaped by the philosophical and religious teachings of Southeast Asia. Therefore, to speak of it as an ordinary physiological procedure would be wrong. In addition to the impact on the human body, it also implies an impact on the energy and mental systems of the body.

Here we give a list of diseases in which Thai massage is either impossible or undesirable. However, it should be understood that each person is individual, and therefore it is very difficult to take into account the characteristics of each and every one in one article. If you have any doubts, it is better to consult your doctor and ask if you can do such procedures.

Absolute contraindications

Include a list of diseases in which Thai massage can not be done categorically:

      • malignant neoplasms (before radical treatment);
      • gangrene;
      • acute renal and cardiovascular failure;
      • tendency to thrombosis;
      • active tuberculosis;
      • osteomyelitis;
      • acute inflammatory diseases (including respiratory and venereal);
      • peripheral nerve injuries;
      • lack of function of the circulatory system and heart failure III degree;
      • artery disease;
      • mental disorders associated with excessive arousal;
      • aneurysm of blood vessels and aorta;
      • HIV infection;
      • blood diseases, bleeding of various etiologies or a tendency to them;
      • peripheral vascular atherosclerosis;
      • thromboangiitis, along with atherosclerosis of the brain vessels;
      • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
      • feverish conditions;
      • injuries (fractures, sprains, bruises, sprains);
      • state of intoxication (hangover, poisoning);
      • postpartum and post-abortion period (2 months);
      • inflammatory, purulent, infectious processes, for example, furunculosis;
      • lymphadenitis, lymphangitis;
      • hyper-hypotonic and cerebral crises;
      • fractures, bruises, sprains, dislocations;
      • allergic conditions accompanied by skin manifestations (rash, swelling, itching, peeling);
      • alcohol intoxication;
      • acute pain syndrome;
      • the postoperative period and the period after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

      Local contraindications

      This implies either a moderate effect or the complete exclusion of any parts of the body from the massage system. If you have local contraindications, it is better to notify the master in advance.

      How to make reflexology

      But here lies a small catch. Sometimes it is difficult to describe the essence of a medical problem by simply pointing out a sore spot. And even if you are fluent in English, it’s not a fact that the master will understand you correctly. But! At the same time, he will still say: “Okay”, smile and nod.

      This Thais obliges their mentality: they always try to help and are very afraid to upset someone. That is why they always and with all agree, even when they do not understand you or can not help. Perhaps at this moment they think that the farang just decided to chat and nod their heads, confirming that they were listening to his spiritual outpourings.

      Therefore, having local contraindications, you must not only announce them to the master, but also try to make sure that he understands you. The easiest way, in this case, is to ask not to touch the problem area at all, pointing at it with a finger and saying “Dont touch” – in English “don’t touch”, or “May” – in Thai “no”. Words, in this case, it is better to back up with eloquent prohibitory gestures.

          • with hernia of the spine, only smooth extensions are shown, active massaging of the hernia and torsion region is excluded;
          • massage of areas affected by fungal, viral and bacterial pathogens;
          • massage of the localization of benign tumors (massage of other parts of the body should be gentle);
          • massage of the excision of the tumor of various etiologies;
          • massage protruding moles;
          • Massage of the localization of varicose veins;
          • breast massage for mastopathy, pregnancy or lactation;
          • massage of the abdomen with umbilical hernia, menstruation, pregnancy, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system;
          • massage of lymph nodes and the thyroid area.

          In addition to contraindications, those who wish to take a Thai massage course should know a few more recommendations:

          1. It is not recommended to massage on an empty and crowded stomach. Ideally, after a meal should pass 2 hours.
          2. During the session, you can not talk, eliminated the use of cell phones and interrupt the procedure. The process of massage is like a dance – it must take place in a certain rhythm, in accordance with the patient’s breathing and with a certain psychological attitude.
          3. Pain during Thai massage is normal, however, it should not be too strong. If something bothers you, let the master know.
          4. In the room where the massage takes place should not be too hot or cold.
          5. Avoid doing Thai massage under stress. Try to bring thoughts and nerves in order before the procedure.
          6. Ethics is the most important place for Thai massage. There should be an atmosphere of goodwill and trust between the patient and the masseur.

          As you can see, the list of all kinds of "but" turned out quite impressive. However, do not treat it as a kind of rigid system.

          Massage as one of the effects on the human body can, at times, work wonders, and the real master will always find a way to get around sharp corners and help his patient. And Thai specialists, thanks to centuries of experience and a special approach, brilliantly cope with this task.

          My husband and I are going to visit a country like Thailand, but I really want to do a Thai massage …. but I really doubt that I can do this if I have a thyroid disease … although there are multiple nodes of the right 3mm to 10mm., On the left 4-21-9-25- eleven

          Hello, Love. Although the article is written by a person with medical education, but it covers only general cases. Moreover, traditional Thai massage includes vein cleansing and acupressure, sometimes it is quite a painful procedure, so in your case it is still better to contact a specialist for advice.

          Good) tell me, please, and when you have a cold (at night there was a temperature of 39, then paracetamol was shot down), is it possible to go traditional for Thai

          Good day. I had an accident at the end of 2011. After the operation I have a plate in the right shoulder and the right side of the pelvis, Can I do a Thai massage?

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