Human foot bones

Psalm to David, not inscribed with a Jew, 32

1 Rejoice, praise, of the Lord, praise to the right. 2 Consummate Goslepev in Gusleh, in the Psalter a ten-shrine drink to Him. 3 Sing unto him a song to a new son, pray unto him with an exclamation: 4 i’m right of the Lord, and all his work is in faith. 5 He loves charity and judgment. Lord, the mercies of the Lord, the earth. 6 With the word of the Lord, the heaven will be established, and by the breath of His mouth all their strength. 7 Gather together the fur of the waters of the sea, that shall be consigned to the congregations. 8 May the LORD assassinate all the earth; from Him it is that all people will move in the universe. 9 Yako That speech, and bysh, That mood, and created. 10 The Lord ravages the councils of tongues, sweeps away the thoughts of the people, and sweeps away the councils of the princes. 11 And the Lord descends forever in the age, the thoughts of his brother to the race and generation. 12 Blazhan language, he has the Lord his God, people, I will choose to inherit myself. 13 From heaven the priest Lord, apparently all the sons of mankind. 14 From the gospel of the habitation of his own priest to all the inhabitants of the earth. 15 Creating on their own heart, understand all their work. 16 The king is not saved by many forces, and the kingdom is not saved by the multitude of strength of his strength. 17 The horse lies in safety, but in the multitude of its own forces it is not saved. 18 The eyes of the Lord is upon his fear, trusting in the mercy of his. 19 Get rid of the death of their souls, and prepare me in Glad. 20 Our soul is the cup of the Lord, I am the Helper and our Protector is. 21 For it is our heart that rejoices in Him, and in His holy trust. 22 Budy, Gospodi, Thy mercy upon us, even as trust in thee.

1 Psalm to David, always change his face before Abimelech, and let him go, and otyide, 33

2 Bless the Lord for all time, let out his praise in my mouth. 3 About the Lord the soul of mine will boast, let the rabbitas hear and cheer. 4 Exalt the Lord with me, and lift up his taste. 5 Search of the Lord and hear me, and from all the sorrows my name beats me. 6 Go to Him and enlighten, and your person will not be ashamed. 7 This beggar cried, and the Lord hears both, and save him from all his sorrows. 8 And the angel shall be opposed Gord, the Lord of those who fear Him, and will cut them off. 9 Taste and see, for good is the Lord; blessed husband, nanja relies later. 10 O ye of the Lord, all his sanctifies, I will not be deprived of him that fear him. 11 The impoverishment of God is impoverished and forced, the exacting Lord does not lose all good. 12 Come, watch, listen to me, teach the Lord God. 13 Who is a man at least alive, loving the days of seeing good? 14 Withhold your tongue from evil, and your mouth, you shall not delight in flattery. 15 Avoid evil and create good. Seek the world, and marry. 16 The eyes of the LORD are for the righteous, and his ears to his prayer. 17 Now the face of the Lord, upon creative evil, even consume from the earth to memorize them. 18 Rejoice in righteousness, and the Lord hear them, and from all their afflictions deliver them. 19 And near the Lord of the broken of the heart, he saves the humble spirit. 20 Many are righteous, and from all of them shall I deliver the Lord. 21 Jehovah keeps all their bosom, not one of them is broken. 22 The death of the sinners of Lutha, and those who are hated by the righteous, is sinned. 23 The Lord slave his own servants, and does not sin all who trust in him.


Psalm to David, 34

1 Judge, Gospodi, bestial me, conquer boryuschyya me. 2 Accept weapons and shield, and rejoice in my assistance. 3 Get rid of the sword, and make the pursuit of the pursuers. Rums of my soul: I am your salvation Az. 4 Let them that look at my soul shrink and be confounded, let them turn back and shame at thinking evil. 5 Let dust be upon the face of the wind, and the angel of the Lord will insult them. 6 May their way be tma and a sweetheart, and an angel, O Lord, drive them: 7 I’m tucked away by my own sacrifice of my net, put my soul to my heart. 8 Let the net come to him, not the message, and the catch, hide beneath, let him and in the net and fall into nude. 9 My soul will rejoice over the Lord, rejoice in his salvation. 10 All the waters of my river: Gospodi, Gospodi, who is like thee? Deliver the nigh from the hands of the strongholds of him, and of the nest, and of the fear of the people who plunder him. 11 Laughing at the witness of the nepravednii, I did not know, asking me. 12 Thou shalt reward a sly good and blessing of my soul. 13 But as always, when they have been chilling, put their clothes in the rape, and humble with my steadfast souls, and my prayer in my back will come back. 14 I am to the brother of our God, to please, to cry and cry, to humble himself. 15 And on me, rejoice and gather together: gather on me wounds, and know not, be divided, and be not pricked. 16 tempt me, imitate me by imitation, scratch your teeth with your teeth. 17 Gospodi, when uzrishi I will please my soul from their wickedness, from my lord my lord one. 18 Bless you in the midst of the multitude, in which the people praise thee. 19 Let them not rejoice in my enmity unwillingly, because they hate the tuna and put on a wipe. 20 Yako is a world to me, and to the wrath of affection for reason. 21 Extend upon me the mouth, resh: good, good, our eyes to our eyes. 22 Edel, Gospodi, but not shut up. Gospodi, do not depart from me. 23 Rejoice, Goshpodi, and see my judgment, God, and Goshpod, on my line. 24 Judge MI, Gosspodi, according to Your righteousness, Cause God, and may they not rejoice in me. 25 Let not a river rest in its heart: good, good is our soul, even so long a river: shake it. 26 Let them be ashamed, and taste good with those who are evil with mine, and clothe themselves in the studio and shame of those who testify to me. 27 Let the truths of mine rejoice and be merry, and let the river flow out: let the Lord magnify, although his peace of slave. 28 And my tongue shall learn thy righteousness, all day long thou praise.

1 In the end, the Lord Lord David, 35

2 Verbal unpretentious sin in itself: there is no fear of God before his cleansing. 3 Yako ultsti before him to find his own defense and hate. 4 Verbal lips of his lack of privacy and flattery, do not delight in his mind even delight. 5 Seeker does not think of his own on his own: to present any way to evil, for evil does not mean indignation. 6 Gospodi, to Heaven, Thy mercy and Thy truth unto the cloud. 7 Thy pravda, the mountain of God, the destiny of thy soul is the multitude. The men and beasts of salvation, Gospodi. 8 Yako has multiplied hastiness thy mercy, God, to the son of humanity in the king of Your krul, they hope to have them. 9 Feel off from the couch of your house, and in the stream of your sweetness, feed me. 10 Yako has the source of your abdomen; in thy light shall we see light. 11 Try your mercy with Thy guiding self and your righteous with your right heart. 12 Let not the leg of pride come to me, and let a sinner’s hand and not move me. 13 The fall of a tree is all without peace: izrinoveni byy, and will not be able to become.

Human foot bones


Psalm to David, 36

1 Not jealous deceitful, below dependent creating lawlessness. 2 Zanev Yako grass will soon be shattered, because the grain of the grain will soon disappear. 3 Trust in the Lord, and make good, and populate the earth, and take refuge in the riches of it. 4 Enjoy Messiah, and give ti the promise of your guard. 5 Open your way to the Lord, and trust in him, and she will do it: 6 and will extinguish, as the light, your great and your destiny, as an afternoon. 7 O Lord obey and beg him. Not jealous of hiding in the way of his own, the person who creates a crime. 8 Pause from anger and remain strong, not jealous even crafty. 9 An evil adversary is demanded, but the tolerant of the Lord, they will sit after the earth. 10 And it is still small, and there shall not be a sinner, and those who seek his reproach, and shall not be ordained. 11 Krottsy will see the earth and enjoy the multitude of the world. 12 Sin the righteous sinful, and grit his teeth. 13 But the Lord will dare him, he will look weak, for his day will come. 14 Take the sword of sinners, strain your bow, lower the sacrifice and poverty, and pledge the rules of the heart. 15 Let their sword fall into their hearts and crush their faces. 16 Better than a little priesthood, more than the richness of sinners. 17 Zane, the sinners of the sinful afflicted, affirms the righteous Lord. 18 The message of the Lord is the way of the barrows, and their inheritance shall be in the age. 19 They shall not be ashamed in the time of adversity, and in the daytime will be filled, I sinners shall perish. 20 But adversity of the Lord, greatly glorify them and ascend, and smoke and smoke disappeared. 21 A sinner is a sinner and will not return, the righteous is generous and gives. 22 For it is so that those who bless him will set the earth on earth, and his maple wood needs it. 23 The feet of the Lord are corrected from the Lord, and the way will be exalted by the green. 24 When it falls, it shall not be broken, I the Lord strengthens his hand. 25 The youngest was, for he was old and not left the holy priest left, his seed begging for bread was below his seed. 26 All the day long he mercies and gives the righteous in return, and he will be blessed with it. 27 Turn from evil and create good, and dwell in the age of ages. 28 Yako, the Lord loves judgment, and does not leave His reverend, for everlasting. Wrongless women are worn out, and the wicked are consumed. 29 And the women of honor shall inherit the earth and inhabit the age of ages upon it. 30 The Holy One shall be taught by the Precedence, and the court will make him tongue wicked. 31 The laws of his God are in his heart, and his feet shall not fall. 32 He smiles the sinful of the righteous, and seeks to kill him. 33 But the Lord will not leave him in his hand; he will condemn him below; he always judges him. 34 Be patient of the Lord, and preserve his way, and will exalt thee, even see the earth, always consume the sinners of usrishi. 35 The wydeh of the wicked is exalted and risen, for the cage of Lebanon. 36 And it came to pass, and it was not, and it was not that he sought, nor could his place be received. 37 Kindness is harmless and right, since there is a rest of human peace. 38 Without women, the one who drinks is consumed; the rest of the wicked are consumed. 39 But the salvation of the righteous were from the Lord, and there is their Protector in the time of the garbage. 40 And the Lord will help them, and will slaughter them, and take them from the sinner, and save them, I trust in Him.

Human foot bones


According to the 5th kafim, the Trisagion.

The same troparion, voice 5.

Sugar Thy Throne, my wicked living. And who will kill me then the needs of the day, if not you have prayed for me, Christ, God, Yako Shchedr and the Lover of God?

Glory: The guardianship of the life of exile on paradise, and that co-created, despair. Be honest to the gates and the call: Gospodi, Gospodi, repented and saved me.

And now: Cue to name your temple, Bogoroditsa? Is the harbor spiritual? or heaven of peace Heavenly, is the life of life unfinished? All blessings of the Good, always pray for Christ to save our soul.

Gospodi, have mercy (40) and prayer:

Bosporus, the Great and Mysterious Mantra, Mysterious Hearts, Mysterious Hearts far away Accept weapons and shield and rejoice in my help: draw the sword and make resistance to those who drive me. Prohibit an unclean spirit from the face of my madness, and let the spirit of non-love and wickedness, the spirit of envy and flattery, the spirit of fear and despondency, the spirit of pride and all evil, stand apart from my mind; and yes, every kind of blessing is there, and the motions of the gods are as follows: and with all your holy shrines are the pious and great name of thy, the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and in the age of ages, Amen.

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