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Poems about friendship sincere and warm. And if they exist, then there is true friendship, strong, such as it should be ideally. Who can be called a true friend? Most likely, you value a person with whom you can go anywhere, a person you trust and respect, you love, in the end, as a brother, sister.

No wonder they say that friendship is love without wings. Probably, this is the case, because a real friend is sometimes closer than a brother, sister. You have with him (her) not only common interests, views on life, you have common secrets. Someone believes in female friendship, and someone is sure that it does not exist in nature. Everyone has their own opinion, their own life experience and their own right.

But here is that there are amazing friendship poems surely no one doubts. So, I offer a wonderful selection of poems – poems about friendship.

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Poems about friendship

A friend is known in luck.

A friend is known in luck Just sometimes, as in trouble. If he does not hide his soul Feelings are not kept in check. A friend is known in luck. If your friend’s luck does not please, it means that your friend is sly like a snake. Or the bitter envy of Reason overshadowed him, And, for your success, gape, He will not forgive anything. He will not forgive … But otherwise He will tell you about it. A friend is known in luck More than sometimes in trouble.

It’s time, my friend, it’s time.

It’s time, my friend, it’s time! peace of heart asks – Flying days after days, and every hour carries a piece of life, and the two of you and I Assume to live, and just look – just die. There is no happiness in the world, but there is peace and will. It has long been an enviable dream I share – Long, tired slave, I planned to escape Into the abode of distant works and pure neg.

Poems about friendship

And you will find a true friend, And you will pass the path along a bumpy life Shoulder to shoulder with him. Fate for two, like a song. It is given to you forever. Love, hope and faith. In the reward of the living is given.

Poems about friendship

In life, everyone has his own way. Go over the line of egoism And for friendship, open your heart, Contrary a spark of optimism. Let the fire of this friendship burn, The darkness around you burns And, as the most powerful magnet, the Bright World, the beautiful one will attract.

Poems about friendship

We do not need to explain with you, After all, we know a long time ago, What it means is true friendship And how we are destined to be friends! We are for each other, if necessary Into the fire and into the water without fear! And it will be a true reward Walking with each other having fun! And all the barriers we are not in the burden, And life together is easy to pass! We share the joy for two And all the bad weather on the way!


I’m still a child, sixty meter tall, Awkward giraffe. Come to the Zoo.

And I am friends with Uncle Boreas, He is my father and mother to feed me from a bottle And put me to sleep in the hay.

I kiss him in response, I will allow myself to hug, I will begin to lick my tender, big tongue of my hand!

It is not easy to live here without a mother, But I will say without embellishment: Uncle Boris is the best! Tender friendship with us.

Poems about friendship

In spite of any adversity you always carefully keep your friendship. Push the world around you. Help true friends. It’s better not to joke with deception, After all, they will disperse to the side of the road. And if you endure the pain in this world, Friends will remain forever with you.

In kindergarten kids.

In kindergarten kids – All such naughty girls! Children went for a walk. Time! – Peter rushes from the hill. Two! – Vanyusha is flying behind him. Three! – on the carousel Ksyusha. And four! – in the house of Nick. Five! – standing with a bucket Olya. Six! – Mitya plays with the ball. Seven! – Vitya gets off his horse. Eight! – with doll Natasha. Nine! – next Masha jumps. Ten! – along the path Fedya Rides a bicycle.

And now the opposite: Ten! – on a bicycle Fedya goes along the path! Nine! – Masha briskly jumps. Eight! – c doll Natasha. Seven! – Vitya gets off his horse. Six! – throws the ball Mitya. Five! – Olya is waving a bucket. And four! – in the house of Nick. Three! – on the carousel Ksyusha. Two! – Vanyusha is flying from the mountain. Time! – below laughs Peter. No friends guys in the world!


How to start a candy there, I do not count my friends. And the candy ran out, And there are no friends at all. For each candy, So p pve from her hands. Why do I need this friend? I myself love candy.

Poems about friendship

Friendship is a warm wind, Friendship is a bright world, Friendship is the sun at dawn, For the soul is a merry feast.

Friendship is only happiness, Friendship is one of people. With friendship, bad weather is not terrible, With friendship – life is full in spring.

A friend will share pain and joy, A friend will support and save. With a friend – even an evil weakness In a moment, it will melt and go away.

Believe, keep, value the same friendship, This is the highest ideal. She will serve you. After all, friendship is a valuable gift!

I have a lot of friends

I have many friends: Lena, Tanechka, Sergey. We sing songs with Lena, With Tanya we will go for a walk, And Seryozhka has a whole day to tease Us is not too lazy!

We live together in school: Together we learn, we grow, We learn about everything in the world, About other such children, How they live and what to do.

Everyone needs to be friends – Anya, Vite, Nastya, Dima, We are all best friends, A friend without a friend we cannot. We get smarter and grow, We live a lot at school.

Let the teacher believe – We will not let her down!


We quarreled with my girlfriend And sat down in the corners. Very boring friend without buddies! We need to make peace. I did not offend her – Only held the bear, Only ran away with the bear And said: "I will not give it up!". I will go and make peace, I will give her a bear, I apologize, I will give her a ball, I will give a tram And I will say: "Come on, let’s play!"


Friends with the sun breeze, And dew – with grass. Friends of a flower with a butterfly, We are friends with you. All with friends in half We are happy to share! Just quarrel with friends. Never!

Friendship verse

Today we walked … It was hot … We swam … After – in the park, on the carousel, In the zoo, where they became brutalized, And then we went again, My friends and I took a walk. So they prokolesili all day, time was famously spent, Well, tomorrow for things Straight together! Straight from the morning! Why is it boring for us? Just together we are handy! We all help each other, We call this friendship!

We are friends – two Yashki, Called us "doubles". “What a difference!” – They say pedestrians. And I have to explain, That we are not brothers at all, We are friends – two Jacob, Our name is the same.

Poems about friendship

Everybody spoke about friendship, But suddenly I understand it myself, That only for you now is responsible, After all, you are my true, true friend! And so that in our life does not happen. Be sure – I will always come! I want, that only joy, happiness, grief and a trouble have got to Us!

I now have a friend, a faithful and faithful. Without him, I like no hands, If frankly. We walk in the courtyard, We play merrily, Soon to school in September Together we walk. To a friend, I will tell any secret without fear. I carry him chops, Hiding under his shirt. Eat, my little buddy, What else are you up to? You are still a puppy, And you know how to be friends.

I draw on the pavement With colorful crayons In a snow-white delicate dress Mom with blue flowers I will write lower "Mom" Let it be uneven, even crooked, For her, for the very-very, Most sweet and beautiful.

Open my mind


Maybe your neighbor Ripped off your pants, Broke your stool And tore two books? Maybe he himself is not happy, What happened? – So many pranks in a row He happened. You cry, scream, Zastaysh feet, And, of course, run Complaining mom. And let’s forgive him, We will not tell anyone, We will not even be sad, We will not show Vida. You also live in the neighborhood So, we must be friends!


A friend, like love, arises spontaneously, Like cold in July, like thunder in January. And more often it is, oddly enough, Not in our youth, but in a wise season.

Yesterday, he is still – an unfamiliar passer-by, Nor "hello" at the meeting, nor after – "bye". And suddenly, you seemed to be nothing alike, Merged together, as in the river bed!

When everything is not so and the soul languishes, And a sunny day is like a dark night, A friend sincerely sympathizes with our misery, And in word and deed seeks to help.

How the rainbow light from the evening lightning your friend, no matter how far away from you, At the cries of despair everything will throw, primchitsya And you, winged, sigh easily.


Friends! Thank you for being! What are you next to me! You are alien, I know, envy, flattery, Words that hurt hurt.

Always ready to listen, give advice, instruction. And if trouble comes – Support, consolation.

Your smiles, like flowers, Give me joy, lightness. You are full of vitality. How nice to me with you!

Thank you for your kindness, responsiveness, participation. My friends! I love you! I wish you all happiness!


Never change friends. They can not be exchanged as a coin. You will understand this later – There is no closer friend in the world.

Never lose friends, You can’t measure that loss. An old friend will not return to you; You will not replace him with a new friend.

And you should not offend your friends – It will become a wound to the heart of an insult, Though friends can forgive, The door to their soul will be closed.

It is always necessary to take care of friendship. This feeling is longer than a century. The best friend never betrays, Just a devotion there is no man!


But do you really need to call your friend, When it’s dark on the road, When you don’t know the road And you don’t have the strength to go?

When trouble from all sides, When the sun – the night, Do not he see, Do not rush to help?

After all, he can not eat and sleep, When this suddenly! But. if a friend needs to be called – That is hardly a friend. Valentina Kosheleva


If a friend was suddenly And not a friend, and not an enemy, but – so, If you do not understand right away, Whether he is bad or good, – Take a guy in the mountains of the mountain – take a chance! Do not leave him alone, Let him in a bundle in the same with you – There you will understand who that is.

If the guy in the mountains is not ah, If you just faded away and – down, Step set foot on the glacier and – wilted, He stumbled – and into a cry, – So, next to you is a stranger, Do not scold him – drive: Do not take such up and then about these do not sing.

If he didn’t whine, didn’t whine, Suppose he was gloomy and angry, but – he was walking, And when you fell from the rocks, He moaned, but – he kept, If he was following you, as if in a fight, He stood drunk on the top, – So as on yourself, lean on it.


Come to me, girlfriend; In bad weather and rain, On a hot day, in frost and blizzard Come without a doubt.

I will wait, do not get bored, The meeting is very hot. I’ll give you tea Or something else.

I will feed you with dinner And at the holiday table I will lead a conversation with you, As always, about that, about this.

Let’s take a female soul, So as not to rebel. If you say a secret, I will not break it, I will manage to save everything.

We need someone else’s ears, So that the fire did not grow in the soul. And your ability to listen – A rare gift in our time.

Calmed down, in flight Let us soar like birds, we. Your simplicity and lightness – A bright ray in a stream of darkness.

About the cherished, about the girl All the day we talk, And longing in a bad guise Instantly dissipate like smoke.

I will not tell you what friendship means, I will give you both time and warmth – All that maybe you need more, Than the infinity of everyday words. I will give you strength and diligence, I will respond and come to you when Suddenly loneliness and wonder wait Drown mood to the bottom. I will help, when suddenly it becomes difficult, I will try to understand your unusual world And the light in my window will always be lit Against the background of the rest of you other people’s apartments. I will not tell you what friendship means. It seems to me that words are superfluous here, You just ask me what you need, And I will come when others do not come.

There is no more expensive gift than the attention of loved ones, friends. The stars smile at me brightly And my soul has become brighter. Night opens its arms, Day problems do not. I dress happiness as a dress, So inside does not hurt me. We are so often very lonely. We are looking for our heart as light. And with hope we look at the windows, Where love is, yours finds the answer. Do not lose friends, do not lose, let your memory cherish them, Just do not forget the good, Only go forward with the good!

I know how love is born. Tell and you do not need. But I fight the question again and again – Where does friendship come from? When you are a stranger, Yesterday did not even know the name, Becomes relatives forever – From this moment on, from now on. When, risking their own destiny, Peace, nerves, and maybe life, Do not leave a friend, stay with you, And go into battle, like a "warrior for the Fatherland." And you know – this is the only way! More important is the friendship of pleasures of the flesh, When there is a common enemy in front of friends. I. that Vysotsky did not lie loudly.

At night time, when I can’t sleep at all And when I don’t close my eyes I want friends to see faces And look at their kind eyes. As I would like to talk to them just now. With dear, good, family – Well, you can’t live without friends! And let them scattered around the world, And let them live in another country. We only cherish this friendship in order to be more reliable and stronger. If a friend is faithful to you and betrayed, He will understand everything without unnecessary phrases. You can tell him everything – The best friend will understand and will not betray. You will tell him all that was, He will share with you in response – This is the friendship, the strength And it is not stronger in the world.

To a friend

You are breathing all the joy, You will soon be free, And I will stay here again in this school that I hate.

Do not forget you about me among friends of another circle. For me, the Sparks of a devoted friend lurk for you.

So that I am not silent in the wilderness, To be your friend at the same time, I wrote this verse to you, Although I do not mean a poet

To friends

Envious, deaf, alien, And how would you live and work, Not knowing the eternal enmity!

What to do! After all, everyone tried to poison His own house, All walls are saturated with poison, And there is no place for the heads to bow!

What to do! Having come to believe in happiness, We laugh from laughter And, drunk, we look from the street, Our houses are crumbling!

Traitors in life and friendship, Empty word wasters, What to do! We are clearing the way For our distant sons!

When under the nettle fence Unhappy bones rot, Some late historian Will write an impressive work.

Open my mind

Here are just tortured, damned, Innocent guys Years of birth and death And a heap of nasty quotes.

The sad share is so difficult, It is so difficult and festive to live, And to become the property of the assistant professor, And to produce new critics.

To bury in fresh weeds, To forget to sleep forever! Shut up, damn books! I never wrote you!

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