Relieve emotional pain

Rosemary is one of the most popular spices, which is actively used to give a deep, rich flavor to hot dishes. But rosemary can be used not only as a spicy supplement: this plant has a wide range of antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, regulating properties that are completely transmitted to the essential oil made from rosemary leaves.

An impressive and very beautiful native of the Mediterranean slopes, from all the above-ground parts of which receive the same essential oil – a legendary plant. Its name indicates the seaside origin, and many people associate with the plant the legend of how the white-flowered shrub became blue-colored after the Virgin Mary hung her raincoat on it. But the legendary rosemary is not called therefore, because this spice is one of the first cultures that began to be used in religious rites and medical purposes, having the status of a sacred plant in ancient civilizations.

Even in the Middle Ages, fragrant rosemary was considered a special plant, it was used in smoking rituals to expel the devil and was actively used as a nearly omnipotent medicine. And let since then rosemary has long become more "culinary" than a medicinal plant, and today its bright and strong aroma evokes strong emotions.


Rosemary essential oil, or rather, from its leaves and flowering branches is extracted by steam distillation. If young plants are used to obtain aroma oils, they are used entirely.

Relieve emotional pain

Externally, rosemary oil is colorless or slightly yellowish, it is fluid, light, but affects primarily the fresh aroma of a leaflet that has just been rubbed between the fingers.

The bitter aroma of this aroma oil is surprisingly warm, it immediately creates a cozy atmosphere. A strong, rich, connecting notes of freshly cut herbs and the bitter aroma of peppermint, rosemary literally surrounds with a cloud of surprisingly clean smell.

Impact on the emotional sphere

Rosemary is the fragrance of the sun, contributing to success and strength. The warm aroma of rosemary carries inspiration, stimulates intellectual development and protects against negative impact. Immuno-fortifying oil enhances vital energy, stimulates activity and action.

In the emotional sphere, rosemary oil has a strengthening and harmonizing effect, helps overcome psychological and social barriers, eliminates uncertainty and excessive suspiciousness, strengthens memory and enhances intuition.

This is a fairly active aphrodisiac that stimulates sensuality and susceptibility.

It is believed that rosemary – the best oil for students, because it helps the development of memory and protects against mental fatigue.

Useful properties of rosemary oil

Rosemary oil combines restorative, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects. It is considered one of the best immunomodulatory and activating the internal forces of the body oils.

  • One of the main effects of rosemary is an analgesic and spasmodic, while this unique aroma oil is hardly the only one that, when relieving pain, does not create a sedative effect. It copes well with both muscular pain and fatigue and stiffness of muscles.
  • Rosemary is often used to stimulate the activity of the nervous system, in particular, in case of local paralysis or impairment of certain functions (speech, motility).
  • Helps relieve inflammation in neuritis, arthritis and osteochondrosis, relieves headaches and helps to cope with eye fatigue with increased exertion.
  • In the sphere of the digestive system, rosemary oil helps to normalize the work of the stomach, eliminate stagnation, dissolves sand and stones.
  • As an antiseptic oil, it is actively used for infected skin lesions and furunculosis.
  • This aroma oil rather actively influences the work of the heart and the vascular system, contributing to the normalization of blood pressure, strengthening blood vessels and relieving congestive inflammation in case of varicose veins.
  • Improving not only the cerebral circulation, but also qualitatively regulating the coronary circulation, it is very effective in dealing with dystonia and hypotension.
  • Rosemary oil is often included in the list of drugs for sore throats and other sore throats, but it is most effective in combating respiratory diseases, from the common cold to severe asthma, because this aroma can very quickly enter the body.

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Use in cosmetology

The main cosmetic effects of rosemary – restoring and normalizing. This is an excellent tool for oily skin. Aromatic oil from rosemary leaves helps to restore the skin with wide pores, too oily and with rashes.

It is believed that rosemary oil is more active than other sucks scars and scars. Often rosemary oil is used to restore the skin of the hands, but it is most actively used for hair care. Rosemary oil effectively eliminates dandruff, promotes deep cleansing of hair and is ideal as an active additive for products designed to care for oily or combination hair. The overall effect on hair is stimulating regeneration and accelerating growth.


Essential oil extracted from rosemary is quite active, it intensively affects the skin, so it is not recommended for use in sensitive skin and pregnant women.

In addition, the antispasmodic effect of rosemary is based on increasing muscle contractions and should not be used by people prone to seizures, as well as patients with epilepsy. Rosemary oil can cause pressure surges, so it should be used very carefully for those suffering from hypertension.

Test for an allergic reaction is required.

Relieve emotional pain

Rosemary oil can cause sunburn.

When applied to the skin, rosemary oil causes a strong burning reaction that should not be feared: it will disappear in no more than 3 minutes. Despite such an active nature, aroma oils are not used in a reduced concentration.

  • To improve the characteristics of a variety of ointments, creams, as well as care products (daily and special) for hair and skin, for every 5 grams of funds, add 3 drops of rosemary aroma oil.
  • A very effective healing effect of rosemary is manifested in warm compresses, but the procedure should not be carried out for longer than half an hour and use more than 3 drops of aroma oil.
  • For bathing, the oil is diluted in base oil or honey, adding up to 5 drops of rosemary per procedure. When taking the first procedures, be careful: rosemary aroma baths can cause severe dizziness until you get used to them.
  • Rubbing is carried out with a rather intensive mixture, using 6 drops of rosemary per teaspoon of base oil. The same dosage is suitable for massage treatments.
  • For inhalation methods and oil burners, up to 5 drops of oil are used, and for personal pendants – up to 3 drops.

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