Sciatic nerve

In 2002, the FZ-1 model (Shuboshi) appeared, which is still popular among the people. Currently, you can buy Shubosh FZ-1 and FZ-3 in the official representation of the company JJQ in Ukraine: in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnieper, Donetsk and other cities.

In 2006, the inventor and patent owner of this series, Professor Cao, offered the world the Comfort JJQ-1 device, which, besides the acupressure modes, has an acupuncture mode, which increased its efficiency compared to the FZ-1 4 times (according to Prof. Cao, of efficiency 1 Comfort = 4 Shubosh).

In 2012, the triumphant result of the development of this series was the appearance of the JJQ-3 Professional device, which has become today a symbol of standardization of traditional Chinese medicine. In the JJQ-3 Comfort device, in addition to the acupressure and acupuncture regimens, the possibility of electro-heat puncture (jiu-therapy) appeared, which, according to prof. Cao, makes him 8 times more effective than the Shubosh device.

The inventor of the series “Shuboshi – Comfort” prof. Cao with the device “Comfort JJQ-3 ″

Finally, in 2015, the Comfort Device of the new generation JJQ-2 (“Universal” or “3 in 1”) was born – the first and only device today that has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the patient’s body in full accordance with the basic principles traditional Chinese medicine in three aspects: LONGEVITY, HEALTH and BEAUTY, and combining the best modes of well-known and well-proven devices: FZ-1, JJQ-1 and JQ-4.

Presentation of the device Shuboshi JJQ-2 "Universal" or "3 in 1"

That is why appliances Shubosh FZ-1, JJQ-1, JJQ-2 and JJQ-3 are included in the Chinese program of healing the nation Torch and more than 4000 polyclinics of China and tens of thousands of individual users are already used today.

Sciatic nerve

In the future plans for the development of this series of devices, according to the inventor prof. Cao: – development of various medical regimes with the ability to download them via the Internet; – development of various color, magneto, phyto-puncture tools, etc., attached to the instruments; – as well as wireless control of these tools.

For more than 15 years, Shuboshi – Comfort devices have been successfully used by people and clinics all over the world, which is confirmed by numerous results and reviews.

Sciatic nerve

In Ukraine today, the official representative office of the JJQ Group is open, which has exclusive rights to distribute the company’s products in Ukraine. Only here you can buy Shuboshi devices directly from the manufacturer at the most favorable prices and with fast delivery throughout Ukraine. You can buy Shubosh with delivery to Kiev, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Dnipro or any other city of Ukraine. All relevant documents, awards and guarantees available exclusively to the official representative of the JJQ Group, are presented on our website in the section Our Guarantees.

In the photo: Director of the JJQ Representative Office – Alexander Provnikov, creator of the Shuboshi-Comfort instrument line – Professor Cao Lyayin and JJQ company management.

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