Tips for Overcoming Depression

How to learn to think positively

Positive thoughts, it is necessary to learn. How to think positively, a couple of exercises and a useful question for yourself.

Hello friends! Today we will try to open a little topic of positive thinking.

And I’ll start with the most important, negative way of thinking, it’s like a self locking loop. One negative thought entails another, then the next, and so on. As a result, this leads to a state of constant anxiety, fear for one’s future, fear of being mistaken, and lack of confidence in one’s power. All this only hinders a good relationship with oneself, with people, mental and professional development.

Our thoughts determine the reality that surrounds us and if a person is inclined to consider everything in black, then he will live in a black world.

The negative is very sticky, it can be compared with a kind of habit. Habit, which acquired full power over those who think and see everything in black tones.

For a person who has become the norm to see and notice only bad things in people and what he thinks is wrong, and see only injustice, negative and threats in the outside world, the world does not become a sweet, dangerous place, he definitely doesn’t feel happiness.

To such a person it may seem that he is just really looking at things, that he is smart, adequate and reasonable, but in fact, he just turned his vision of the world inside out.

Thinking that he acts and thinks wisely, he simply distorted the positive view that everyone had been given in his childhood, but more, in his opinion preferred and correct, was negative (which he is not always aware of). But meeting a happy person on the way, he envies.

If you focus only on the obstacles of doubt and distrust, then the person himself will push his luck away. In simple words, the negative inhibits any progress. Negative thinking and related nervous tension, obsessive thoughts, neurosis and depression will not lead to anything good.

Depression can cause a variety of serious illnesses, including crayfish. Moreover, having reached such a state, it is not at all easy to break out of it, but if you hit it, you need to do it first.

Neurosis has the same roots as psychological depression; this is a serious condition requiring specific treatment. You can learn more about this condition and symptoms later in the article. Causes of neurosis as well as how to avoid this serious condition.

Just imagine how short life is., to spend it on self-digging, sadness and solid doubts! Doubts have always been, are and will be, but we can make of them not an enemy that wears down, but an ally.

And immerse yourself in depressed state Not only does it lead to heartache, but it also unjustifiably ruins a lot of precious time and vitality. And what is important, as a result of this difficult experience there will be no benefit, you will not become stronger, wiser or happier.

How to learn to think positive

But gradually rebuilding attitudes towards life, revising attitudes towards yourself and focusing on the positive aspects, it will become much easier to achieve success and results in any business. There will be bright and vivid impressions of the world, which previously you were not even able to notice.

And in any situation, you can find at least something good. Even if at first glance, nothing good is visible. Ask yourself the next time something goes wrong: What is good about it, how can I use it for my own good. What does this teach me? (try to find at least two pluses).

Only in this way can you restructure your thinking, studying yourself and showing perseverance, gradually learn to rejoice at any, even pleasant trifles. If you do not try to do this – nothing will change. Then you need to be offended by yourself!

Tips for Overcoming Depression

A smile on the face of a positive person makes others treat him better. Optimists are also more attractive, even externally. They live longer and achieve much more in life, it is easier to negotiate with people and they themselves are better understood and accepted. Agree, useful qualities in any business, especially in business and in personal relationships.

So try to smile more often. Holding a smile on your face for a couple of minutes, you can feel how your mood will gradually improve (if you are not at the same time winding yourself).

Tips for Overcoming Depression

In addition, positive-minded people already create a sense of comfort, improve the mood of others, and a positive attitude towards life serves as a kind of indicator, a source of internal energy and self-sufficiency.

A positive view, arms our intellect with a charge of energy and a person can find in himself absolutely new, not even previously suspected, not explored aspects of life. Want to be happy, stop focusing on dark thoughts and ideas!

Exercise and positive thoughts for every day

First, you need TO ACCEPT all those thoughts that visit you, no matter how bad and unpleasant they are. Once they are, then there is now your reality and try to deal with the reality of self harm. Fighting your thoughts only leads to increased internal tension, the more you fight, try not to think about something, the more you are nervous and anxious. Violence your thinking for the better does not change. Perhaps you yourself have already noticed it. Therefore, internally accept all that is happening to you and you will immediately feel calmer.

Now exercise– every day on one hour Completely refuse to think and talk about something bad and unpleasant that does not satisfy you.

Notice when you think badly about someone or something, do not resist these thoughts, but simply do not concentrate your attention on them.

Tips for Overcoming Depression

Think, watch a person and try to find something good in him, he is sure to eat if you take a closer look. This is just an exercise, and when it is really important and something needs to be noticed, then pay attention to the present.

Try to be attentive and caring. Having recorded a negative thought, do not scold yourself for something that does not work. At the beginning of these thoughts a lot and it will not be possible to always respond to them correctly.

Better laugh at how negative your mind is. Always try WITHOUT VIOLENCE to settle as many positive thoughts as possible in your mind.

Set yourself a goal every day to speak well. Speak convincingly so that there does not occur, at least try.

Try to accept the situation as it is, accept the Reality itself, and not oppose it. First, accept everything that is and how it is, calm down mentally, relax your mind and then you can act – unobtrusively think about something desired, find a positive in the little things. And going somewhere look to nature, learn to enjoy simple things.

Morning In order to have a reason to smile and feel enthusiasm in the morning, get a notebook and write (or imagine it in your imagination) right after you woke up for a minute or two all that you should live for and what is good in it there is. Find for yourself the most inspirational reasons, they definitely are, for example, unlike some, you have hands and feet and you could hardly exchange them for even a million dollars.

This is a great technique that is practiced in psychotherapy, but keep in mind that any changes take time and your practical actions.

And also when it’s really bad: If you put your middle finger forward and look at all the disadvantages of life through it, you get solid advantages!

Regards, Andrei Russkikh

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