Various learning difficulties

Sofia Davydovna Zabramnaya – Professor, Department of Oligophrenopedagogy, Moscow State Pedagogical University.

Her pedagogical activity began in 1954. teacher of Russian language and literature at school. After defending her thesis she began to actively deal with issues of study, training and education of children with developmental problems, problems of differential psychological and pedagogical diagnostics. She traveled to various regions of Russia with lectures (more than 45 cities).

Repeatedly made presentations at international conferences abroad and in Russia; at scientific sessions, pedagogical readings, pedagogical marathons. Supervises experimental sites in educational institutions. Provides advice to parents. Conducts direct psychological and pedagogical work with children. He is the author of more than 140 scientific, methodological, and educational works on various aspects of preschool, school, and university education. Many works have been translated in Germany, Hungary, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Cuba; Exhibited at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, took prizes in competitions of scientific works.

Under the leadership of Sofia Davydovna, 18 theses were defended for their success in teaching and educational, methodological activities, and were awarded the badge “Excellence in Public Education", "Excellence in Education in the USSR", the "Veteran of Labor" medal, the Order "For Contribution to Enlightenment", as well as diplomas USSR Committee on Public Education.

Practical material for the psychological and pedagogical examination of children.

Coauthor: Borovik

The manual presents practical material for the psychological and pedagogical examination of children in order to determine their educational opportunities and establish the type of educational institution.

Guidelines for the manual "Practical material for the psychological and pedagogical examination of children."

Coauthor: Borovik

Various learning difficulties

This toolkit is fully correlated with practical materials for the conduct of the authors’ software.

It contains detailed descriptions of the use of 115 tables to determine the mental development of children of preschool and primary school age, published in a practical guide.

Coauthor: Kostenkova

The manual contains materials that can be used as additional in the study of mathematics and the Russian language (reading section), with first-grade students of secondary schools, and students of various kinds of special (correctional) educational institutions.

The materials of the collection can be used by parents to provide timely assistance to children who have learning difficulties.

Issues related to the study of mental retardation are among the most important in defectology.

Not only oligophrenopedagogues are engaged in them, but also specialists in related sciences: psychologists, neuropathologists, psychiatrists, embryologists, genetics, etc. The attention to the problems of mental retardation is caused by the fact that the number of people with this kind of anomalies does not decrease. This is evidenced by statistics for all countries of the world. This circumstance makes it paramount to create conditions for the maximum correction of defects in the development of mentally retarded children.

Coauthor: Levchenko

The textbook "Psychological and Pedagogical Diagnostics" is addressed to students of the faculties of special psychology and correctional pedagogy (defectological faculties) of pedagogical universities. The main purpose of the publication is to acquaint students with the theoretical foundations of psychodiagnostics of developmental disorders of children and to show different approaches and ways of studying children with different developmental disabilities.

Various learning difficulties

The manual contains factual material, reflecting the peculiarities of the psychodiagnostic examination of children with disabilities, as well as the characteristics of the methods and techniques of psychological and pedagogical diagnostics.

The course is addressed to psychologists and defectologists of mass and special educational institutions. His goal is to form theoretical, methodical and practical approaches to the study of children with various developmental disabilities.

The proposed course of lectures contains material that is included in the content of the program on the academic discipline "Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics", and can also be used in the study of the discipline "Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics and counseling" for students of all defectological specialties.

The success of the upbringing, training, social adaptation of a child with developmental disorders depends on the correct assessment of his / her abilities and developmental features.

This problem is solved by a complex psychodiagnostics of developmental disorders. It is the first and very important stage in the system of measures providing special training, it allows to determine the optimal pedagogical route, to provide an individual psychological and pedagogical support for the child, corresponding to his abilities and capabilities.

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