What does a man want in a relationship

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Horoscope men lion

Male lion: appearance

A lion is a man, if not handsome, what is called, interesting, impressive. His movements are calm and confident, he calls for his trust and respect. He walks with his head held high, has a proud posture, his soft gait is somewhat similar to the cat, but behind her lies great strength. Men of this sign got used to dress with taste, elegantly, they prefer expensive respectable clothes of famous brands. The lion cares about the image very much, is willing to spend a lot of money on it, knows how to splurge.

Male lion – characteristic behavior

This is a cheerful, smiling, lavish person who, even if he wishes, will not get lost in the crowd. However, such aspirations do not arise for these men – on the contrary, they always seek to be in the center of attention, to be in the thick of things. They create an environment that adores and worships them. Fueled by this energy of worship, the Leo man himself no less generously bestows her relatives and friends, supporting them with advice and even money. Leo is used to press down on those around him, but they do not perceive this as despotism, because he is usually very kind, generous, open and sociable. But the one who allows himself to speak peculiarly about his merits, to question his royal status, in his own skin will know what lion claws are and the menacing roar of the king of beasts.

Sign Leo – a man in work and career

As a rule, Leo occupies a good position or, at least, does everything to get to this place. He just needs to feel like a winner in a professional field, and he has enough personal qualities to emerge as a winner from a fight with competitors. Leo does not like hard, routine and boring activities, but if he is interested in the case, he will burn at work, the main thing is that this zeal is constantly fueled by the universal recognition of his merits. Male Lions are very efficient and resourceful, but their actions sometimes lack depth, focus and planning. But even carelessly executed work Lev will be able to hide behind external ostentatious effects.

Male lion in love

The vain and selfish man-Leo is extremely in need of love, romance, sensations, which gives communication with the opposite sex. Leo himself chooses his partner, and it is always beautiful, spectacular, able to give the impression of a woman. A lion can be exquisitely gallant, behave gently, attentively, bathe the chosen one in compliments and gifts, so his courtship often reaches the goal. But even loving a woman with all her heart, Leo will not allow her not to control him, but to become his equal; the main thing in union with a woman is always he. He will not tolerate even the shadow of an opponent on his way, being extremely touchy and jealous – such is the nature of Leo the man.

Male lion in sex

Leo perceives the intimate side of living together is not as simple physical contact – for him it is much more and delightful. He is very passionate in bed, but at the same time, he often fears for his reputation as a lover, fearing not to conform to his partner’s ideas about the ideal. However, in most cases there is no special reason for this, in sex, male Lions are very technical, resourceful, and never skimp on gentle words.

Characteristics of a male Leo in marriage

Family life with this person is both hard and simple. On the one hand, Lev, who flushes the right and left complements of the fair sex, is in fact not at all aimed at extramarital affairs. He is fully capable of being a faithful and loving husband – provided that he receives enough attention, affection and love from his wife.

On the other hand, Leo considers her husband to be her property, tries to subordinate all spheres of her life to her will. He does not encourage his wife’s ardent love for work, and especially her career aspirations, he prefers that she only deal with him and their common home. Lev is interested in all the affairs of his wife without exception, he cannot stand her secrets, constantly tries to regulate her lifestyle, dress style, choice of hobbies, social circle and

What does a man want in a relationship

As the horoscope warns, the male Leo is not the person whose wife can keep his interest in by innocent flirting with others. Such a strategy can be dangerous, even in a physical sense, because of jealousy, the Lions literally grow fierce.

Leo zodiac sign – male host

If Leo is not annoyed, a warm and sincere atmosphere will reign in his house. Family life will be arranged with maximum comfort – largely due to the fact that the head of the family will not spare money for this. By the way, with finance in Lviv problems may occasionally arise

Signs of the Zodiac: Male Leo – Father

Families of Lions are usually few in number: they may not have children at all, or he is raising an only child. It makes a wonderful, loving and attentive father. His child very quickly and easily selects the key to dad’s heart – it is flattery and praise, therefore, he is able to achieve from him everything he wants. Leo is accustomed to indulge his child and can easily spoil. No matter how much Leo-man loves children, he is quite capable of being jealous of his spouse and to them, if he gets less attention.

Who is suitable for a man-Leo on a horoscope to create a family

If Leo is a man, compatibility promises to be very good with representatives of such zodiac signs as Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius.

What to give to a male Lion

A gift to a man-Leo can be chosen, taking into account his desire to always be aware of what is happening, to communicate, to be visible, to manage events. He will surely like the tablet, camera, mobile phone – if not with all imaginable and unimaginable twists, but certainly a prestigious brand. With appropriate financial opportunities, you can give him a tourist ticket, a subscription to a solid club. If the budget is much more modest, a gift for a male Lion can be selected from accessories, for example, key chains, belts, cufflinks, handbags, but, again, not cheap in its category. Gifts for a man-Leo can serve as an ornament for a house, creating an original interior, for example, a fireplace or a beautiful hookah, but unremarkable objects of purely economic purpose can be safely excluded from the circle of searches.

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What does a man want in a relationship

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