A gift for those traveling to Europe

Probably, many people who are planning or already being in Portugal have thought about this issue. Well, so that there would be no later regrets like: “If I knew / knew,” I will try to facilitate this task for you. I’ll tell you what is rich Portugal and what is worth taking from here and what, in principle, can interest our person in the sense of “take home with you“. Maybe I will not reveal America to you, but I think it will still be useful.

What to bring from Portugal?

In the first line I want to make a warning! In Portugal, as in many other European countries, there are many Chinese shops. We are not particularly confronted with this in the CIS, but there is a lot of this here. So, everything is cheap there. They sell everything your heart desires, just everything. I treat such shops with some suspicion, I rarely buy there and what I have no special complaints about quality. But there are people who buy clothes and shoes and


View from the Santa Justa elevator to Rossio Square

Portuguese shoes are very appreciated. It is of good quality here and, compared to Russia, is inexpensive, and if it is also in the season of discounts, then this is generally a song. The shoes here are made of genuine leather and are often also trimmed with leather from the inside. Shoes and sandals for a long time I have not bought more than 30 euros. In the season of discounts you can buy high autumn boots for 40-50 euros. There is usually no big discount on men’s shoes. It costs about 30-60 euros, it is more expensive, it is cheaper. Shoes

From the shoes of medium and inexpensive class, in addition to various brands, there are brand shops. Seaside – This is a Portuguese brand, a variety of models, a lot of youth and not only shoes.

There is also a chain of stores called Guimarães (Guimaraesh). This name is a chain of stores. There you can find shoes and more expensive and cheaper, sports, home shoes.

A few words from the Portuguese language on the topic:

Pele (pela) or else they say Couro (bark) – skin Camurça (kamursa) – suede

At the same time pay attention to leather bags, belts and belts.

BUT! And one more thing! If you suddenly come across cork insoles – be sure to buy. For our cold – a super thing. Cortiça (Curtis) – traffic jam in Portuguese.


I like the clothes in Portugal: choice, quality, cut, color .. There are plenty of different variations for different tastes, ages and purses. There are shops that are clean for teenagers with the appropriate quality of performance, there are also people more demanding of quality and style, there are shops for the elderly (in the range). By the way, it is important that there enough different sizes, including starting from our 48 size and above (unless it is the end of the collection). Since the Portuguese are not thin for the most part, this moment can also be used to your advantage. I have heard more than once that ladies “in the body” in Russia (as in other CIS countries I don’t know) are tormented and cannot find themselves with normal quality decent clothes. Here it is possible.

Our 48 size here will correspond to the European one – 42. Well, the rest also consider our size minus 6.

There are enough shops everywhere, accumulations of shops can be found in commercial centers, as well as in historical centers of cities, towns and villages, it is understandable.

AT Lisbon, in addition to several commercial centers (I will write a separate article about them), you can go shopping in the historical center Baixa (Baisha),

You will laugh, but knitwear like sweaters and

A few words from the Portuguese language on the topic:

Lã (la) – wool Algodão (algudau) – cotton Linho (lingyu) – flax Well, well synthetics – she by name international.

Portuguese wine and port wine

Of course, I recommend bringing with you portuguese wine and / or port wine. Just think in advance how you will carry it,

A gift for those traveling to Europe

Learn more about Portuguese wines and port wine, and how and where to buy them in this and this articles.


Olive oil

Probably, nobody will even think about olive oil, but it is very high quality and inexpensive here. In the store a bottle of 750ml olive oil will cost from

Attention! For best quality, note that the packaging of olive oil says: Azeite Virgem extra (azerite virgne ashtra).

From hypermarkets in Lisbon, within the limits of accessibility, we can recommend the Continente (Continent) hypermarket, which is located on the lower floors of the Vasco da Gama commercial center (Vasco da Gama), near the Oriente metro station, Park of Nations and close to the airport. Or in the center of the city El Cort Inglês hypermarket (Il Cort Ingles), which is located in the lower floor of the same-name commercial center near the metro São Sebastião (Sau Sebastiau). The presence of cans in this supermarket can not guarantee, but it is very likely.

A few words from the Portuguese language on the topic:

From spices

I would recommend to go to the supermarket and in the department of fresh vegetables to buy fresh bay leaf and dried oregano. Maybe you still will like it. It is possible for a little money in the region of 1 euro with kopecks .. oh ..

From sweet

Well, Portuguese sweets, for my taste, are very sweet, so for an amateur. If you are a sweet lover, go ahead. Sweets in Portuguese stores full.

What I would call your attention is marmalade from quince. It turns out this marmalade is from quince. He is called – marmelada (marmalade) from the word marmelo (marmala) means Portuguese quince.

You can also pay attention to dried fruits. They are not cheap here, but sometimes there are different sets of dried fruits with nuts in interesting baskets and boxes, so they may well pass for a useful souvenir.


Cat sells souvenirs in Обbidos

There are many different ones: crafts, various ceramics, tiles painted, magnets, different napkins, tablecloths, bags. You can also find a variety of cork souvenirs, even belts, bags and wallets &# 128578; I will not give recommendations on this score,

  • Portuguese earthenware traditional village houses painted by hand and which can be hung on the wall;
  • painted tiles set in a kind of cork frame;
  • cork and clay souvenirs.

Prices in stores are different and, unfortunately, I can not recommend any special store. There are a lot of them. The only thing right now is in the very center, on the streets near Praça do Comercio, Chinese shops have opened, which also sell .. what would you think .. yes! Portuguese souvenirs. There they are cheaper.

Well, traveling to different cities use the opportunity to buy souvenirs and products typical for these cities.

Bottom Line: What to take from Portugal?

  • Clothes in

    So far, nothing of the “useful to take with you” series comes to mind. If something is new, then add to the article, if there is a lot, then I will write a continuation &# 128578; From me so easily not get rid of, stuffed with usefulness.

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    130 Responses to What to bring from Portugal?

    The article did not like. Chinese junk, shoes and clothes are full everywhere. But what about Portuguese embroidery? Their crafts from clay? It is necessary to write about history and people, and not about what is sold in any clothing market …

    Dear Vladimir! It is impossible to please everyone, and this is not the purpose of my blog. If you are so good at a question, write about it, let people know. I will gladly publish your article on this topic on a blog or post a link to your article on another site. It is easy to criticize, but to do .. If you really read the article, then I did not advertise the Chinese junk. And I wrote about souvenirs in general

    Anna, good afternoon! Other questions are closer to this topic, so I am writing here.

    About bay leaf, dried oregano and olive oil – I understood. If it’s not a secret, how are you taking this to the Russian Federation – in luggage or in hand luggage?

    I am interested in shops of such orientation (in Lisbon): – dishes, kitchen utensils and textiles, home decor. – needlework (knitting). – Spices, syrups, extracts (vanilla, etc.) – as I understood, all this should be viewed in regular stores / hypermarkets. – books (of course, if there are books in English. I don’t know Portuguese)

    Maybe you know the most interesting and informative stores on these topics? Not necessarily large, it is possible and small / cozy, but with an interesting filling.

    Hello, Elena! I answer your questions in order: Lavrushka, oregano and oil I always carry in my luggage. Reluctance to carry in their hands. BUT

    Anna, thank you very much! I understood everything and wrote it down.

    El Corte Inglés, Lisboa: 2ª a 5ª feira, das 10h00 às 22h00 6ªs feiras e Sábados, das 10h00 às 23h30 Domingos das 10h00 as 20h00.

    This is the time of the market. I do not understand what these characters are: “2ª … 5ª … 6ª”)?

    Good Morning and hello again! The mysterious characters “2ª … 5ª … 6ª” are the names of the days of the week in Portuguese: 2ª (segunda feira) – Monday, 3ª (tersa feira) – tuesday, 4ª (quarta feira) – wednesday, 5ª (kinta feira ) – Thursday, 6ª (Seshta-feira) – Friday.

    Hello, dear Anna, what a beauty your site is! Unfortunately, I am flying to Lisbon tomorrow morning, to the conference, and I will be there for 5 days, so I hardly have time to get your answer. But suddenly … I have a very strange question: where is the shop of motor-equipment and motor-accessories in Lisbon?

    Anna, hello. Tell me pliz what kind of sweets, a friend brought to me from Portugal, she also did not understand what it was and what was called. It looks like a long orange sausage, as if made from carrots.

    Natalia, hello! You are stumping me. I do not even remember such sweets. Perhaps it was a roll of carrot sponge cake of some kind. Describe in more detail this sweetness: consistency, taste, what was packed in? Is it something from baking? Maybe I can say something.

    Clarified. Not pastries, but sold in a pastry shop, along with cakes. Bright orange color, looks like a droplet large, with an elongated tail, on top of the type of orange glaze. The consistency is seemingly fibrous.

    Dear, ANNA! Please accept my thanks for YOUR work, very valuable information and, most importantly, essential in

    Hello, Alexandra! Thanks for the kind words about the site! Sorry for the delay in the answer and now, unfortunately, it is already too late to answer your question. If you need such information – write a little in advance and I will try to find the addresses of such stores.

    Difficult to determine, to be honest. If only the glaze is orange, and inside is a dense whitish mass, then maybe these are Algarve cakes made from marzipan. Or maybe it is from the dried fruit something .. ground and with sugar?

    inside is orange, so just not marzipan &# 128578; there was always the feeling that it was made from carrots. Apparently I will reach already Lisbon, if I see it in the store, I will write down the name

    And maybe from carrots. They make pies and cakes out of it, so maybe from a carrot. Another thing that I have not met such sweetness yet.

    Hello, Nasta! Thanks for the kind words. On the bus you directly from Cascais neither to Stubal, nor to Évora will not reach. You have to go through Lisbon. From Cascais to Lisbon is easier to reach by train.

    Anna, good afternoon. Tell me pliz when sales start in Portugal? We will be in Lisbon with

    I want to share thoughts about souvenir shops. I went around a lot, but in the end I made all the purchases in a few (or more precisely, one), which are located near Castelo de Sao Jorge. here they are in the adjacent streets 4 or 5. They have the largest range, prices are lower, and, most importantly, there are not Chinese and Hindus who trade there, but authentic Portuguese grandmothers. apparently, they form an assortment, so frank junk is not there. everything is very nice and seems real Portuguese.

    Sonia, thank you very much for sharing your experience!

    Natalia, it is so difficult to answer right away. Last year, sales began in mid-July. But even now I see discounts in stores. Discount hangers stand in almost all stores, so come and see. Yes, even without discounts, Portuguese prices are much nicer than Moscow prices, for example.

    Anna, good afternoon! Tell me, please, if you know about a trip to Portugal with a dog (York). Does the country have any requirements for the temporary importation of an animal? And how and where to help us with the export of an animal (already from Portugal), which lasts 3 days

    Anna! Thank you for the info – we are going to Portugal in July, studying :) I am interested in handicraft shops, but not souvenir, and where there is fabric, lace, threads and so on. In general, everything is for needlework :) aah, you still need … eucalyptus honey, how will it be in Portuguese?

    Irina, hello! Information about dogs, I unfortunately do not have. If you really need such information, then I think I can find out, but it will be on a commercial basis. If you are interested, contact me at

    Natalia, there are quite a lot of needlework stores. Walking around Lisbon you will always stumble upon them, there are several on Baishe. But get ready: the prices are not cheap. About eucalyptus honey never heard, and I doubt whether there is one,

    Anna, thanks for the reply :) But the eucalyptus is still in bloom :) And the honey is very fragrant – my sister took it and asked to bring more :) Natalia.

    Natalia, now I will know. There are a lot of eucalyptus trees, but I have never seen flowering :)))

    Anna, please tell me what you can bring from Portugal as a gift to a child 2 years old, maybe some sweaters or socks? and what are the prices for bedding, marmalade.

    Hope, in Portugal there are a lot of children’s clothes and the prices are different. If you are at the time of discounts, you can buy very cheap. Specific prices do not know. Bed linen is not cheap .. marmalade costs about 4-5 euros per kg. depends on the manufacturer .. is more expensive.

    Good afternoon thank you for your

    Anna, good afternoon! We will stay at the hotel on Marquita di Pombal Square, tell me, please, where is the Pingo Doce supermarket nearby? we take off on Saturday, we are looking forward to your reply

    Natalia, I give you a link to the map of shops Pingo Doce. I think that it will be more convenient – you can choose which of them will be closer to your hotel. http: //

    Hello Anna. Thanks for the kind words! In Lisbon, of course, there are shops with motorcycle equipment. Here’s what I found offhand: http: //

    Anna, hello. So we returned from Portugal, again I want to say thank you so much for the blog, the information turned out to be very useful. In the near future I will send my feedback on the trip. I want to unsubscribe about the Portuguese sweetness that we discussed with you. I found it in Lisbon, it is called Pingos De Tocha, but once again I did not understand what they were doing it from. Maybe now you can tell?

    Eucalyptus honey was seen on the way to the Monchique mountain, not far from the summit near the spring.

    Anna, good vkcher! Are there stores in philately and sell stamps at the post office? Do you have an address?

    How to find Vista alegre china, there are special stores of dishes, or in the supermarket!

    Hello Anna. Let me join in the good reviews and wishes of your site and the work you are doing. Tell me, please, where are the major stores or outlets of Portuguese shoes with adequate prices? Thank.

    Hello, Natalia. Well, now I understand what you were talking about. This type of sweet is often used as a filling in Portuguese pastries. It is made from egg yolks. I was confused by the carrot color))) But in Portugal, the yolks are just orange, not yellow. For the sweetness of Pingos De Tocha, egg yolks are dipped in boiling syrup, then boiled a little, then with a skimmer they are transferred to a cold syrup. In the Portuguese pastries, you can often see a yellow-orange filling .. not necessarily “strings”, maybe just as a cream .. and I always had the feeling that this is something fruity .. but no, it is a yolk filling with sugar. Slaaadko))) I look forward to your feedback on the trip!

    Vladimir, here’s a link to the list of shops where you can buy this dish: http: //

    Svetlana, hello! Thanks for the kind words! I want to assure you that in Portugal the price of shoes is quite adequate, and by, say, Moscow standards, they are adequate even during the season, without any discounts and outlets. Outlets as such are available, of course, but they began to appear in some quantity only in recent years. Do not flatter yourself much of outlets, there may be very cheap prices, but the size may not be normal .. usually does not happen. You can fully enjoy seasonal discounts, which start every year earlier and earlier and last longer and longer. I like to buy shoes on Baishe, a lot of shops in the area from Praça do Comersio to Rossio and Figueira, on the streets in the area of ​​the Santa Zhushta elevator. As an option – large commercial centers, such as El Cort Englês (m. São Sebastião), Colombo (m. Colégio Militar), Vasco da Gama (m. Oriente). As such, large stores with clean shoes, I do not know.

    A gift for those traveling to Europe

    The largest outlet of leading brands (Boss, Versace, Gucci, etc.) is located in Alkochet. A suburb of Lisbon (it is best to take a taxi from the subway station Oriente). Court Inglesh is certainly good too, but expensive and it’s not an outlet. Outlet Court is located in the shopping center “Dolce Vita Tejo”, Art. Metro Pontinha, then the bus or taxi.

    Regarding ceramics, I want to add that it is customary to bring Caldesh products from Portugal, but a lot of fakes can be found in local shops. How to distinguish: on each of these Caldesh products on the back there is always a stamp with a frog. It is a stigma, not a rough surface print, which is erased. And for Caldesh products, the color is not quite green (if we talk about traditional cabbage leaves, although there are other collections), rather green-blue. From Portugal, it is customary to bring cork items (bags, wallets, hats, belts, shoes, etc.)

    Tatiana, thanks for the useful addition.

    Anna, thank you so much for your site, I am studying, preparing for the trip, very informative;)! I would like to ask a rather specific question, but suddenly you know: I work on Capoeira, and from where, like from Portugal, you can bring Caroeira musical instruments, maybe you know where you can buy pandeira and berimbao? Well, suddenly? :)

    Hello, Ksyusha! Thank you for such kind words about my site! Yes, you have a really specific question)) As far as I know, capoeira is a Brazilian martial art dance. But it is quite possible that something can be found for him here too. So, offhand, I found only one store in Lisbon. Most of the tools are sold through sites for “selling everything you need to sell.” By Pandeiro: Lisboa, Rua José Falcão, nº. 8-A next to Praça do Chile. Shop LISMUSICA According to Berimbau did not find a single store.

    I want to share a sad experience. My favorite marmalade did not fit in the luggage and I left it in my hand luggage. At the airport, he was forced to throw it away … :( :( :(

    Anna, hello! Thank you for your reply :) Yes, this is Brazilian martial art, but as they say, quite common in Portugal, I don’t know :) I will take note of the address!

    Ksyusha, this martial art is certainly known in Portugal and there are schools where you can learn it. Still, it is not very common here. This is me .. to understand the situation)))

    Svetlana, sympathize. It is strange that they equate marmalade to liquids and creamy substances ((((

    Hello Anna! Are there any sightseeing tours to the cork plantations?

    Good afternoon, Anna! Quite accidentally came across your site. Thanks so much for the help you provide. I really want to share my impressions of Portugal, in which I fell in love once and for all. In Portugal, there were 2 times – in March 2011 and in September 2012. Visited with relatives of her husband, they have lived there for 15 years. Not a country, but a fairy tale. I liked everything – and the climate, and nature, and the ocean, and people, and historical sights, to which people are very careful. We went into Portuguese life and we really liked it. Were in Lisbon, in Sintra, in Mafra, in Cascais, Nazare, in the Battle, in Porto and everywhere its own charm and color. And the Ocean, knowingly wrote with a capital letter, deserves a special story. Such power and elements, already captures the spirit. He advises his acquaintances and friends to go. And do it yourself, let’s save up money and break again. Good luck to you!

    My friend Anna comes from Lisbon. I myself am fond of electronic cigarettes and if I possibly wanted to find out from you the address of an online store that is in Portugal, which sells these goods.

    Hello, Natalia! Thank you for such an interesting story. Although brief, it is surprisingly capacious. I am glad that you share my feelings for Portugal too.

    Hello Darius! I did not hear about such excursions. But if the group is typed, it will be possible to organize.

    Anna, good day! Now I am in Portugal – I do a lot on your advice, for which many thanks! Unfortunately, I did not find Guimarães shops on the map. Can you tell me the addresses? Are they in Porto?

    Anna, good afternoon. Every year we rest in Italy, this year we decided to visit Portugal. Lagos is our choice. But it’s very difficult to stay without L’Erbolario cosmetics and Valleverde shoes. My question is: is it possible to buy these brands in Portugal? Or is there a good replacement? About local shoes – your stories are all read))) At the expense of cosmetics – I can not find information anywhere. Do good cosmetics in Portugal?

    Good evening, thank you so much for the site! Please advise outlets and antique shops or flea markets in Lisbon.

    Anna! Hello, I read your tips and tricks with interest. Advise where it is worth to call on the way from Lisbon to Porto? What cities and attractions worth seeing? We take the car and on the way I would like to see something else.

    Anna, hello! This site is absolutely wonderful and very, very useful! Can you tell me the name of any local budget clothing brand (like in Germany C&A)

    You have a very good resource, a lot has already been learned.

    I did not find an article about shopping centers, which is mentioned in this article …

    please tell me which is the best shopping center to visit, we will be in Lisbon for 3 days. I think only get to visit one and in the evening. We will live near the station Rossio.

    And also they are interested in clothing brands (Portuguese, if they exist), shoe labels recorded (if there are any, write as well) … also tell me about accessories … (gloves, scarves … etc.)

    And about the question of Porto, as it is considered to be the center of the shoe industry, do you think prices there will be lower? (or there are purely shoe shoes that are only there) Or else the prices in chain stores are the same as in Lisbon and Porto.

    Thanks for attention)

    Recently I returned from Portugal) We rushed, we saw enough) Lisbon has its own Arbat, its own Tverskaya street and Kutuzov Avenue) What you can buy and where … from your own experience – 1. Absolutely everything is made of cork in Portugal – shoes, wallets, bags, umbrellas, clothes, souvenirs – it’s all high quality, everything is very unusual and beautiful! Perhaps the Portuguese relate to this – as we are on the Arbat to hats with earflaps). Products are available! A wallet, for example, can be quite bought for 20-30 euros (seen and cheaper, indicating the average price). A souvenir from cork … a postcard from cork costs 1 euro) Very unusual, cool! I bought) Sold everywhere in the center … Commerce Square, Rossi – there you will easily get from Pombal Square, moving along Avenue da Liderdade. 2. Pottery … who loves! I do not like it, but – after listening to excellent reviews – baskets with napkins, cabbage salad bowls, plates, salt shakers, and

    Thank you for such detailed information!

    What does the people have to do with shopping?

    Anna, hello! Thank you for the great amount of useful information! Do not tell me if there are any flea markets in Lisbon and its surroundings, and for what days do they work? Thank.

    Hello, Anna, thanks for the great site, a lot of useful information. I have a few questions: 1. when is the color wisteria? 2. citrus? 3. almonds? Thank you in advance

    Hello Anna! I used your website and made a wonderful trip to Lisbon and its environs from May 8 to 13

    Elena, welcome! On Avenida da Liberdade, as far as I know, there is such a fair on weekends. I don’t know about others …

    Ivan, welcome! In the center of the city, for example on Prass Hossiu and near the metro station Martin Moniz. I think it should be, because it is a network store.

    Anna, read your work with great interest)) I didn’t see, but I could look through the information, then I’m sorry to repeat the question – in Lisbon in stores can I freely pay with a card everywhere, or do I need to exchange money for cash in advance? and by the way the same question for the payment of excursions – how much do you need to take cash, and what can you just pay by card? thank you in advance

    Elena, welcome! You can freely pay by card. Souvenir shops do not always have this service; not all museums can pay for viewing with a card. With about 10-20 euros, just in case.

    Anna, hello! Tell me, what is worth visiting in Lisbon? And in general, what is surprising can be seen in Portugal (near Lisbon, the Algarve coast … Not far away Porto_ch far) And where better to look for the stop of the tram number 28? (where to start?) Thank you)))

    Lisa, welcome! And what is considered amazing for you? In general, the whole of Lisbon and Portugal are amazing on their own …))) Look at Sintra, just wander through the old districts of Lisbon, belen … Then you just need to know what will be surprising for you …

    Hello Anna! Thanks for the helpful shopping story in Portugal! I have a question: where is the best place to shop? In which region is the best range and prices for leather goods and shoes (in Lisbon, Algarve or Madeira)?

    Mila, welcome! Prices for products everywhere are almost the same, depends only on the owner of the store and its pricing policy. Therefore, there is no concrete answer where exactly is better. And on the range: the larger the city, the greater the choice … it is very logical.

    Good morning! Anna, tell me, what can I bring with me to Portugal, are there any restrictions? I have a girlfriend living there asking for something to bring!

    Elena, welcome! I quote the path “GENERAL RULES OF BAGGAGE TRANSPORTATION”:

    Thank you for the informative and clear answer!))

    Dear Anna ! Thanks to your site and your useful tips, I spent an unforgettable summer! Rested, what is called “savage” …. visited the maximum of historical places! Full of delight. There were no problems with public transport, or with museums, or with restaurants! Thank you so much for the educational program.

    Good day! I want to thank the creator of the site and those who support him today – for the information that has become a good basis for the preparation of my own trip to Portugal, in which I spent 17 beautiful summer days! I would like to advise the following to anyone who is preparing to visit this beautiful country on their own: the country is poorly explored by Russian tourists (I personally like it very much &# 128578; ) – therefore, all information in runet perceive very roughly and very critically. (to our favorite site this applies to a lesser extent &# 128578; ) As far as possible, study the English-language Internet – these guys know more about Portugal. So historically … Well, in the 21st century we live – almost all the sights, transport companies and

    Good day! An unexpected question. Is it possible to find out Samsonite (suitcases-bags) at outlet stores in Portugal? If yes, then how much prices are lower than in Moscow (approximately). Thank you

    A gift for those traveling to Europe

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