Air baggage

The owner of the Sun in the Ninth House of the horoscope has a wide outlook, shows interest in various ideological concepts and philosophical belief systems. Such people are often noble, progressive and fair. Even if they do not believe in God, they are well versed in religion and can enlighten others on many spiritual issues.

Air baggage

In order to expand their horizons, the native with the Sun in the 9th house travels around the world and gets acquainted with foreign cultures. Traveling is the development of his personality. It seems that a person goes beyond the framework of his ideas about reality and understands that people in other countries can live differently and have completely different values. So the native becomes more tolerant and diplomatic. He learns to think globally, and often those around him consider this enlightened and highly cultured person to be their teacher.

Having accumulated knowledge and experience, the owner of the Sun in the 9th house can feel comfortable as a mentor, teacher, research scientist, and religious leader. He is able to abstract from everyday things and penetrate into the deep essence of objects, people, phenomena. The native does not just go to work, start a family, perform some actions and deeds. He clearly knows the meaning of his life and, as a rule, achieves much in his path. He can also convey his vision of perspective to people who turn to him for help and advice.

A person with a given position of the Sun is interested in questions of morality, morality and law. He thinks in broad categories and thinks about how the actions of one person can affect the life of the whole society. It can make a good lawyer, attorney, judge and

If the Sun is in harmony in the horoscope, then study is easy for a person. Over time, he accumulates a lot of awards, certificates and diplomas, but one can hardly imagine that the owner of the horoscope will ever stop self-education.

If the luminary in the birth chart is damaged by other planets, then the subject can get involved in disputes and discussions of an ideological nature, feel distrust of religious institutions, be inconsistent in their studies. Such a person should not be allowed to superficial acquaintance with the studied subjects. It is also necessary to avoid the state of the eternal student, because once the baggage of knowledge must be accumulated, and knowledge must be transferred to the students.

Sun in the 9th house in various signs of the zodiac

The sun in the signs of Fire indicates the ability to disseminate and promote various teachings, and the air sign will report on the curiosity of the native and his desire to explore everything around. The Water Sun will arouse interest in psychology, religion, esoterica, and the luminary in earth signs – in exact, applied and financial sciences.

The sun in the 9th house in the man’s birth chart

The sun in the 9th field of the horoscope inclines to playing sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Contests, competitions and competitions make the life of the owner of the horoscope interesting and exciting. Victories help him achieve such qualities as healthy ambition, self-reliance, determination and optimism.

The sun in the 9th house on the birth chart of a woman

The sun in this case is an indicator of marriage for a woman. The light in the 9th house of the horoscope will tell about a man energetic, penetrating, athletic, enterprising and educated. For the mistress of the horoscope, it is important that the partner has a similar outlook and seeks to develop spiritually. In life together there will be a lot of travel and travel. It is also possible marriage with a foreigner, a person who came from afar or a representative of another culture.

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