All Inclusive Beach Resorts in Belize

Top 10 Diving Hotels in the World

From Jules Verne, who, in his inexhaustible imagination, immersed us in the depths of the sea and invited us to travel 20,000 leagues, to Disney’s Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, who sang in the calypso style “We are hotter under water” “In the garden of an octopus” … Us, the inhabitants of the land, always attracted the depths of the sea. The sea owes its seductive mystery to such unique inhabitants as colorful coral fish, spiny sea urchins, flexible and plastic predators such as sharks and a giant stingray, as well as breathtaking corals and the frightening remains of sunken ships. Add to this the feeling of weightlessness and the lack of mobile phones and pocket PCs!

All Inclusive Beach Resorts in Belize

We can quench your thirst for underwater adventures by offering a choice of the most exotic and stunningly beautiful places on the globe for diving and snorkeling. For starters, you can take a course for beginners in the program of the Professional Association of diving instructors (PADI) in Fiji. You will be given to experience decompression on the legendary islands of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Explore the unique Elbow in Belize, swim with humpback whales in the South Pacific – all this will be available to you. However, first things first.

    LIZARD ISLAND RESORT – GREAT BARRIER RIF, AUSTRALIAIslands of the Great Barrier Reef have the status of world natural heritage and, of course, deserve it. Here is the largest concentration of coral reefs in the world – here you can find about 400 varieties of coral. And on Lizard Island, surrounded by coastal reefs, you will find a typical Australian resort where you can enjoy all the wonders of the marine life. However, in order to observe the life of giant clams, whose age is estimated at centuries, in order to swim with the huge and amusing Potato Cod fish, which can be ironed and fed from hands, it is best to start an introductory course on scuba diving in open water. This course is organized by the Professional Association of diving instructors, and it needs to be booked in advance, but this approach is the safest.

Here, on the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, you can experience the unforgettable experience of night dives. And in your free time from diving, you can forget about everything on one of the 24 white sand beaches, and admire the surrounding landscapes on a private viewing platform, which the local spacious villas are equipped with. You can also pamper yourself with a day hydro massage or dine at the restaurant near Osprey.

  • TURNEFFE ISLAND LODGE – ATOLL TURNIFFF, BELIZEThe Thurniff Atoll, with its thirty known snorkeling spots, is considered a treasure trove for divers and divers around the world. Here everything is thought out, everything is created for diving enthusiasts, and, most importantly, you can dive here three times a day. On a picturesque island, located in close proximity to the coast of Belize, a private resort is spread over an area of ​​more than five and a half hectares. It has four cozy summer houses, eight private boars, similar to small beach cabins, and hammocks, swinging in which you can forget about all your daily worries. Forget about TVs, phones and faxes – here you will not need them. After all, you came here to discover a huge ancient underwater grotto, a detailed map of which was first compiled by Jacques Cousteau, or the unique Lokot, the pointed peaks and sand dunes of which are a favorite place for playing sea turtles and braces. And in coastal waters, you can often see the hammerhead sharks! This resort is also famous for fly fishing and other activities.
  • WAKATOBI DIVE RESORT – ONEMBO ISLAND, INDONESIAThere is something especially attractive in a boarding house with its own “homemade” reef, especially when you consider that on this reef you can find three habitats at once – sand, seaweed and corals. Here you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama of marine life, with its turtles, rays, clown fish and needle fish, portrall crabs, nudibranch molluscs, octopus with blue rings and dwarf seahorses!
  • The ecological boarding house, located on the territory of the National Marine Reserve on the Wakatobi archipelago, will also offer you free access to several dozens of wonderful places for diving, where special boats will take you. With them you can make three dives per day. Many kilometers of underwater cliffs and hollows, grottoes and caves, mountains and cliffs will make such a strong impression on you that you will have something to think about and dream in the evenings when you fall asleep in the cozy bed of your romantic wooden bungalow in a rustic style.
    VATULELE ISLAND RESORT – VATULE ISLAND, FIJIOne of the creators of Vatulele Island Resort was a television producer. And don’t be surprised by this fact. It seems that this place is fraught with special drama, it is not by chance that weddings and honeymoons are often celebrated here. Of all the boarding houses and resorts, which we have already told you, this is the only one where the newlyweds come. It’s hard to say why. Maybe this place favors love?

    From Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji, Vatulele can be reached by light aircraft in just 25 minutes. For every 14 detached hotel buildings, there are two places for immersion. Local instructors, members of the PADI Professional Association, will offer you open water diving courses and special courses for diving enthusiasts. Under the majestic foaming waves you will find soft and hard corals, large underwater holes and cliffs, as well as excellent visibility. The all-inclusive package also includes an unlimited amount of first-class French champagne!
    HOTEL ILIO – ELBA ISLAND, ITALYTuscany is famous for its ancient villas, ruby ​​wine, velvety olive oil, and sunflower fields. But this is not all that Tuscany can delight you with. The National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, located on Elba Island, speaks of the extraordinary natural diversity of the entire region. Elba is known as the place of exile of Napoleon. Well, this is the past. And now Elba is one of the diving centers.

    All Inclusive Beach Resorts in Belize

    You can feel at home in the wonderful Hotel Ilio, adjacent to the PADI Diving Center, and use it as a base for exploring the depths of the sea near Cape St. Andrew. In shallow water, in the thicket of Posidonia, local species of fish find shelter, and further in the open sea you can find stunning places for diving in front of the Formica-dela-Zanka mountains. In addition to the gorgonian, lamppris (fish-moon) and lobster, you can find here the remains of two sunken ships of Roman merchants.

  • CAMEL DIVE CLUB & HOTEL – SHARM EL SHEIKH, EGYPTSharm el-Sheikh is one of the most wonderful places for scuba diving. This resort is located on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt, near three nature reserves. Crystal clear water, magnificent corals, exotic underwater flora and rare species of tropical fish are just some of the delights that you can discover as soon as you put on your wetsuit and dive into the depths of the sea. Famous for its small, cozy hotel buildings The Camel Dive Club & The hotel, located in the heart of Naama Bay in Sharm el-Sheikh, offers diving directly from the shore or from special boats. But necessarily – accompanied by professional instructors PADI. Here, scuba diving enthusiasts will also be offered a variety of service packages, including diving all day or half day. For lovers of more thrills, night dives and dives on wrecks are offered. Specially equipped floating platforms provide coral reef crossings and safe entry into the water. Enjoy the cool underwater depths of the Red Sea, diving from diving boats equipped with awnings and cabins with soft drinks and a buffet!
  • BONAIRE BUDDY DIVE RESORT – BONEY ISLAND, CARIBBEANThe name of the ridge is explained simply. We are talking about three islands, the first letters in the writing of which constitute the beginning of the alphabet: ABC. Aruba – A, Boneir – B, Curacao – C. Of the three islands, Boneir is the least visited and the wildest by tourists. It is also considered a paradise for scuba divers and oxygen cylinders, as it can offer them one of the most exciting underwater worlds on the planet. The average visibility under water exceeds 30 meters, and the average temperature of sea water is 26 degrees Celsius.
  • Opened 25 years ago, Buddy Dive Resort is a full-service diving center located in a leisurely and unspoilt natural paradise. Hotel buildings are located on the shore, and just a few meters from the shore begins a beautiful coastal reef. So you can dive with scuba diving or with a mask and snorkel here day and night. The island offers a package of services, including the rental of an SUV, where you can drive around 60 places for diving, stretching along the entire coast, as well as special boats and diving equipment (air cylinders, etc.). The diving center, located on the island, includes a five-star boarding house under the patronage of PADI and is a member of the International Organization for Assistance to Divers. All divers pay an annual fee of $ 25 to maintain the local marine reserve.
    BADIAN ISLAND RESORT & SPA – ISLAND SEBU, PHILIPPINESBy itself, the island of Cebu is a high-class resort, a place remarkable for its exotic and attracting many tourists. But for lovers of the underwater world, it is especially important that here is the famous The Badian Dive Center, working all year round. The center offers its visitors courses for beginners, night diving courses and master diving courses.

    Fans of diving will be able to admire such wonders of the sea as eel-like fish, yellow-tailed barracuda, sea turtle, scorpion-ruff (striped lionfish) and barrel-shaped sponges with sea lilies. This list is endless if you take into account the fact that there are 2000 species of fish and 800 species of soft and hard corals in the local waters.

    Five dive sites are located right on the resort, and ten others are within reach of the boat. Pescador Island, one of the main diving centers in the Philippines, is 20 minutes away by boat. If you’re lucky, you can see a white striped shark or hammerhead fish at depth.

    Superb family rooms and junior suites with isolated balconies offering scenic views of the ocean and the mountains of Cebu, and marble baths in the open air allow the tourist to relax and unwind. As a farewell ceremony for all guests, a serenade is performed, accompanied by garlands of seashells.
    PALAU PACIFIC RESORT – KOROR ISLAND, REPUBLIC OF PALAUThis hotel complex creates an attractive atmosphere of the old school. Its creators decided not to decorate the already vibrant tropical flora of the island with a new-fashioned design, but instead to offer guests a traditional South Pacific style, famous in the first half of the 20th century.

    Rest on the beach goes well with scuba diving – especially since the PADI diving center offers scuba diving with a guide on a special diving boat Splash, as well as a variety of courses. The local waters are famous for their excellent visibility (up to 150 meters), more than 1500 species of fish and 700 species of hard and soft corals.

    Surprisingly, it is here that you can deepen your knowledge of the history of the Second World War. The fact is that here you can dive to the sunken ships Amatsu, Maru, Goxan Maru, Iro or Helmet.

    Those divers who, while capturing their adventures in the Blue Corner or at the Ngemelis Wall with a cliff, can get advice at a local center for underwater digital video and photography.

  • KONA AGGRESSOR II – KONA COAST, HAWAII, UNITED STATESFor the sake of diversity, it’s worth starting a trip aboard a 25-meter ship that Kona Aggressor II has. The ship has five double cabins, one cabin for four people, a hot tub and a spacious lounge. Since the boarding house itself is not a diving resort, it is this special vessel that will provide scuba diving lovers with the opportunity to numerous dives in the most picturesque places off the coast of Kona, in the area of ​​the Big Island. Here you can see traces of volcanic activity, such as lava tubes, as well as huge craters and bends, inhabited by turtles, manta rays, sea features (toad-like fish) and fancy Spanish dancers. In addition to a variety of certified courses, you can also attend underwater photography and ecological diving classes here. A trip on a standard route lasts a week – from Saturday to Saturday.
  • VELAVARU ISLAND RESORT – ISLAND VELAVARU, MALDIVESAnyone who dreams of a forgotten place of God, where no one will find him, should go to the island of Velavaru in the Maldives. The famous Velavaru Island Resort is one of two pensions on the Daalu Atoll, which is a string of 1,190 coral islands. Consider these waters as your personal resting place and entertainment, because here you can make from four to eight dives in the morning and afternoon hours. In fact, here you can continuously engage in scuba diving for a week, and at the same time every time you dive at a new place.
  • All Inclusive Beach Resorts in Belize

    For excursions used Doni, Maldivian boats. And there is something to visit: Where Jiri is a real wonderland, where red sponges and white fan-shaped corals live, Madivaru Kandu is a narrow channel inhabited by sharks and sea eagles or eagle rays. Bungalows are located just a few steps from the sandy beach. There is also the BanyanTri Marine Center, where visitors will be offered open water diving courses, diving workshops and risky dive courses under the PADI program.

  • MOUNU ISLAND RESOR – NEOFU, VAWAU ISLANDS, KINGDOM OF TONGThis atoll of two and a half hectares is equipped as an eco-resort, using solar energy and rainwater. Mounu Island, part of the only monarchy in the South Pacific, is one of the 176 islands in the archipelago. The island is washed by pristine waters with a visibility of 70 meters (!) And a rich underwater world. Here you can see multi-colored coral fish, soft corals, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, nudibranch mollusks and sea kites. But the main star of this part of the ocean is considered humpback. Tonga is one of the few places in the world where it is allowed to “swim” with these majestic marine mammals. The most likely humpback whale can be seen from May to November, when the route of their migration with a length of almost 10,000 km runs through the islands of Tonga in the direction of Antarctica. Do not be surprised if the whales singing wake you up in the morning. Four “Fale” with shingle roofs, constructed of coconut poles, will allow you to enjoy your own beach with dazzling white sand.
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