Ayahuaska is legal

Shaman plants of South America. "Yage", or "yacht" – This is what the Colombian shaman potion is called. Ayavaska It consists of hundreds of unique ingredients, plants, mostly endemics, which grow exclusively in the area where they cook "yage".

Yage or Ayavaska is the traditional medicine of the shamans of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. In Peru, shamans conducting a ceremony with Ayyavaska are called "ayavaskerro". Their activities are completely legal and certified. Hundreds of tourists come to the Ayavaski rituals performed by shamans every year to deal with their fears and face face to face with death. Opportunity to survive Ayavaska

your death and come back is a truly great journey.

This site gives the opportunity to plunge into the world of Yaga without leaving home. Here you will learn about the sacred plants, the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica; discover the secrets of ayavaski, learn about secret rituals and mysterious Selva Amazon tribes, get acquainted with Indian shamanic practices and culture of Amazonia as a whole. And also, you can purchase rare ethnobotany.

The main goal of our work is to preserve the ancient culture of respect and love for plants, people, nature and Ayavaska of the whole universe. The history of our community.

Articles: Chakruna (Psychotria viridis) Ginkgo Biloba Chaliponka (Diplopteris Cabrerena) Kaapi (Banisteriopsis Caapi) Virola (Virola spp.) Harmal – Goddess of the Moon Dendrotherapy (New) Shepherd’s Leaves FAQ: Ayavaska FAQ Kratom FAQ. Cheimia Triptantik FAQ Peyote FAQ San Pedro FAQ Different Plants: Chocolate () African Dream Root (Silene capensis) Yohimbe (Yohimbe) Muira-Puama Suma – Brazilian Zhen Shen Peyote and all psychoactive Anadenantera cacti and snuff Yohmbe-Brazilian Zhen Shen Peyote and all psychoactive cacti Anadenantera and Yohimbe snuff"What is the angel playing the trumpet".). Mapacho. Brugmansia Mind-stealing flowers. Ant Tree (Tabebuia impetiginosa) Maca Peruvian Hawaiian Ginkgo Rose Bipedal, Echinacea, etc. Alepidea – The African Dream. Mulungu. Sacred Lotus. Culture: Shamans of South America Church of Santo Daime and Ayavaska Peruvian Ayyavaska Magic songs – Ikaros Ayyavasochny terms Mimosa Hostilis and Coboclos Secret Cults An excerpt from the book of Paul Bersnev "Kuranderos – Healers of South America" Ritual "Feitio" in the churches of Santo Dime. A little about "Spirit Yaga". Ancient Tribes: Map of the Amazon Shipibo-Conibo (Peru) Inca (Peru) Varani Tarahumara (Mexico) Yali (Indonesia) Yanomami (Brazil) Guanchi (Canary Islands) Onzhi (Andaman Islands) Site of the day:

Kratom Lovers Club

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Ayahuaska is legal

Ayahuasca recognized as national treasure of Peru

Patients who were given psilocybin maintain a good mood for a year.

4th Shaman Conference

Israeli Moses and Ayahuasca.

Genetic research revealed the direct ancestors of the Indians.

Exploding comet, or more often look at the sky!

Ayahuaska is legal

Americans knew how to grow peppers 6000 years ago

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