Best hotels in New York

Fifth Avenue in New York is the street for which it is worth making a flight across the ocean and walking along the pavement in the light of the neon lights of the windows of the most famous shops in the world.

Best hotels in New York

For more than a century, the legendary Fifth Avenue in New York has been synonymous with wealth, privilege and luxury. Of course, something has changed since the days of the “Great Gatsby”: the mansions and private clubs of Vanderbilt and Carnegie have given way to huge shops and buses full of tourists. However, it is still very prestigious to be the owner of square meters on Fifth Avenue, and many traditions still persist, for example, to drink afternoon tea in Plaza hotel , linger at the Tiffany windows or make a wish at the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. We also offer you, during your stay in New York, to stroll through iconic places and see iconic shops, iconic places and sights of the main Storefront of the world.

How to get there

Fifth Avenue begins on the northern edge of Washington Square and goes further north, up to 143rd Street in Harlem.

Shops, attractions and iconic places on Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is one of the most expensive streets in the world, especially its section between 49th and 59th streets, where the most prestigious shops are located. The number of boutiques on the main shopping street of New York is able to satisfy the most demanding taste. Almost every world-famous fashion brand has discovered or dreams of opening its own boutique here. Women will spend several hours, if not all day, shopping in boutiques. Louis vuitton, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Ferragamo and, of course, famous Saks Fifth Avenue (611, 5th Avenue) and Bergdorf goodman (754, 5th Avenue, between West 57th and West 58th St). Department store Saks Fifth Avenue not easy collection of shops under one roof, this is a 10-story giant, occupying an entire block of the city. Here all world brands from refined Chanel and Louis Vuitton to democratic Juicy Couture and Marc by Marc Jacobs are presented. And it is also popular with New Yorkers and guests of the city, as well as on its opening day in 1924. Department store Bergdorf goodman younger than his brother by 4 years. He appeared on Fifth Avenue in 1928, when a pupil and partner of Hermann Bergdorf (the replacement owner of the atelier and stores of the finished dress, who started his business in New York in 1899) decided to move the store, previously located at the place where Rockefeller is now Center (45, Rockefeller Plaza) in the former Vanderbilt mansion. Since then, this is a cult place for shopaholics from around the world, for whom there is nothing more sacred than the three Bs: Bendels, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf. Of course, each department store is unique. But as for Bergdorf Goodman, here it is mono to find the latest novelties of cosmetic products, exclusive creams, varnishes and other women’s pleasures, from which even the most fastidious beauty maniacs will come to delight.

Best hotels in New York

SmartTrip Tip In the US, there is no concept of tax-free, as such. But in almost all major department stores you can get a non-resident discount of 11%. The discount card is issued in the tourist office of the department store upon presentation of a passport, with a tourist visa affixed therein.

By the way, men will also have something to do. Basketball fans need to look into NBA Store (590, 5th Avenue, between 47th and 48th St.), which sells a full gentleman’s set, from T-shirts to socks, as well as many different accessories branded with the logos of NBA basketball teams, and, of course, to the famous Apple Store (767, 5th Avenue). It is unlikely that you will be able to forget about him at all and pass by the glass cube with the bitten apple. Back in your homeland, you will receive an impressive list of orders for a new iPhone, iPad or iMac that need to be delivered to friends and acquaintances, and it’s good if customs officers at the Russian border will treat you condescendingly, pretending that they didn’t notice how you are trying to transport half of the store Apple to Russia without customs clearance. And if this misfortune has bypassed you, then the best friends of the girls – diamonds will surely make good your bank account. Although you can, as in a museum, just carefully inspect the windows Harry Winston (718, 5th Avenue) – a jewelry company whose services are used by stars of show business, as well as Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany & Co b Van cleef & Arpels. But, that’s exactly where it is worth going, even if you are grown-up boys and girls, this is a toy store. Fao schwartz (767 5th Avenue @ 58th St.), from which even serious businessmen come to children’s delight. FAO Schwartz is one of the largest and most expensive toy stores in the world. On several floors there are all kinds of dolls, designers, cars and even Teddy bears. You can create a toy yourself or adopt (or adopt?) A cute baby doll, buy a few kilos of candy, chewing gum and chocolate. And finally, look at the cafe to take a breath from such a vigorous journey to childhood and remember that it was here in the movie “The Big” that Tom Hanks was riding the keys of a huge piano. However, Fifth Avenue is not just shops. Where Fifth Avenue borders Central Park, luxury residential houses, churches, many historic buildings, and a large number of interesting museums are located. In fact, there are so many museums here that the distance between 82nd and 104th streets was called “Museum Mile”.

Best hotels in New York

SmartTrip Tip The best and most pleasant souvenirs on the memory of the journey is best to buy in the shops at museums. There you will find unique in design and execution of jewelry, albums and even clothes at reasonable prices that will eclipse any trinket from numerous souvenir shops in the city. [/ Box] The largest in 1880, in a building designed by American architects Jacob Mold and Calvert Mo. world museum The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Address: 1000, 5th Avenue @ 82nd Street. The museum is open 7 days a week. Verm work from Sunday to Thursday from

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