Best islands to visit in the Caribbean

In March, the prices for tours are falling a bit and this is good, because the list of countries where to go to rest on the sea abroad is quite large.

According to our rating, Bali (Indonesia) and Dominican Republic offer the best conditions for a beach holiday in terms of price / quality ratio. Perfect weather, ideal conditions for holidays, but a completely different nature and high price tag for tours (you have to pay for the quality!).

Bali is nature, solitude and continuous exotic around. Recently, Russians have been actively developing the market of individual excursions here. So from a very wild exotic Indonesia becomes a truly complete product.

Best islands to visit in the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic is a paradise for lovers to lie on the beach. White sand, palm trees, a clear sky, a cocktail by the pool – all this awaits you in the Caribbean.

Want exotics at a more affordable price? Then pay attention to the growing popularity of Tanzania. It is worth to fly here on vacation for those who want unusual landscapes, a real safari and endless sandy beaches.

The government promised to open direct flights to Egyptian resorts by March 2019. Now tours to Egypt are also sold, but need a transplant in Israel or Jordan. And this greatly reduces the desire to go on such a journey, especially since the Egyptian resorts are still expensive (from 60,000 rubles per week). As soon as direct charters appear, it is worth waiting for prices to drop to 40-45 thousand rubles.

Demand for Thailand is gradually declining and prices are beginning to gradually decline. In early spring in the Thai resorts velvet season and ideal conditions for a beach holiday.

Best islands to visit in the Caribbean

Chinese Hainan reaches its peak in the middle of spring. Tours to the island from Moscow cost about 90-100 thousand rubles, but you will not regret it. Here you will find great weather and a fairly high level of service.

For lovers of Indian culture, Goa and Sri Lanka are still open. Until the end of April, there is still quite comfortable weather conditions.

In the second half of March, you should pay attention to the resorts of the UAE. For one month, they again become the object of increased attention. The sun begins to burn again, the bays quickly heat up and you can safely go swimming and sunbathing. Already in May, it will become unbearably hot there, so hurry up.

Where is warm and you can swim in March 2019?

Velvet season in Thailand

In March, almost all resorts in Thailand, the velvet season. In comparison with the winter months there are noticeably fewer tourists, more places on the beach, and the queues for excursions are becoming shorter. A tourist can spend hours not leaving the warm sea, go diving or go on excursions without looking at the weather. If you are planning to visit this country with children, then in the beginning of spring the most favorable conditions are for this.

The rainy season in Thai resorts will come only in mid-April, so there is nothing to fear. Adds advantages and a small decrease in the cost of tours.

  • low prices (relative to the peak of the season);
  • ideal conditions for families with children;
  • the warmest sea and hot climate;
  • developed resorts;
  • shopping;
  • visa-free regime.
  • heat and humidity increasing by the end of the month;
  • long flight;
  • poor water;
  • kitchen is an amateur.

Resort selection

Fans of hot weather and beach holidays, we usually recommend tours to Phuket, where the air can warm up to + 36 °. For excursions the conditions are not the best, but for a lazy pastime the most.

2-3 degrees cooler in Pattaya and Samui. The beaches of Pattaya are rather dirty, so you will have to go to the neighboring islands beyond the clear sea. In Samui conditions are much better, but more difficult with excursions.

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