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China is an amazing, colorful and mysterious country. Natural conditions, wonderful cities, rich history and culture, incredible traditions and oriental flavor constantly attract curious guests. By the number of rare monuments and perfectly preserved natural areas, China lags only behind Spain and Italy.

The capital of China is Beijing, which means “northern capital”. To visit the most important sights of the city, it will take several days. You can start with Tiananmen Square, it is located in the center of Beijing and is a national pride, has a length of 880 meters, a width of 500 meters and can accommodate 1 million people. Interesting is the Temple of Heaven, built in 1420, with the famous “Wall of Returning Sound.” Having said something to the wall, even very quietly, your friend will definitely hear you clearly on the opposite side of the wall.

Beijing. Tiananmen Square.

Beijing. Sky Temple. Wall return sound.

Be sure to go to the “Forbidden City” – the imperial palace of the Gongun. It is the largest palace complex on earth. The palace is surrounded by a medieval wall and is full of historical buildings (more than 9 thousand buildings). On the premises are open museum exhibits. You can see the imperial treasures, collections of watches, puppets, ancient samples of colored ceramics, bronze and jade products, funerary statues.

Best seafood in the USA

“Forbidden City” – Imperial Palace of the Gongun.

The ancient Beihai Park is wonderful, more than half of its territory is occupied by a lake. The park has a large number of museums and cultural monuments. At the southern entrance to the park is the “Round City of Tuancheng”, with a wall height of 5 meters, behind which is the Hall of the Found Light. In the center of the park stands the main attraction – the Bai Ta white stupa almost 36 meters high. In the north of the park are “Pavilion 5 dragons” and “Wall of 9 dragons.”

Beijing. Peace Park.

Copies of the most famous buildings on the planet are exhibited in the World Park. Another huge number of museums and temples are in the capital of China. Many visitors are attracted to Beijing’s cheap markets. The most popular are Pearl, Silk and Yabaolu.

Peking Opera is the pride of the country. Her visit is included in almost any tourist program. The presentation consists of dialogues, songs, movements, acrobatic stunts and combat techniques. The performers speak an archaic dialect, so in most theaters of the Peking Opera there are screens that display captions in Chinese and English.

The Great Wall of China is the main symbol of the country. According to official data, its length is 21196 kilometers 18 meters. It can be seen even from space. The wall of China stretches across the country. At the highest points of the structure you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the country.

The markets of Beijing are an integral part of the tourist route.

Chinese cuisine is very diverse. Each region of the country has its own culinary traditions, ways of food processing and serving dishes. But a common feature is the use of rice and soy. Vegetables that are served in various combinations to the dishes. A lot of products from flour and dough. These are dozens of vermicelli and noodle types. Flapjacks and bread. Dumplings, ravioli and pies. The Chinese love fish and seafood, meat is also not forgotten, especially they like pork, which is cut into small pieces and fried over high heat.

And the Peking duck is the national dish of China.

The favorite drink of the Chinese is green tea. Drinking tea is very hot, almost without sugar. Black tea is used by representatives of national minorities. China’s traditional alcoholic beverage is vodka. Usually it is insisted on various ingredients, so vodka has a specific smell and taste. Also popular is light strong rice beer, the best varieties of “U-sin” and “Qingdao.”

At night, Beijing looks something like this.

Map of attractions in Beijing.

Best seafood in the USA

Detailed tourist map of Beijing.

Geographical coordinates of Beijing: 39 ° 56′00 ″ with. sh. 116 ° 24′00 ″ c. d.

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