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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Norway alone (useful tips)

Who said that traveling is expensive? Travel companies offer tours in Norway for quite impressive amounts. However, a visit to the country of fjords can be absolutely budget. So, some tips to save money on holidays in Norway:

• When purchasing plane tickets, it is most advantageous to use the services of the Explore Norway program.

• To travel on buses and trains, you must book tickets in advance.

• You can travel a short distance by bike or go hiking.

• Instead of hotels it is worth making a choice in favor of tents, campgrounds or hostels.

• Tourist houses are better to choose without attendants.

• It is better to buy food in supermarkets or eat in small Asian restaurants.

Transportation Tickets

Getting around Norway by rail is extremely beneficial. Railway state companies offer tickets at a special price, entitling them to travel around Norway, regardless of the distance between the point of departure and arrival. You need to book such tickets in advance here.

Under the Explore Norway Ticket (Explore Norway) explore-norway-ticket ticket, you can buy a ticket that allows you to make an unlimited number of flights for 2 weeks (from June to August).

An inexpensive way to travel around Norway is to travel by bus. If you book tickets in advance, then their cost will be much lower. The variety of bus tours provided by leading companies in Norway makes it relatively inexpensive to travel throughout the country.

Due to the large influx of tourists all year round, in Norway there are a myriad of completely free routes for hiking enthusiasts. Along the route through the magnificent mountain landscapes, tourists can find cottages that are provided by the Norwegian Tourism Association. The association owns almost 500 different cottages that meet the needs of tourists of any level and wealth. The most inexpensive cottages do not provide for the presence of staff. Staying in such a house, you have to take care of cooking and cleaning the room.

In Norway, as well as in other countries, it is customary to rent rooms. When traveling by car it is worth paying attention to the ads “room for rent” (in Norwegian – "rom til leie") about surrendering rooms.

If the travel route is planned in advance, then finding a place for an overnight stay is not difficult, given the fact that low-cost housing options are a great many.

To search for a cheap accommodation option, specialized firms offer their services. VIP Backpackers will help you find a comfortable overnight stay anywhere in the country. Choose a budget accommodation option in the most secluded corner of Norway will help B&B Norway. Hostelling International will offer a choice of services 75 hostels owned by the company. Through the site you can book your favorite room in the hostel for the required number of people. Living here will not cause significant damage to the family budget.

The best cost option is to stay overnight in a tent. In Norway, it is generally accepted that nature is in the public domain. Therefore, no one will obstruct if you want to stay somewhere with a tent. The country has a lot of specialized sites for tourists traveling in vans or with tents. For the rent of the place you need to pay a small amount of money to the owner of the site. But the “guests” will be able to use the kitchen and shower for free. Very often on such sites houses are provided that can be rented for a small amount.

A cheap option for a holiday in Norway can be a bike ride. For the night is to take a tent. If you do not want to constantly carry it with you, you can book a house, which is very much on the territory of campgrounds. If traveling alone is boring, you can use the services of a travel agency and join a group of cyclists traveling with an instructor. Before the start of the trip you should stock up with fishing gear. Fishing on the sea coasts of Norway is completely free. And the fish in the northern seas is found most delicious.

In Norway by car

The presence of vehicles not only greatly facilitates the trip itself, but also helps in the rapid search for affordable housing. By car you can drive along any route you like, regardless of the complexity of the path and the distance of the distances.

If you took a tent with you on a trip, then consider yourself to be an economical type of accommodation. At night you can stop even in the most beautiful places in the lap of nature. Yes, and pay for this type of accommodation does not have to.

Cabins offered for rent by the Norwegian Hiking Association will be a worthy alternative to camping. As a rule, on the territory of such bases the attendants are not provided. Cleaning in the house and cooking will have to take over. But the rental fee in this case will be purely symbolic.

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The simplest and cheapest way to quench your thirst and hunger is to buy everything you need in supermarkets. The supermarket chain in Norway is quite extensive. The cheapest ones are: Bunnpris, Rimi, Rema 1000 and Kiwi.

Sale of alcohol in ordinary stores in Norway is prohibited. But in a special store Vinmonopolet you can buy any kind of alcohol. The right to sell alcohol in Norway belongs to the state. In this regard, there is no unjustified increase in the cost of alcoholic beverages. Even expensive luxury wine brands in Norway can be purchased for a relatively small amount. Small Asian restaurants will become a magic wand in solving the problem of inexpensive food. The dishes served there are very high quality and very tasty.

The most widespread of these restaurants were in Oslo, in the area of ​​Greenland (Grønland) and on the street Torggata (Torggata). Tap water in Norway is potable without additional purification. So you do not have to spend money on mineral water to drink after dinner. In restaurants, visitors are sure to offer a jug of water for free. If there is no water on your table, you need to tell the waiter. Nothing wrong with that. Most likely, the waiter will even apologize for the mistake made.

For certain categories of tourists in Norway there is a system of discounts. Benefits can be enjoyed by retirees and students; tourists traveling with the whole family. On belonging to the preferential category, warn the receiving party in advance. Then you can expect to receive a significant discount. Students must have an ISIC card.

If you follow these simple tips, traveling to Norway will not bring you huge costs. At the same time, the quality of rest will not suffer at all, and the number of impressions will not decrease.

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