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Abandoned Camps

How long have you had a rest in a children’s camp? Or maybe not rested in it at all? Many modern children do not know what a camp is. These institutions are very few, working even less. It is very good that the remaining camps are no longer similar to the previous ones, they turned into sanatoriums or family recreation centers. It was once a completely different time. Each organization had a children’s camp on balance, sometimes several camps. The camps were located on the outskirts of any village, any holiday village. Sometimes we drive along a country road, and we see in the distance the remnants of these camps, ruins destroyed by time or people. To some, the ruins are not at all interesting, but personally I love everything abandoned. On the outskirts of my city there is an abandoned park, I love to walk in it, presenting its former greatness and beauty, only now it will not be about him. I want to talk about the camps in which rested every summer. Yes, I’m not the only one, everyone rested in them before.

Camp sites near me

Send a child to the summer camp was not considered something prestigious. Vouchers cost cheap, and for their employees, some companies allocated them for free. The trip to the camp was an ordinary event, and almost all the camps were of the same type – dormitories, a large dining room, toilets on the street, a stage, a dance floor (on it were the rulers). And on the outskirts of the camp there was a football field. Often, small gazebos were scattered throughout the area, and rides in richer camps. Monuments to Lenin and the Young Guard were also present, as an integral part. Camp names were often repeated. In each area there were several camps Chaika, Sail (it is strange that the sea is not near) Dream, Youth, Dawn, Sunny, Forest, Friendly. Some titles included patriotic words, such as Soviet Dawns.

Arm from under the bed

Dead camp

We didn’t do that

Eli’s return

The camp was closed. Alice ran and ran and stumbled upon a tree. And there was Ale. Alice was frightened and said: "But you died". Elya said she is still alive. Ale slowly approached her sister. Alice begged her to forgive her. Alice said she was jealous of her and she wanted revenge.

And suddenly Egor got out of the bushes. He heard everything. And he said to Alice: "Alice!! Are you out of your mind or something?". Alice began to cry and slowly took a pen from her bag, she wanted to kill herself. But Yegor stopped her. And said: "Alice, I love you". Alice was surprised to say: "True?". "Yes?!", – Elya said, – "But you fell in love with me!". "Not"- said Yegor and got a card.

Ale also began to cry and suddenly a beast ran out of the bushes. With thick teeth, with short hands, with long legs. He first ate Alice, and then Yegor and Eli too. This creature went to a closed camp and waited there for the next victims.

Camp sites near me

Short Stories IV: Camping Bikes

Cursed camp

I heard this story in one camp and decided to share it with you.

"Real mysticism, discounts in honor of Halloween" – The name of the camp and a small postscript to it. Previously, the very real mystic was filmed here, but then they moved to another place, and the camp received the name of a TV show. The first shift this year came not a lot of children. Only pieces of 20 boys and 12 girls. At first, everything went like clockwork, but then, on "a candle" the children heard the story of how children also came here sometime, seemingly nothing, but once, when everyone went swimming, the children started screaming in the water, and when the teacher came running to the screams, there were only snow-white skeletons in the water. When the water was scanned, it turned out that it was not even water, but sulfuric acid. She was drained from a nearby factory. But who?

Stone heart

I heard this legend in the camp on a candle from a counselor.

The camp was a leader who was loved by many children and came every summer to enjoy the bright and happy days far from home. But one day everything began to change. Children began to go less to this camp. They were less and less.

The leader began to feel pain, sadness, resentment, because he understood that he was losing love for the children who came to the camp. He disappeared for several days and did not go to the camp. When he returned, he still felt depressed, but at the same time he tried to maintain a cozy and joyful atmosphere in the camp so that the children would not be bored and leave even more. So he spent these weeks with them. The shift is over. All began to leave.

Camp sites near me

Camp event

Hey. I remembered the story that happened to me at the age of nine. My parents decided to send me to the camp. At first, I really liked this idea, but having arrived there and having spent the whole day, I realized that I did not like it. There was nowhere to go. The shift was twenty days. And every day I spent there was like an eternity for me.

I met with the guys I did not immediately, but a week later. There were guys who go to this camp all the time. And so, when we were all together in the evening, we were told the story that a girl had once come to this camp, she was very withdrawn, so she had almost no friends. She loved to spend time alone. I often cried, I wanted to go home to my parents. And until the end of the shift was a week. But not all the children returned home later this week. That girl hanged herself right in the women’s locker room.

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