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Day trip to Cape Cod and Provincetown (with whale watching tour)

Friends, if you are in Boston in a warm period of time (from April to November) and are tired of the thirty-degree heat and city rush, then a car, one-day excursion to Cape Cod and Provincetown is something that will amaze even tourists who have seen the natural beauty of tourists! After all, the Cape Cod Ocean Bay, and the historic town of Provincetown, located at the farthest tip of the Cape Cod Peninsula, separating the bay from the ocean – are places of rare natural beauty! And whale and dolphin watching tours are the main tourist attractions of these places.

If all the sights of Boston have already been inspected, but among other things you are a nature connoisseur and understand the true beauty of natural landscapes, then to run away from city life for one day, on the coast of the Atlantic, will be the right decision. Our representative, a Russian guide in Boston, will introduce you to one of the best parts of this coast!

Cape Cod Tours

The Museum of Pirates presents a huge number of exhibits raised from the flooded pirate ships (including, of course, jewels and gold). Later, in the late 18th century, when statehood and the law came to this land, they were chosen by writers and artists, precisely because of the rare beauty and mild climate.

Today, Cape Cod Peninsula and Provincetown, thanks to these qualities – the beauty of natural landscapes and the exceptional climate, throughout the summer is a favorite vacation spot of the entire American elite – politicians, stars of show business and television.

Although the own population of Provincetown is about 30 thousand people, in the summer months the number of people living here increases several times – to more than one hundred thousand! At the same time, the town of Provincetown is recognized as one of the most democratic and non-conservative cities in the USA!

It is in this town that the percentage of same-sex couples is one of the highest in the country — about 18% of such families are very close to the figure of the recognized world gay capital San Francisco, with its 20%! This fact makes Cape Cod and Provincetown one of the most popular gay tourism destinations in the northeastern United States.

Naturally, with so many permanently residing stars of the first magnitude and those celebrities who come to Cape Cod and Provincetown, the city’s cultural life is surprisingly rich and varied for a few summer months – a huge number of art museums and modern art galleries for such a small town is simply amazing!

In the central part of the city, an unimaginable number of gourmet restaurants (including those noted by the Michelin guide) and simple but exceptionally delicious eateries. Our excursion to Cape Cod and Provincetown will certainly include a visit to one of the restaurants or cafes of your choice.

A trip to Cape Cod and Provincetown can not do without a cruise around the bay and watching the dolphins and the largest mammals inhabiting our planet – humpback whales! Given that the operator of any “Whale Watching Tour” (a whale watching tour) usually always stipulates that a meeting with whales is NOT guaranteed – they say, “it’s not necessary once in a while”.

The operators of such excursions to Cape Cod and Provincetown do not have such a reservation due to the fact that the meeting of the excursion group with the whales is guaranteed, because of their huge number in these places! The whale and dolphin watching tour lasts about 3.5 hours, while on board the excursion ship you will be offered a full lunch included in the tour price.

Cape Cod Tours

An excursion to Cape Cod and Provincetown will take place for you in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Departure from Boston – early in the morning, before 9:00 am;
  • 1.5 hours after check-out: Arrival at Cape Cod Peninsula; Visiting the oldest town of Sandwich;
  • Travel along Cape Cod Peninsula in the direction of Provincetown, stopping at places with the most scenic views, for guide stories and photographs;
  • 2.5 hours after check-out: Arrive in Provincetown;
  • Coffee break, purchase of tickets for the ocean whale, shark and dolphin watching tour;
  • Ocean tour (tour duration about 3 hours);
  • Return, go ashore, lunch (optional);
  • Tour of the historic part of Provincetown: Commercial Street, Pilgrim Monument, City Hall, City Library, Pier and Beach;
  • On request – it is possible to rent bicycles and move around the city on them;
  • Return to Boston – approximately 8 hours after departure;

The tour is carried out on the car mini-veins

can accommodate up to 5 people

Duration of the tour – 8 hours

Excursion cost:

Cape Cod Tours

$ 780 for the first three people in a group

+ 50 for each subsequent person in the group

(tasting tour of the winery and entrance tickets to the museum are not included in the tour price and are paid separately, if desired)

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