Caribbean vacations

Slot machine Caribbean Holidays sends us to the Caribbean coast, under palm trees, hot sun and azure skies, where you can go on a virtual surfing and make some money in the real version of the game.

Caribbean Holidays slot machine rules

On the five reels of the automaton, the Caribbean Vacations, crossed out by twenty horizontal stripes, decorated with pictures, vividly telling about wonderful vacations, rotate:

  • Tanned slim girl – girl with a surfboard;
  • The original cocktail of tropical fruits;
  • Pink flamingo;
  • Tanned sporty guy;
  • Scheduled flight;
  • The coast of the beautiful island;
  • Smiling dolphin;
  • Card symbols decorated with tropical flowers.

Special characters in the slot Caribbean Vacations

An athlete and a lifeguard on the playing field simultaneously play the role of Wilde. He will constantly save the situation and replenish the user’s piggy bank with prizes, building successful chains from any drawings except Scatter. The regular flight that takes you to the Caribbean islands is that mysterious scatter. He flies wherever he wants and appears on the screen of the game in any horizontal and vertical. Three planes and more, able to launch 45 free spins. In the round of free spins, prize chains are encountered much more frequently and fall asleep to the player with a mass of pleasant surprises.

Free and nice

In the Caribbean Holidays slot machine, playing for free is incredibly fun and useful. When there is a rainy sky, cold autumn, snowfall, and a vacation is far away, as far as the moon, it is pleasant and fun to imagine yourself on the shores of the warm sea. You can have fun and relax in your dreams. All the visual attributes of a sunny summer will generously provide users with a slot machine, the design of which is dedicated to the Caribbean holidays. The playing field itself is located against the blue sky and the endless pearl-blue ocean.

The development company Novomatic decided to reveal to us the wonderful secrets of the distant Caribbean islands. Excellent realistic graphics allows you to feel on the shores of the Cote d’Azur, where the white sand caresses the soles and warm surf washes the feet. This amazing design and relaxing style design allow you to have fun and disconnect from the gray colors of everyday life and heavy workloads. Having a rest from daily problems, you can learn a lot of new about mysterious islands and even earn.

Pleasant pastime gives an excellent chance to the player for free studying the algorithm of the game, special options and functions of the display buttons. The pros and cons of the control panel help set up the inclusion of the Caribbean Holidays slot machine. On how many horizontals are simultaneously in the game and what size of the bet is at stake, the winnings that the automatic machine assumes for you directly depend on. The winnings table reveals to you the secrets of the multipliers provided for all the pictograms and their constructions.

Secrets of the machine Caribbean Holidays

Fortune wheel spins are activated by pressing the START or Autoplay button. Start includes only one rotation, Autoplay – non-stop scrolling. The computer itself rotates the wheels and collects gifts for the user. In this automatic round does not provide stops to play at risk. The round, capable of doubling the current payout, is included only with single spins. As soon as the prize appears on the screen, the Gamble button is activated, a new window opens, the player is offered to click on this button while the indicator is on. A successful click doubles the current prize, a negative one resets it.

Caribbean vacations

But this is not the biggest loss in your life, you can continue the game further, the entire main stock of winnings is stored in the gamer’s cash register. Yachts sailing on the sea, with inflated sails, cold delicious cocktails, palm trees, white sand – all this is associated with a carefree vacation, hot summer. The Caribbean Holidays slot machine to play for free allows you to enjoy the colors of sea water for as long as you want.

Once the user has finished playing, will learn all the keys of the display, can safely switch to the real version of the game. Just select the right online casino, make a deposit, after registration and switch on the Caribbean Vacation slot machine, play for free a little bit for training.

Sample Caribbean Holidays machine game

On account of 5000 credits. We include 20 horizontals and we put 3 credits on one. The total bet per spin is 60 credits. Click START.

On account 4940, the prize falls, equal to 162 credits. Flashing question to double or summarize. Summing up. The account is 5102 credit.

We click a couple more times, the prizes are different, then 45 credits, then 120. We sum up and the score grows to 5147 credits. Another click and another prize of 120 credits. The amount is 5207 credits.

On this high note, we advise you to leave the Caribbean Vacation slot machine. Do not tempt fate for too long. So, it turns out that we have earned $ 207 in a few minutes if the loan is equal to a dollar.

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