Carry wallet

The first time I hear it, but I think I understand where my legs grow from.

  • Money and Faith are egregors, and one can overwhelm the other.
  • The icon is the image of God, and Money is the symbol of a lot of things, including that which is defiled by God’s providence. It turns out blasphemy.
  • Although I think you can cheat here by increasing the flow of money into your wallet. Put icons "Housemaker" (Economis)

or "Sporitelnitsa bread"

The icon can be carried in a wallet, at least not found anywhere to ban. Such questions are often asked to the priests. I heard the answer of one father, that you can keep the icon in your wallet, only it can not be carried in the back pocket of pants (this applies more to men).

Icons should not come into contact with money, you can put a small icon in a business card, it will be better, anyway, almost everyone has it now.

Carry wallet

In addition to various energies from money and icons, you need to remember that money passes through many hands, not always clean, they have as much physical dirt as, for example, on the handrails of the bus or door handle in the store. Plus, and energy dirt.

It is not necessary to combine such things.

The icons should have a respectful and even respectful attitude, as a shrine, and not as an ordinary amulet or talisman.

I do not know what the priests say about this, but my opinion is exactly that.

Carry wallet

As far as I know, in a purse, except for money, it is desirable not to carry anything. So recommend bioenergy.

Photos, icons, timetables and other rubbish, which usually lies in our wallets, each carry their own energy and interfere with the energy of the money itself. Allegedly do not lure.

As for the icons, they should be given a place in the house (a kind of mini temple), and not carry with them. In extreme cases, you can put in your pocket an amulet with the icon and power of the saint.

Icons are all so holy. What can not be said about money.

Because of the money there are not too bright deeds.

That is why it seems to me that you should not wear icons in your wallet.

It is best to carry the icon in the passport.

Although, of course, no one can prevent you from placing an icon in one of the purse branches.

The main wallet should be worn carefully so that not only money but also the icons would not be affected.

As far as I know, it is advisable to have icons with you at all times. My own and closest relatives. If you carry in your wallet, then they will definitely always be with you outside the home. But you need to wear in a separate pocket, so that they do not come into contact with money. and even better to wear them in a separate pocket in clothes, but it is expensive,

"All that is not prohibited is allowed".

You can carry with you everything that does not contradict the laws of the state in which you live.

As for the icons, then only you decide to wear them and where. But first, decide for yourself what you need it for. This is more important!

What just nonsense did not write commentators. All these ideas about "power industry" Money – this is a neopagan, there is no money "energy", money is just a thing and nothing more. "Strengthen the flow of money into the wallet" – this is also neo-paganism, it is impossible to treat an icon as a certain talisman, an icon is a shrine, and a talisman is an abomination before God. Advice to put in a purse the Chinese toad is also from the category of idolatry. And idolatry, paganism is an abomination before God. Neopagan beliefs: all these "energetics-chakras-auras" are under the anathema given in the Definition of the Bishops’ Council of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1994 “On pseudo-Christian sects, neo-paganism and occultism”.

Carry wallet

The Seventh Ecumenical Council formulated the Church’s teaching of icon veneration as follows: “… The more often with the help of icons they (images) are made the subject of our contemplation, the more icons gazing at these images are inspired to remember and acquire more love for them. To honor them with kissing and respectful worship, not the true in faith by our worship of God, which befits the Divine nature alone, but reverence, incense and candle lighting, for the honor given to the image goes to the original. ”

The purpose of the icon is for a person to pray in front of the image, to give honor to the prototype. But for this, a person must understand that he does not pray to the icon, but in front of the icon. Unfortunately, now our religious savagery only intensified. And the belief that the icon "on the machine" will protect the person – this is from the category of persistent, transmitted from generation to generation superstitions. Well, if going on a long journey, a person will take with him an icon to pray in front of her. But if he carries an icon with him just like that, not to pray in front of the icon, there will be no sense from it. But if he considers the icon to be a kind of talisman attracting money, this is already paganism. And from paganism it is necessary to keep as far as possible – diametrically further,

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